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2.1, 2.2

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27 February, 2019
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Store Switcher by Mageplaza automatically guides international customers of online stores to reach localized stores with the familiar languages and currencies.

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 Mageplaza Store Switcher is the best tool to improve visitor experience. Store Switcher assists buyers to access the store view with familiar currencies and languages. With business providing products and services in many nations, the extension is a great solution for any e-commerce business that wants to make shoppers’ life easier.

  • Change the store view with automatic or manual redirect 
  • The rules of store view can be applied on selected pages 
  • Change the currency to the specific local store
  • Use GeoIP to identify customer location
  • Have compatibility with GeoIP by Mageplaza

Problems & Solutions

The concerning problems of multi-store businesses:

The need to change the store view that suits the customer's nations 

Providing service in numerous countries helps businesses expose their products to a variety of customers. For each group of shoppers, it requires a specific language for each country. However, the ability for buyers entering the right store view is another problem. Magento 2 Store Switcher by Mageplaza can support owners to gain access to the most suitable sites with appropriate languages.

Adapt the currency base on countries

The price placing right beside the product always have to be displayed in order to show the domestic currencies to suitable local buyers.

Store Switcher extension is a valuable extension provided by Mageplaza. Why? Because of the two major benefits that your business can gain which are:

Make businesses sites more customer-oriented

The module makes your customers' purchasing process to become effortless. When shoppers visit foreign sites, they will be instantly switched to view the product information in the languages and currencies that match to buyers' location.

Professionalize sites for businesses that have multiple stores

As your business on a fast growing pace, it is beneficial to create the convenience and professional look that makes visitors have a good impression of the whole businesses.

Highlight Features

Auto-switch Or Manual Switch The Store View

The module provides two ways to set redirecting action. Admins are able to set automatically or manually. When choosing the automatic mode, the sites will instantly redirect to the appropriate store view without any further notice or suggestion.

If the store owners want to make the visitors feel in control, the manual switch will display a pop-up to ask permission from the buyers to switch to the suggested store view.  

Apply Store View Rules On Selected Pages

From the setting at the backend, the rules can be applied on Home Page, All Pages, and Specific Pages based on admins’ purpose. After those pages have been selected, the rule will orderly apply on the store view.

Switching The Familiar Currency To The Local Store

When providing products/services to customers in different nations, the price of your product needs to be updated. This module will show the local currency when buyers visit your business sites.

For instance, if admins locate the store in Germany, the Euro currency will be the value displayed in the store view.

Compatible With GeoIP

The location of the customers will be detected right away with the help of GeoIP.  Based on the IP addresses, the current sites will redirect to the local site automatically or a pop-up that suggests local store switching.  

More features

Saving store view 

Customers can save the store view for future visits.

Prioritizing the rules

If stores view rules, admins can display those rules in order. The highest priority will be set from the smallest number (0).

Excluding IP addresses

The rule is unable to use in IP range settings.

Manage the rule 

The grid helps the rules to be seen and edited easily.

URL redirecting

The visitor can redirect to the added URL.

Compatible with GeoIP 

Mageplaza GeoIP is compatible with this extension.

Full feature list

For store admins

  • Allow enabling/disabling the extension  
  • Configure the customer ability to change store view 
  • Allow naming rules for store switcher
  • Configure rule status
  • Prioritize the rules 
  • Apply rules according to the specific countries
  • Apply rule in specific pages 
  • Excluding the rule from the IP range setting 
  • Set store view to redirect (with type Store View Redirecting/ Currency Changing)
  • Able to convert currency (with type Store View Redirecting/ Currency Changing) 
  • Set the URL to redirect visitors (with type URL Redirecting)
  • The rules can be viewed and edited in a grid

For customers

  • Suitable language and currency can be displayed on the store view  
  • Purchase easily in multinational stores


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User guide | Installation guide 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Released on 2019-01-09

    Release notes:

    Initial Release


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