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2.1, 2.2

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27 February, 2019
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Extra Fee extension for Magento 2 supports online stores to add extra fees for specific services such as gift wrapping, rush delivery and display them on the storefront.

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 Mageplaza Extra Fee assists stores by adding additional services that the stores provide. Extra fee extension along with flexible customize-ability helps businesses fulfill the buyer's needs and wants. By inform detail information about the product and service additional fee, Extra Fee developed for Magento 2 is a customer experience enhancer suitable for any type of online stores.

  • Able to add limitless extra fees 
  • Able to use payment methods or shipping methods as conditions to apply rules for extra fees. 
  • Auto-applying additional fee or manual method
  • Have several types to calculate extra fee: fixed amount or percentage
  • Able to refund extra fee
  • View in various position: Shipment/Credit memo/Order, email/PDF, Backend and Frontend 
  • Compatible with  One Step Checkout, PDF invoice, Layered Navigation Ultimate 


Problems & Solutions

The existing fee type of Magento default has many limitations. In details, this default only supports several fees like Shipping fee, Flat rate, Table rate, and some methods of delivery such as Magento shipping, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL. 

In addition, there is an increase in demand for a variety of additional fee offered to shoppers when they add products/services to their shopping cart. Charging extra services will contribute major advantages to the businesses. Also, it is easy and convenient for customers to purchase online.

As Mageplaza saw the rising demand and the major benefits that you can gain from creating extra fees for additional services, we have created the extension that has a flexible and advanced configuration. It is created to simplify the process to add a new fee.  

If you are still wondering how you can use this module, here are some suggestion to apply the extra fee:

  • Gift wrap service: Buyers will be charged a price for wrapping the purchased item 
  • Fast delivery service: With the extra charge, the product will be prioritized deliver products in just hours from the time they make the purchase decisions.
  • Method of shipping: different shipping methods will charge a specific extra fee (by rail, by air, by sea)
  • Insurance service: Products with high values need to use this service to make sure there will be a compensation for any damage.
  • The weight/quantity of the cart: when the weight or the quantity requires more cost for transportation, there will be an extra fee ready to charge the buyers.


Highlight Features

Add Unlimted Extra Fee With A Breeze

The module assists admins to set name and rule for a new fee to insert the add to cart summary. Providing extra services with a reasonable price can create benefits to both the sellers and the buyers. While the store will gain more profit, the customers' expectation will also be satisfied with the convenient buying process.

Use Condition To Apply On The Rules Of Extra Fee

Admins are allowed to make conditions to apply on an extra fee. These conditions include:

  • Product Attribute Combination
  • Product Subselection   
  • Condition combination
  • Cart attribute: Subtotal, Total Items Quantity, Total Weight
  • Methods of payment 
  • Methods of shipping

When product or/and cart meet the condition, the extra fee will be activated instantly. In practical, if a customer has attained $500 in cart subtotal and/or buying 10 products in total, then the module will activate the extra fee.

Numerous Ways To Calculate Extra Fee

Mageplaza Extra Fee supports you with three types of fee:

  • Fixed amount for each item: each item in the cart will be added a fixed fee
  • Fixed amount for the whole cart: the total of the whole cart will be charged a fixed additional fee
  • Percentage of cart total: The extra fee will be charged by the cart total percentage 

Automatic Or Manual Extra Fee Application

Magento 2 Extra Fee allows admins to apply extra fee automatically or manually. When using automatic application, the total summary section from the frontend will automatically add extra fee right after the fixed fee amount is set.

For manual mode, customers are allowed to decide to purchase or not the additional services. Furthermore, the amount of fee is able to be set to view on a certain area by store manager which can be displayed on payment method, cart summary or shipping method. This feature is flexible for admins as well as shoppers to use.


More Features

Numerous types of selections

Radio, Checkbox, Select are three types of selections which can applied extra fee in manual mode

Compatible with several extensions

In details, the module has compatibility with One Step Checkout, PDF invoice, Layered Navigation Ultimate.

Prioritize the rules

The rules are able to be sorted by the admins. The smaller the number will stand at a higher place.

Configure visible ability

Admins have the ability to restrict a group of customers or store view to see the rule  

Tax application

Admins can charge an extra fee by choosing the tax application 

View in multiple positions

The additional fee can view on Credit Memo/Shipment/Oder, Email/PDF, Backend and Frontend.


Full Feature List

For store admins

  • Allow enabling/disabling the module
  • Allow calculating discount/shipping fee/tax in total  
  • Set the rule name
  • Admins can set the rule status
  • Show/hide the rule according to store views and customer group 
  • Sort the rule in order
  • Admins can apply the rule based on conditions
  • Automatically or manually apply the rule
  • Fixed amount for each item, Fixed amount for the whole cart and Percentage of cart total are 3 types of fee
  • Set the amount of fee
  • Allow setting tax application
  • Allow arranging the extra fee position
  • Refund can be allowed/disallowed
  • Select the extra fee view area (In Manual type)  
  • Choose the extra service display type (In Manual type)
  • Cease to process further by enabling/disabling

For customers

  • Expose to more suggestion related to purchased services
  • Able to select the preferred services
  • Experience online shopping with comfort



Frontend | Backend



User guide | Installation guide 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Released on 2019-01-16
    Release notes
    - Added Extra Fee Information for Order API
    - Fixed bug: Stop Further Processing with Admin Order
    - Updated labels & content


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