Detailed Product Review

Detailed Product Review

Compatible With: Community 2.1, 2.2

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
02 July, 2018
Extensions, Content & Customizations, Personalization & Experience Management
Supported Browsers:
Chrome Linux: 44 Mac: 44 Windows: 44 Firefox Linux: 41 Mac: 41 Windows: 41 Safari Mac: 9


Detailed Product Review extension provides the fully customizable review form (dynamic and adjustable) and additional functionality for reviews on your e-store

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When customers visit a store, they consult reviews and check ratings before making the final purchase. Customers search for useful and credible information about the products and services, and the most reliable source of information is the opinion of other people. This extension aims to create and collect detailed customer reviews in one’s store.

To make your customers’ reviews detailed, create additional fields, possessing questions about the product. It’s been proven, that people tend to give information more eagerly, when they are asked about it. Detailed customer reviews increase conversion rates of the e-store. They also help the store get a better search ranking, by collecting user-generated content, which is of a higher priority for search engines.

The ‘Detailed Product Review’ extension helps you:

  • create a flexible detailed review form, which can vary even per product category,
  • make a well-organized structure of customers’ review content,
  • improve the UI of reviews,
  • protect reviews from inadequate visitors,
  • make customer reviews visible to the search crawlers.

With the ‘Detailed Product Review’ extension, you can create a customer review form, according to your needs, and manage its content as well as your store’s conversion rates and reputation.


Customer Features:

Ability to Create Custom Fields of Any Type

The ability to add custom fields improves your review form, helping collect relevant user-generated content more. ‘Detailed Product Review’ helps create different types of review fields and add them to the review form. These can be text fields, text areas, ‘Yes/No’-fields, dropdowns, multiple select list, and visual swatches.


Configurable Fields and Field Validation Rules

Set up configurable fields or field validation rules for different field types. You can choose a field’s maximum and minimum length or validate a url.

Ability to Create a Review Form per Category

The extension allows to set up specific review forms per every product category. A personal product category form helps highlight specific product’s characteristics. It is important, when you sell clothes and shoes, smartphones and laptops, or any other goods, which drastically vary in their key characteristics.


Reorder of Customer Review Form Fields

You can add new fields, delete custom fields, or change fields in the current review form.


Uploading Customers’ Images

Pictures invite attention of both customers and search engines.

You can enable adding, changing, and removing of images from the reviews. All the images are displayed in the form of a carousel in the review form.


Advanced 5 Star Rating System

‘Detailed Product Review’ improves a usual form of the 5-star product rating system. With our extension, you can create additional ratings in order to highlight the most important product characteristics, such as, quality, design, level of comfort, attractiveness, price, etc.

Both the average overall and the detailed ratings are displayed in sliders, above the customer reviews list. This way your visitors see the overall evaluation of a product. Additional detailed ratings are displayed in customers’ reviews as well.


One-Click Social Network Sharing

Get more traffic with the help of social networks! The extension provides your customers with the ability to share their reviews on popular social networks (‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’).

Ability to Vote for Useful Reviews

This feature allows both your customers (registered users) and guests (unregistered users) to vote for useful reviews.


Verified Buyer Image

If a review is written by a customer who’s really made a purchase (that is someone, who has a ‘Complete’ order status), you’ll see a ‘Verified User’ image next to their review.

You can also enable only verified users to leave their reviews on your site.

Review’s Interface

Make the interaction with customers’ review content more convenient for your e-store’s guests. We have added:

- ‘Add Review’ button at the top of the page,

- Review sorting and filtering;

- Keyword search in customers’ reviews.

Admin Features:

Add Review Button

We have added the “Add Review’ button at the top of the page, so that your customers do not have to scroll the whole page down to leave their reviews.

Reviews’ SEO Improvement

The extension makes advanced reviews SEO-friendly. Additional attributes help search crawlers to index the review content.


Pre-Moderation of Review Posting

If turned on, the ‘Customer permissions’ module enables the pre-moderation of the reviews. That means, you can approve of customers’ reviews before posting them on your site page.

Admin Response Module

Admin can add one comment to the customer’s review from the Admin Panel.

Akismet Module

The ‘Akismet’ module protects your store from spam in the reviews.


Additional Features

Responsiveness and Adaptiveness

There is a UI/UX adaptation of the reviews for both the desktops and mobile devices.


One-off Payment

The one-off payment is more beneficial for your wallet and has clear terms.


Free Upgrading

Once bought, the extension gives you access to newly released additions of it (applicable to the major Magento versions).



You’ll get fast feedbacks on any question you have about the extension. Individual solutions can be requested. We do e-commerce development on a daily basis.

You can find more information about the features, installation, and configuration of the extension in the ‘Detailed Product Review’ documentation.


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    New Features:
    - Verified Buyer image. If a review is written by a customer who’s really made a purchase (that is someone, who has a ‘Complete’ order status), you’ll see a ‘Verified User’ image next to their review.
    - Image Loader. The ‘Image Loader’ module enables adding, editing, and removing of images from the reviews.
    - Admin response Module. Admin can add one comment to the customer’s review from the Admin Panel.
    - Voting for Reviews Module.This module allows both your customers (registered users) and guests (unregistered users) to vote for useful reviews.

    - compatibility with Magento 2.2.x.
    - bug fixing and refactoring of modules’ current code.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First IMageWorkshop package(Detailed Product Review module) for M2


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