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MageplazaRecent Sales Notification for Magento 2 aims at creating buying motives to boost conversion rates and generate more sales gradually.  More options, more confusion. Customers might be overwhelmed by being offered too many options. They may find it difficult to go to the final decision to buy. That's why Recent Sales Notification was created. As shoppers see that the stores are making sales constantly with specific products, specific checkout turns and appropriate products, they become more willing to click on a product, view, and make a purchase. 

Besides, when buyers visit an online shop, what comes first to their minds is whether this store is reliable, whether it has a lot of customers. Recent Sales Notification will help store owners deal with this concern of the buyers.  The reliability of this store will be well-proved by recent sales and recent customers. This is an incredible method to manage suspicious customers. The more trust customers have in your store, the more possibility you can accelerate conversions. 

Furthermore, Recent Sales Notification is also considered an economic but effective marketing solution. Showing the number of sales on the store site will probably increase the conversion rates and get more shoppers to pay their bills. 



  • Many types of automatic notifications of the recent sale proof
  • Support conditioning recent sales notification
  • Show sales notification on any pages
  • Easy-to-customize sales pop
  • Allow A/B testing
  • Well adapted with mobile and desktop
  • Proper compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Quick View, One Page Checkout
  • Support REST API, GraphQL 


Highlight Features

Many Types Of Automatic Sales Notifications

To get more customer attention, Mageplaza Recent Sales Notification generates three effective sorts of sales pops based on the typical concerns of customers. 

  • Notifications of recent orders: Notifications of the recent products purchased at the store. For instance, "Someone in Manhattan just purchased Free Shipping Bar 30 minutes ago"
  • Checkout popups: Notifications of the total of recent checkouts. For instance, "15 customers completed checking out in the last 12 hours?"
  • Up-sell popups: For instance, "22 customers have bought Free Shipping Bar together with Quick Order"

These three types of sales popups are designed to appear and switch automatically on the site to increase customers' attention in the most natural way. When customers see constant orders and checkouts, they are more likely to explore the store and buy products similarly. 


Support Conditioning Recent Sales Notifications

Applying some conditions may help store owners manage the activation of recent sales notifications without any difficulty. The recent sales popups can be shown when they satisfy specific conditions as below:

  • Obey cart price rules: Product attributes, Cart attributes, etc. For instance, display notifications of the recent orders from Germany
  • Limit the number of recent orders to show at the storefront (For recent orders type)
  • Restrict the time amount to check recent orders (For with recent orders type)

According to those conditions, the recent sales pop will take data appropriately and will be shown at the storefront.  


Show Sales Notifications On Any Pages

Sales popups can locate freely on many pages including:

  • CMS pages: Home Page, Customer service, About us, etc
  • Category pages: Choose the category pages to display sales pops
  • Product pages: Sales pops can be displayed right on certain product pages to stimulate purchases for the products
  • Shopping Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

It is essential to add sales pops up to the customer journey. That helps increase customers' purchasing decisions and convert them into shoppers significantly.


Easy-to-customize Sales Notifications

It is simple to customize live popups in design and content. The message formula of sales popups allows HTML and adapts with a wide range of customer name, time, location, product price, product name. Accordingly, the store admin can easily adjust the content to go with any message he needs.

Moreover, store owners also can change the design of popups to fit store themes such as background pictures, text color, link color, and border color. 


Allow A/ B Testing

The A/ B Testing button appears on any generated sales popups (parent popups), which is ready to launch a new version of the existing one (child popups). Both versions are generated to compare their efficiency. 

The store admin is the one who decides the difference between the child and parent popups, either the big or small change. For instance, the content or color of two versions. The store admins can see if the change has a good, bad, or no impact on customer behaviors. 


Thorough Sales Pop Report

Reports will assist store owners in better managing the efficiency of notification popups. They can keep track of the quantity of views, clicks, and closes of a sales pop with ease. 

For A/ B testing cases, the store admin can compare two versions through: 

  • Child pops' stats: views, clicks, closes
  • Parent pops' stats: views, clicks, closes
  • A/ B comparison chart for every criterion 


More Features

Management Grid

It is possible to generate, view, and edit all sales popups via a grid.


Allow Rest API & GraphQL

Rest API and GraphQL are ready in the module.


Show/ Display Time

With Recent Sales Notification extension, store owners can set the time to display a sales pop and time to replace it by the next one. 


Animation & Sound Effect

Users can choose the display animation and add sound as the pop-ups appear.


Store Views & Customer Groups

The store admin can assign a sales notification to specific store views and shopper groups.



This extension is perfectly compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Quick View, Special Promotions One Step Checkout.


Full Feature List

General Configuration

  • Turn on/ Turn off the module
  • Display/ Hide close button
  • Restrict popup display time
  • Restrict the break time between two popups
  • Choose animation effect
  • Allow/ Disallow popup sound


Display A Popup

  • Generate, view, edit all popups via a management grid
  • Add name, status, priority for a new popup
  • Choose store view, customer group
  • Choose the device to show popups: Desktop and/ or Mobile
  • Choose a position on a page: Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left
  • Choose pages to show popups: Product Pages, Category Page, Shopping Cart Page, CMS Pages, Checkout Page


Popup Content

  • Choose conditions to show orders (applied with recent orders pop type)
  • Restrict the limited quantity of orders to display their information on sales notification (applied with recent orders pop type)
  • Decide the amount of time to check orders (applied with recent orders pop type)
  • Create the content for popups in three real types (variables supported)
  • Create the content for popups in three real types (variables supported)
  • Display multiple popups at the same position
  • Display multiple popups on the same page
  • Allow Rest API & GraphQL


Popup Design

  • Upload the background picture
  • Choose the border color
  • Choose the hover link color
  • Choose the content text color


Add A/ B Testing

  • Launch a child pop by making changes to the display certain elements of the parent pop


Popup Report

  • Check the total stats of a popup: Views, Clicks, Closes
  • With A/ B Testing, check the stats of the child popups and parent popups
  • Make a comparison between the stats of two versions via charts 



Q: What is the number of sales notification types in the extension?

A: The module supports three types: Recent Sales pop, Checkout pop, and Upsell pop.

Q: Can I condition to display the recent sales notification by order status?

A: Yes, you can display the recent sales pop with a specific status. For instance, check the orders with the completed status only. 

Q: Is it possible for me to customize the content of the sales pops?

A: Yes, you can customize all the content. Plus, you can use variables to display customer total, customer name, etc automatically.

Q: Can I design the sales pops?

A: Yes, you can upload background pictures and adjust colors of content text, hover link, border.

Q: Recent Sales Notification extension supports A/ B Testing, isn't it?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can create a child pop to compare with the parent one. You can make changes to any display elements to test including background pictures, the color of the text. 

Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3 (current)

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.3 (current)


Stable Build


29 January, 2021


Extensions, Marketing, Advertising

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


Coding Standard


Plagiarism Check


Malware Check


Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Adobe Commerce that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Improved popup design & position
    - Improved customer experience on popup
    - Show multiple popups at the same position
    - Show multiple popups at the same page
    - Supported Rest API & GraphQL
    - Fixed minor bugs


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