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21 March, 2019
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Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento 2 supports the customers to be suggested related products which are also viewed by other customers. Therefore, it is a great help for stores to enhance customer experience and boost the store’s sale 

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Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2 allows store owners to show a group of related products which are seen by other customers to current viewers. Thanks to this extension, cross-selling products or up-selling products are shown, and sales increases dramatically.

  • Apply for diversified product types and categories
  • Choose different positions to display
  • Show in Slider or Grid mode
  • Show products with specific conditions
  • Allow customers to take extra actions such as Add to Cart/ Wishlist/ Compare also-viewed products
  • Set the amount of time (days) that results are collected 


Problems & Solutions


Raising Issues Needed To Solve

Customers want to know products which others have seen

Normally, once customers choose their preferred items, they often base on these products which are also seen by others. As a result, it is quicker and easier for customers to make their purchases.

Stores want to use more-concerned products to increase sales

Online stores often use “You may also like” block as a suggestion to customers. However, this suggestion can be easily recognized as a kind of promotion campaign for the store, so it becomes less credible to customers. Hence, they don’t feel concern about these proposed products.


Amazing Advantages Of Who Viewed This Also Viewed This Extension

Trustworthy recommendations of other customers

With the support of this extension, online customers are able to know these products which are exactly viewed by other customers. Therefore, this suggestion becomes a more reliable report which shoppers can use to find their favorite items and buy more.

Wonderful opportunity to generate massive sales

Mageplaza Who Viewed This Also Viewed allows stores to combinate easily sales opportunities and also-viewed product suggestion. This module provides great solutions for store owners to do cross-selling and up-selling by showing most-viewed products which have higher prices or in the same category as items which customers are watching.

Improve customer experience in their shopping time

Thanks to this extension, customers have the ability to know products concerned by others, view the related items. Therefore, they can spend less time on choosing their preferred items, and appreciate the helpful recommendations of stores. It is a great way to improve shoppers satisfaction and retain customers.


Highlight Features


Diversified Product Types And Categories

Mageplaza's Who View This Also View helps store admins show freely suggested also-viewed products which are selected from multiple product types, including:

  • Simple Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Group Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Downloadable Product

By clicks for choosing from admin backend, admins can also display relevant products which come from any available categories to potential customers.


Different Positions To Show

One of the striking features of this extension is the display position function which supports store owners to choose the position for also-viewed product block. There are some helpful positions such as Top of Content, Replace Related Product block, Before Up-sell Items, etc.

Store owners can base on each sales campaign to select a suitable and effective position to display suggested products block.


Show In Grid Or Slider Mode

Who Viewed This Also View for Magento 2 allow store owners to show also-viewed products block in Grid or Slider style. With Grid style, suggested products will be displayed into multiple lines. This style works effectively when the number of items is low, and shoppers would like to glance at all products in a quick manner. 

With Slider style, stores are able to display also-viewed products in one moving slider. Thanks to moving effect, the interface becomes more attractive and eye-catching to customers. This style is appropriate in case of having many suggested products needing to display.


Filter View Function

Thanks to the filter view function, store admins have the ability to select the condition for also-viewed products to be shown in block. Depending on a specific similarity, suggested products are displayed to customers. From the admin backend, admin can choose the following criteria at ease to find out a set of similar items:

  • With higher price: Only display suggested products which have higher prices than the price of the product that the customers are viewing
  • In stock: Only display suggested products which are held in the store and available for purchase now
  • In the same category: Only display suggested products which come from the same category with products which are being watched by the customer.

Therefore, this useful function allows customers to pay more attention to a group of products which has a specific similarity. 


More Features


Limit Recommended Products

Set the largest possible quantity of suggested items


Time Setting

Set the amount of time (days) that results are collected 


Products Sorting

Sort the products according to name, price, relevant, quantity in stock


Additional Activities

Add to Cart/ Wishlist/ Compare recommended products at ease


Different Ways To Show

Choose Ajax or Block way to display block


Mobile Friendly

Correctly show on both PC and mobile device


Full Feature List


For Store Admins

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Name the suggested product block
  • Apply to selective product types
  • Apply to selective Categories
  • Choose Ajax or Block way to display block
  • Choose the position to show the block
  • Choose Ajax or Block style to display suggested products
  • Set the largest possible quantity of suggested items
  • Choose condition to filter also-viewed products
  • Choose condition to sort results
  • Set the amount of time (days) that results are collected 
  • Choose the extra activity showing on recommended product block


For Customers

  • Be recommended products which are concerned by other customers
  • Spending less time on finding favorite products
  • Feeling more satisfied and convenient during shopping time



Q: Is it possible for this extension to apply for all product types?

A: Yes, Who Viewed This Also Viewed can be applied for all types of product including Simple Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product, Downloadable Product, Configurable Product, and Grouped Product.

Q: What types of categories can be supported in this extension?

A: This extension can support all the available categories of your store.

Q: How does the suggested product block display?

A: This module helps store owners show the suggested product block in two styles including Ajax and Block. Ajax allows results to be shown some seconds after the page is loaded. Hence, this style is appropriate for better accuracy. Meanwhile, Block style makes the results show immediately when the page is loaded. Therefore, it is more suitable for enhancing user experience and SEO.

Q: Where can I show the also-viewed products block?

A: You can display the block in 8 positions including Top of Content, Bottom of Content, After Related Products, Replace Up-sell Products, Replace Related Products, Before Up-sell Products, Before Related Products, After Up-sell Products.

Q: How do the products be shown in the suggested products block?

A: The products can be displayed in a moving slider or in multiple lines.

Q: Can I limit the number of products to be displayed?

A: Yes, from the admin backend,  you can restrict product quantity displayed in the block from Limit Number of Products Section.

Q: I would like to filter to show only items which come from the same category but have higher prices. Can I do it?

A: Yes, you can do it at ease from the Show only Products section from the backend.

Q: Can I set a period of time for collecting data?

A: Yes, please enter a number of days to collect results in Check Data in the last (days) section from the backend.

Q: Can I sort the products by price ascending?

A: Yes. The extension support you to choose to sort the products by price, name, relevant or stock quantity in Sort by section from the backend.

Q: Can I add a recommended item to cart at ease from the product block?

A: Yes, definitely. This extension helps you to add the suggested product to Cart/ Wishlist/ Compare list quickly from the block.



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User guide | Installation guide 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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