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18 October, 2018
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FAQ extension for Magento 2 helps enrich your Knowledge Base page and FAQ lists. The module assists online stores to create informative SEO-friendly product questions with all advanced features provided.

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FAQ extension supports customers to raise questions right on product pages then they can receive quick specific answers and support from stores. Moreover, this extension helps visitors to reach available FAQ list right on FAQ pages with searching box named Knowlege Base. This extension is considered to be healthy for SEO. 


Highlight Features

Optimized FAQ homepage

The FAQ homepage will improve customer experience significantly thanks to its great convenience. On the Knowledge Base page, customers will see an instant search box right on the top, allowing searching by typing some words related to questions. Depending on some keywords, a suggested list of already-answered questions will appear, then customers can click to choose. 

Also on the FAQ page, there are clear categories of questions which are classified based on specific criteria (for example, products, policy, customer service). Customers can click the section title to view all questions insides or click on one particular question to find the answer.

SEO-friendly FAQ sections

The URLs of each FAQ detail page, category page or homepage can be changed to become friendly to SEO and readable to customers. Additionally, meta title and meta description can be set and edited to optimize search engines. 

Instant search box

An instant search box is located nicely on the top of the FAQ homepage. Customers can look up questions by typing a specific number of words which is ruled by admin’s configuration. Also, 

The color of the instant search section is optional in the backend.

Question categories

Common questions are sorted out neatly in various categories below the search box. These categories are alike to drawer cabinet which stores a number of specific already-answered questions. The title, URL key, position, meta title, meta keywords of each category can be easily customized in the admin backend. For an answer, admin can display or hide it, and allow or disallow users to click on Read more to navigate to FAQ detail page. 

Design customization

The appearance of FAQ pages can be easily set up by backend configuration. The theme color including the color of the search box, the color of category underline, the color of question changing when pointing mouse, the color of asking box is chosen optionally. Besides, other fields such as name, emails, characters, the column of detail page layout, question styles can be set up easily. 


More Features

Questions Rating

Customers can assess the usefulness of each question by clicking on star voting part. Also, the admin can restrict this feature to a specific customer group. 

Social Sharing

This feature allows viewers to share questions on social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and over 194 other services.

Restrict FAQs

FAQs can be restricted to certain customer groups by the configuration in the backend, allowing or disallowing guests to leave questions.

FAQ Reports

FAQs' statistics are reported and easy to view in the backend. The brief report includes figures on Views, Action, Positive and Negative.

GDPR Compliance

Term and Conditions box is shown before submitting a question. FAQ extension by Mageplaza is well compatible with GDPR module for Magento 2

Add Google reCAPTCHA

Mageplaza Google reCAPTCHA extension can be installed compatibly so that invisible CAPTCHA is added to the Ask questions form. 


Full Features List

For store admins

General configuration

  • Enabling or disabling module
  • Select a theme color for all FAQ pages
  • Enable FAQ voting
  • Restrict votes for certain customer groups
  • Restrict customer groups to add questions
  • Set up the number of characters allowed for each question
  • Require admin approval before publishing question 
  • Able to show questioners' names
  • Able to show questioners' email addresses
  • Allow the questioner to receive email notification in case his/her question is answered
  • Able to show full lists of questions and answers on category page, or click Read more to navigate to question detail page
  • Restrict the maximum of characters of an answer on question category page
  • Configure layout for the question detail page
  • Be protected with reCAPTCHA
  • GDPR compliance




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User guide | Installation guide 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Beta Build
  • Description:

    Version 2.0.0
    Released on Aug 22, 2018
    - Rebuild Mageplaza_Faq module
    - An initial release of FAQ v2.0


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