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2.1, 2.2

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22 June, 2018
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Provides a perfect solution that help eCommerce stores eliminate all ad-hoc orders, invoices, orders, shipments and credit memos. 

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Mageplaza Delete Orders extension for Magento 2 enables backend users to freely choose whether to maintain or delete all unwanted orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos created for testing purposes. Managing and organizing those orders has never been easier! Eliminate mass orders, mass invoices, mass shipments, and mass credit memos. Remove all items permanently in one click. Remove targeted data yet keep the other data safe

Problems & Solutions

If store admins want to make any adjustment in their e-stores, it is necessary to carry out several ad-hoc tests to ensure things run correctly. During those experiments, many fake orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos will be created to help admins check the system’s work in advance. Those testing items will make admins confused since it cannot be separated from the real orders. Moreover, with default Magento 2, they can’t be deleted entirely from the backend. This, therefore, struggles store administrators to manage orders thoroughly which can also cause confusion and frustration.

To handle this annoying situation, Mageplaza releases Delete Orders extension as a helpful assistant that enables store owners to eliminate unnecessary items with ease. Admins can remove orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos that they no longer want to appear yet protect all of the related data. Thanks to the capability of mass deleting and entirely deleting, all the tasks can be done quickly with some simple clicks.

Why is Mageplaza Delete Orders a must-have extension?

To make the backend well-organized

Every admin wants to keep their store’s backend neat since a well-arranged backend system will simplify many tasks of administration. To get rid of unwanted ad-hoc testing orders, shipments, invoices and credit memos will make the backend no longer messy, and thus make it easier for admins to keep an eye on everything easily.

To control the backend with ease

Data management can become a struggling task if admins are being confused by real and fake orders. The ability to eliminate the unwanted data yet keep the rest data safe will helps cut down e-stores’ owners workload when controlling orders.

Highlight features

Delete mass test orders

From the backend, admins can decide to delete one order only or several items at a time. For both choices, the deleting procedure is super easy with just a few clicks. What admins have to do is ticking to choose one or multiple items that they don’t want any longer, then clicking on Delete. These targeted order(s) can be erased entirely with ease. The data of those deleted ones will disappear alongside. However, other data will be kept safe. 

Delete mass test Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos

Not only test orders but removing invoices, shipments and credit memos is also easy to eliminate entirely. One or multiple invoices, shipments, and credit memos can be deleted simultaneously. All of those data will no longer exist in the backend system with just some simple steps. 

Delete all

What if store admins want to delete all items at a time?  With this module, this task can be manipulated easily with some clicks. However, all items deletion should be done with careful consideration since there might be some critical orders, invoices, shipments or credit memos left on the list. That’s why a confirmation step at the end of the deleting procedure is necessary to ensure that admins have carefully checked everything. If there is nothing to care for, they can get rid of all unwanted items in the blink of an eye.

Delete related information in safety

Of course, when deleting test orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos, their associated data will also be erased. However, this extension will guarantee to keep the rest data secured. All of the other valuable data will be preserved.


Extra features

  • Mageplaza Delete Orders for Magento 2 is totally open-source
  • Multi-stores are supported
  • Multiple languages are supported
  • This module is customizable
  • Detailed and concise user guide for Delete Orders extension is provided

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    ### Delete Orders v1.1.0
    Released on 2018-06-07
    Release notes:
    - Added delete button on order view page.
    - Added ACL for the delete action.
    - Fixed minor bugs and improved performance.
    ### v1.0.0
    Released on 2018-04-11
    Release notes:
    - Initial release


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