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Table Rate Shipping



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Mageplaza Table Flat Rate Shipping allows you to create multiple shipping methods rather than the limitation in the Magento 2 Default. With Magento 2 Default, customers also have limited options to choose from as the store admin can set table rate shipping based on limited three conditions: 

  • Weight vs. Destination based per order
  • Price vs. Destination based per order
  • # of items vs. Destination based per order  

Besides, the store admin can’t apply the shipping cost based on volume for the big-volume package because Magento 2 Default doesn’t support the volumetric weight. 

Mageplaza Table Rate Shipping extension solves all these problems for Magento 2 store. It enables the store admins to create multiple table rate shipping methods through various conditions at the backend. Also, it’s possible to apply the shipping cost based on the volume of packages and multiple rate-setting types. Hence, the shipping cost will be more accurate and reasonable. 



  • Enable multiple table rates shipping methods
  • Set shipping rate for specific groups
  • Support multiple rate-setting types 
  • Support volumetric weight 
  • Import table shipping rates quickly
  • Estimated delivery days
  • Attach an image for each shipping method
  • Include/exclude virtual product in the shipping cost


Highlight Features

Support Unlimited Table Rates Shipping Method

The store admins can create multiple table rates of shipping methods based on specific parameters: 

  • Country: Apply shipping methods based on customers’ country
  • Sate/Region: Apply shipping methods for particular states such as Nevada
  • Postcode/Zipcode: Based on postal code like 49873 to apply the shipping methods 
  • Weight range: Separate each range to choose the shipping method such as the weight range from 5kg to 10kg 
  • Subtotal range: For instance, the subtotal of the order from 50$ to 200$
  • Quantity range: For example the quantity of the order from 5 to 10 items 

Based on the fixed conditions, the store admins can create multiple custom rule-based shipping methods to flexibly apply to customer orders. Once the customers’ orders meet those conditions, the corresponding method will apply automatically. 


Set Shipping Rates For Particular Product Groups

At the admin panel, you can choose to specific product type to apply the shipping rate. Products can be categorized into different groups, such as bulky, fragile, luxury, and chemical products. Due to the special conditions of these products, you can offer a higher shipping rate than others. 


Support Volumetric Weight

With Mageplaza Table Rate Shipping, you can calculate the shipping cost based on the package’s density as known as volumetric weight. The volumetric weight will be counted based on the volume, height, and with of the package. 

For example, if the parcel’s dimension is 36 cm x 25 cm x 16 cm and the dimensional weight divisor is 5000, then dimension (DIM) weight of that package is 3 kg.  


Calculate Table Rate Shipping in several types

This feature enables the store admin to create multiple shipping rates for one shipping method. Admins can set the shipping rate flexibly by filling in the element in different fields, including:

  • Product fixed rate: the fixed price rate for each item in the cart 
  • Product percentage rate: the rate percentage per item
  • Weight unit fixed rate: the fixed rate for the weight of each unit
  • Order fixed rate: the fixed rate of the order

Accordingly, the shipping cost will be counted based on the cart’s items, weight unit, percentage of the product price, the order rate, or a combination of the above elements. 

For instance, the shipping cost per order is 2$, and 2% of the product price. 


Import Table Rate Shipping 

The extension makes it quicker and more optimal for the store admins to set the table rate by importing shipping rates via CSV file, or another shipping method. 

The file imported includes all conditions and rate settings which already set before. If the admins want to modify an available shipping method and turns it into a new one, they can import the data from that shipping method and then edit it easily. 


Estimated Delivery Days

In the rate shipping table, there is a column of the estimated delivery days, which tells customers when their order arrives. The delivery dates are calculated based on the shipping rates that customers choose to be aware of the shipping time and track their order better. 

It’s more flexible and reasonable for the store admins to set the different shipping rates for one shipping method due to different delivery days. 


More Features

Add Virtual Products 

Include virtual products when calculating the price


Include Image

Allow adding the image to a shipping method to display at the backend and frontend.


Customer Group

Apply a shipping method to specific customer groups


Export A Shipping Method

Export an available shipping method via a CSV file


Set Calculation Shipping Rules

Calculate the shipping cost with different shipping rates: sum up rates, the highest rate, the lowest rate. 


Send Error Message

Notify customers when their chosen shipping method is not applicable


Add Shipping Comment 

Write a comment for a shipping method for more details and as a recommendation for customers.


Extension Compatibility

Well compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Shipping Rules, Shipping Restrictions


Full Feature List

For Store Admins

Create/Edit A New Shipping Method

  • Add the name, internal note for shipping methods
  • Choose calculation shipping rate rule
  • Add the image for shipping method
  • Choose store views/customer groups to apply shipping rates
  • Set up the label for shipping methods at the storefront
  • Three ways to set the shipping rates for shipping methods: Import from other shipping methods, CSV file, or import manually
  • Manage shipping methods via grids


General Configuration

  • Turn on/turn off the module
  • Set the title for the carrier
  • Choose the countries to apply
  • Add the virtual products in the price calculation or not
  • Choose volumetric weight calculation types
  • Well compatible with Mageplaza Multiple Flat Rates Shipping, Extra Fee, Delivery Time/Date


For Customers

  • Multiple table rates shipping methods for customers to choose
  • Pay for reasonable shipping cost
  • Enjoy a better shopping experience



Q: What is volumetric weight? 

A: Volumetric weight is known as dimensional weight, which is a pricing technique for commercial freight transport (including courier and postal service). It counts the shipping cost based on an estimated weight, which is calculated from the length, height, and with of a package. The space that a package occupies an aircraft can affect the shipping cost rather than the actual weight. 


Q: How to input volumetric weight in Table Rate Shipping extension?

A: It depends on the available attributes in your store. If you already have volumetric attributes, volume attribute, or separated attributes such as length, with, and height. You just need to choose the volumetric weight calculation type suitable for your store. 


Q: Can I show multiple table rates for customers?

A: Yes. You can create unlimited table rates with particular conditions at the backend and show to customers at the frontend. 



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User guide | Installation guide 

Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.2, 2.3


Stable Build


31 July, 2020


Extensions, Shipping & Fulfillment, Address Verification, Cross Border Fulfillment, Order Management (OMS)

Quality Report

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Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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