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Store Locator extension by Mageplaza is a superb module to manage store location. This module assists customers to find out the nearest shop location with ease.

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Store Locator for Magento 2 is a useful tool that assists with not only store location managing but also provides better information to buyers. It is especially useful for stores that have many branches located in different places. The module provides direction guidance, helps view operating hours, and others contact information of the store. Store Locator is a customer experience enhancer which will lead to substantial growth in sales.

  • Stores can add Google maps
  • GPS coordinates suggestion and previewing
  • Attach store info as well as image sliders
  • Allow customizing map design
  • Find stores by modules’ filter
  • Opening hours and holidays configuring
  • Localize SEO


Account & Pricing 

An additional Google account is required, and additional fees may apply. The account is not created during extension installation. To create an Account please visit here. For more details please visit the company payment page. 

To use Mageplaza Store Locator extension, Google API Key is required. To get API key, please refer here. The Maps JavaScript API uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model. To see the usage and billing, please visit here. See guide to understanding billing for more information.


What The API Key Is For?

The API key is for enabling the Map Settings function. First, you will have to get your API key. From the setting panel of Store Locator, go to Map Settings and paste the key in the Google Map API Key box. After that, you will be free to configure map styles, default zoom, filter and many others.


Problems & Solutions

Google Maps, along with GPS, has been developed to have continuous updates in order to detect even the most challenging location and unpleasant navigation. In addition, the users are able to see the view around the chosen area which give the feel like they are really standing there. It is a must-have system for any stores to support local buyers. And our module is here to assists businesses by integrating with these wonderful maps and many other functions. Furthermore, the Google Map suggestion will reduce buyers' efforts by helping to fill in addresses in seconds. Finding locations and getting directions can never be a bother to customers again. Your customers can freely experience the map in any type of device whether it is their computer, tablets or mobiles.

Mageplaza Store Locator is a must-have extension due to its diverse benefits.

  • The ability to boost traffic to your sites

As the online store is just a virtual page, buyers might doubt the reliability of your store. With the help of our module, the maps can show your store with additional image and store contact info to find out about the related stores near buyers’ location. Eventually, your store can gain more traffic to the main websites.

  • Higher ranks in searching

Having local content in your store’s locator platform will help to improve your local ranking which can attract more local buyers in a breeze.

  • Reduce cost and also time

The important information about the store locations, contact points and operating hours will be informed directly according to each store. Gradually, the call frequencies asking about stores common info will reduce.

  • Enhance the experience of users

The professional site that contains maps not only able to guides customers to the store position but also provides additional info about the store. As a result, buyers will satisfy with the high-tech experience that stores provide. 

If you feel curious about the extension, keep scrolling to see many more features of our product.


How Store Locator Works

Mageplaza Store Locator developed for Magento 2 will help your potential buyers use the Google maps right on store sites so as to find the closest way to come to the branch. Whether your transportation is a car, public transit, a motorbike or by foot, the Google maps will choose the best route for each commuting method. In addition, customers will able to find detail information like store operating hours and contact details, and also related pictures. In specific, there are some cases to demonstrate its features that can strongly transform your business:

Case 1: Buyers Want To See How All Physical Stores Located On Maps

All physical stores are first shown on maps with marker icons. This lets customers visualize the store system; this is also a way to impress buyers.

A block beside the maps will have the ability to display a picture slider that admins want to upload. The pictures view the store inferior as well as the storefront will show the customers more about the store surrounding which can make customers easier to find your store. Furthermore, uploading interesting and unique pictures of your stores is a great way to trigger the curiosity of the buyers.  

Case 2: Buyers Want To Search For The Closest Store  

With Google continuous updates, even the stores located in the most unpleasant city district, Google will be able to detect customer location to help the buyers find the closest store to visit. As a result, the flow of customers will increase despite the inconvenience of your store locations.   

Case 3: Buyers Get Suggested The Optimal Directions For Any Vehicle

Based on the current location of the customer devices, Google maps will automatically navigate to find the nearest route to the local branch. Base on transportation types, each customer will be suggested with the most suitable pathway in a matter of seconds. For example, customers who use cars to commute will be directed to the route where cars are allowed to commute and avoid narrow roads.

Case 4: Buyers Can Read Each Store’s Information  

By integrating with Google Maps, the blocks next to the maps will display crucial information of the operating hours, contact information, pictures of the store of each branch. It will reduce the searching time for buyers to enhance the shopping experience.


Highlight Features

Google Maps Can Be Added To Magento Stores

The most outstanding feature of this module is the abilities to integrate with Google Maps. The integration improves customers’ access to branch locations and using Google Maps’ features within the sites.

After typing a few letters in the suggests box, the relevant suggestion of store addresses will appear. In addition, the location of customers can be easily detected to find the closest store destination automatically.

GPS Coordinates Suggestion And Preview Feature 

From the backend, Store Locator extension will automatically convert the store address to display its latitude and longitude by GPS coordinates. If the marker icon is not yet placed at the exact position of the store, admins can edit the latitude and longitude to relocate the marker icon in the precise position on the maps.

Moreover, any changes in the store position can be instantly previewed in the backend.

Show Information Of The Store And Image Sliders 

The block next to the map can show important stores’ information which can be address, phone, websites, and short description/note, and opening time. The information displayed beside location can better provide information about physical stores and shorten the searching time. The map’s marker icon also displays the store information in brief.

Store admins can add the image sliders of the store location to the maps. Those detail images will further provide visual information about the store to enhance users’ experience.  

Ability To Customize The Design Of The Map

Apart from the original Google Maps style, the extension supports 4 different types of map designs for users. More styles of maps are available from the collection of the most popular map design. It is also able to configure the map zooming default to fit in the content block is also available.

Hence, a thumbnail of the store locations’ marked icon can be uploaded to suit with the map design. The map and marker matching style will attract customers attention. With the help of the module, customizing the head icon and the background image can never be this easy.    

Filtering Location 

The location filter allows customers and admins to know the number of physical stores. Also using the radius set, the filter can find stores around the position of buyer.

Shoppers will be able to choose the most suitable location of the stores around them. The customers can order the product online or visit the most convenient store around the neighborhood.

Display The Stores’ Work Hours And Holidays   

The function can change the status of the shop automatically base in the time periods. In details, the status”Open” will display when stores in its working hours and “Close” when they temporary cease to provide products/services.

Not to mention, managers can set stores' holidays and special events. And, they are able to configure many stores at once.

Localized SEO

Local SEO feature of Mageplaza Store Finder module support products to reach to the local buyers right at the time they search for them.

Admins can add keywords, especially the local ones, to content for good SEO. The specific store will have its own local content which will increase SEO performance and eventually increase its searching engines’ local ranking.


More Features

Direction guidance

It is simple for customers to get the optimal direction from their place to the store.


Use the URL key to bookmark the store location for future access.

Manage the holiday in a grid

Use a grid in setting panel to supervise, adjust the holidays

Order sorting

Configure to display order of each location block from the setting in the backend.

Responsive design 

Customers can view store location in any kind of devices like PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Store location import ability

Admins can add a large amount of store information in the CSV files to save time.


Full Feature List

For Store Admins

Maps Settings

  • Add Google Map API Key Allow adding Google Map API Key
  • Allow adding store address: street, city, country, zip/postal code
  • Use CSV file to import new store or add store manually
  • Get GPS coordinates automatically
  • Able to add latitude and longitude manually
  • Able to add contacts of the store like phone, fax, email, website URL
  • Store image uploading
  • Choosing style of the map
  • Allow getting autoGeocode 
  • Able to set the default zoom
  • Allow setting radius selection for filter and radius default
  • Able to select unit for distant
  • Marker icon uploading
  • Store opening time setting: day, hour
  • Holiday time setting: status, date, type
  • Able to configure SEO

General Config

  • Allow enabling/disabling the extension 
  • Setting the store locator pages’ title 
  • Setting message for descriptions 
  • Background image uploading
  • Adding URL Key
  • Setting link displayability 
  • Allow enabling/disabling to receive direction
  • Allow enabling/disabling filter function
  • Allow enabling/disabling filter base on current position

Grid Management

  • Use a grid to edit, manage store location
  • Use a grid to edit, manage holidays


For Customers

  • Displays on Google map store list and store location
  • Use radius to filter store 
  • Use area to search store(country, zip code, and city) (coming soon)
  • Locate the closest store
  • Suggestion from Google maps 
  • Able to get direction any store location
  • Able to have contact information like address, email, phone, fax, website URL of a store 
  • Know about the store opening time and holidays
  • View store images
  • Have excellent experience on site



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User guide | Installation guide 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Released on 2019-01-07

    Release notes:

    - Improved code style & performance
    - Improved UI/UX
    Released on 2018-12-05

    Release notes:

    Rebuild Store Locator


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