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21 March, 2019
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Imports various categories one time Support sample files to edit Data validation notification Ajax supported Three importing behaviors: Add/Update, Replace, Delete

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The manual process of updating and editing data to different channels is time-consuming and unproductive. Therefore, Import Export Categories extension becomes more and more essential for Magento 2 stores because it enables store admins to add a large number of categories along with related data at once efficiently. Then, this extension helps stores save a lot of time as well as lower costs.

  • Add many categories at once
  • Provide sample files
  • Notify data validation
  • Ajax support
  • Three importing behaviors: Update/Add, Replace, and Delete


Problems & Solutions


Disadvantages Of Magento 2 Default 

A manual importing process of categories

In Magento 2 Default, store admins are not able to add categories at once. Instead, they can only create product categories one by one and have to fill the data in each category manually. It takes admins a lot of time to fulfill their work at the backend and causes a lot of inconveniences. 

A time-consuming process of adding data

It can make sense to use the Magento 2 default method at the small stores, but in the large-scale stores with a large amount of data, the manual process of uploading data is just a waste of time.


Advantages Of Import Export Categories

A time-saving solution for administrators

As store admins can add a large number of categories and related data at the same time without any difficulties, Import Export Categories by Mageplaza is a great time-saving solution. 

Work performance improvement

With this extension, the amount of workload which store admins take on will decrease dramatically. As a result, their work performance also enhances, and the store's operation will be more professional and productive.


Highlight Features


Import Many Categories At Once

The extension allows uploading CSV file of data, so the store admins can easily add various categories along with relevant data at once without trying hard on the manual process. It helps store admins save time as well as lower costs. Besides, the data updated through CSV file and under an auto system support will be more accurate.  


Provide Admins With Sample Files

In the Entity Field at the backend, there is a downloadable and editable CSV file. Admins can use this sample file and complete category data such as category ID, store ID, parent ID, description, name, category products and so on.


Notify Data Validation

An optimal function of this extension is that it allows checking validation of the data before being imported. The notification about data validation will be displayed immediately with relevant details after checking process. If there is no error, admins can click to the import button to import category file. If the file has problems, admins need to correct the mistakes and import again


Ajax Support

With the support of Ajax loading, redirecting and page reloading will no longer exist. The importing process will be smoother than ever. When admins want to export categories, they can download a CSV file easily with all data included


More Features


Import Behaviors

Choose the action of the importing process: Add/Update, Replace, and Delete


Image File

Allow importing images by inserting the path of image files 


Sample Import File 

Allow downloading and editing sample CSV file


Stop/Pause Importing Process

Stop the importing process or skip errors whenever errors are detected


Full Feature List

Import categories

  • Choose the Entity Type: Mageplaza Categories Import
  • Import Behaviors
  • Choose the action of importing process: Add/Update, Replace, and Delete
  • Stop importing due to errors or ignore errors 
  • Enter the number of errors to pause the import process
  • Use the marker to separate  fields in a column or in the value of a cell
  • Use the marker to enclose the value in a column
  • Import categories by uploading input file
  • Inputting the location for the image files 
  • Check and notify data validation
  • Continue importing if there is no error

Export categories

  • Choose the Entity Type: Mageplaza Categories Export
  • Choose attribute label or code of the exported file
  • Allow recording exported data in the CSV file



Q: Which type of file can be imported and exported?

A: Mageplaza Import Export Categories supports importing and exporting via CSV files.

Q: Can I select the attributes of the exported files?

A: Yes, you can select the entity attribute label/ code before processing exporting the categories data.

Q: If my input file includes the image data, can I import it?

A: Yes, you just need to enter the path to the image uploaded to the server. For example: e.g. var/export, var/import, var/export/some/dir.

Q: How many types of importing behavior?

A: There are three types including Add/ Update, Replace and Delete.

Q: What I have to do after validating the data?

A: In case, there is no error, you can click on the import button to import instantly the categories data. However, if there are error details, you need to fix them before importing.

Q: Can I set the error number to stop the import process?

A: Yes, you can do easily by entering a number in “Allowed Errors Count” fields.



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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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