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Import Export CMS makes it easier for the store admins to transfer all the data of CMS pages or blocks from a Magento 1 site to a Magento 2 site or other data sources. The admins can easily import and export data via CSV and XML files. Moreover, with the support from advanced tools AJAX and Pop-up, the data processing is efficiently and safely accelerated. 

In some certain cases, the store admin has to move all the data of a part of the whole of a website to another system. In other cases, these data have to be exported for further uses. As default Magento 2 does not support the features to import and export this type of data, the work of an admin can be difficult.

With the support of the module Import Export CMS, all CMS pages and blocks can be imported/exported within various systems, from Magento 1 or another platform to Magento 2. The admin can export the data of a page/block as a CSV or XML file from the store. Also, if the data of a page/block is stored as a CSV/XML file, it can be imported easily

All the importation/exportation can be easily conducted in a popup so the admin can stay on the current admin panel without moving back and forth. The results and status of transportation are shown clearly after the process.


Highlight Features

  • Easily import data of multiple CMS Pages/Blocks via CSV of XML files 
  • Export/Import data via AJAX or Pop-up
  • Allow importing all information of CMS Pages/Blocks
  • Export specific fields of CMS Pages or Blocks 
  • Show all details in validation results


How Import Export CMS Works 

Transfer CMS Pages & Blocks Data 

With this module, the process of data transmission has no limitation and is more flexible than ever. The admins can easily transfer the data of CMS pages or blocks from a Magento 1 site to a Magento 2 site or among various data sources. 


Easily Update Data Of CMS Pages/Blocks 

In online stores, there are updates and changes frequently in some popular pages including Home Page, Privacy Policy, About Us or CMS Blocks such as Sales block, Giftcard block, and Footer link blocks. Hence, the extension assists stores a lot in updating these pages instantly.


Conveniently Import & Export Pages/Blocks

Import Export CMS extension becomes more helpful and improves store management for the admins by properly integrating with two powerful tools AJAX and Pop-up. This function keeps the admins stay on the current page/block grid without being redirected to another page. Therefore, the process of data updating and transferring will take place smoothly without any interruption.


Highlight Features

Support Various Formats

Having the support of this extension, store admins can import or export data of any CMS pages or blocks via both CVS and XML files. These two options bring a better experience for admins at the backend and reduce their workload significantly. 


AJAX & Pop-up Support

The action of page loading and redirecting will no longer appear during the data-update process thanks to the great function of AJAX and Pop-up. 

With only one click, the exported file can be downloaded directly and immediately right after you select a page or block.  Besides, updating data becomes more simple as admins can upload a CSV or XML file on the pop-up and one-click to validate the data. If the data is valid and ready to update, the grid of CMS pages of blocks will automatically do their job without page reloading.


Import All Data

The store admins can import all information of CMS pages and blocks with the simple manipulation. The data imported between sources will be fully transferred right after being uploaded.

This function creates a smooth data transmission; hence helps stores avoid missing any information. Additionally, this noticeable feature allows admins to import data including product images. 


Select Attributes To Export

Among various fields of CMS pages of blocks, sometimes admins would like to export essential data only. With the extension, this can be done with ease and selectively. At the admin panel, the store admins can choose specific fields of a page such as page title, content, meta title or URL key; and fields of a block such as content, identifier or time to export the data up to their preference.


Detailed Validation Notification

The purpose of this feature is to make the result notification useful. All necessary details of data importing and exporting will be in the validation notification. It helps admins know the status of the data-update process as well as the arising errors to promptly edit uploaded files or make any changes to successfully import/export. 


More Features

Behaviors Of Importation

Choose the action of importing process including Add/Update, Replace and Delete


Stop Or Ignore  Errors

When there are errors, admins can decide to stop the whole process or skip the warned errors


Allow Image Files

Inserting the path of image files to import the images


Sample Import File 

The extension provides the sample of the imported file


Full Feature List

General Configuration

  • Enable/Disable the module
  • Choose fields of a CMS page/block to export 


Export CMS Pages & Blocks

  • Choose the pages/blocks to export data
  • Choose the CSV or XML files to export


Import CMS Pages & Blocks

  • Choose the file type to import data
  • Download and edit the downloadable sample file 
  • Choose the action of importing process: Add/Update, Replace or Delete
  • Stop the import process or skip errors when errors appear
  • Allow entering the error number to stop the importing process
  • Fill the marker to separate fields in a column or in the value of a cell 
  • Allow entering the marker to add  the value in a column
  • Import data by uploading the input file
  • Add the location for the image files if included in the input data
  • Allow checking data and validation results 
  • Fix the errors or continue importing if there is no error



Q: Which formats of the files can I use to import the data? 

A: Import Export CMS supports two different files to import data including CSV and XML.

Q: What are the formats of the exported files?

A: You can select the format either CSV or XML of the file you export.  

Q: Is all of the data of the input file imported? 

A: Yes, all of the data of uploaded files will be imported fully. 

Q: If my input file includes image data, can I import it? 

A: Yes, you just need to enter the path to the image uploaded to the server. For example var/export, var/import. The path that Mageplaza supports leading images to the server is: pub/media

Q: Can I select the fields to export a CMS page or block?

A: Yes, from the general configuration of the extension, please select the specific fields you would like to display after exporting the file. 

Q: How many types of importing behavior? 

A: There are there types including Add/ Update, Replace and Delete. 

Q: If there are errors during importing data, what happens?

A: With the options - Stop on Error or Skip Error, you can stop importing when you get an error or ignore the error to continue importing

Q: Can I set the error number to stop the import process?

A: Yes, you can do easily by filling in a number from the backend configuration. 



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Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.2, 2.3

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.2, 2.3


Stable Build


15 August, 2019


Extensions, Site Optimization, Hosting, Site Monitoring, Performance

Quality Report

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Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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