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04 January, 2019
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Mageplaza Daily Deal for Magento 2 enables online stores to gain massive visitors’ attention. This module is used to provide powerful offers to customers which pushes them to buy products quickly in a certain period of time. A sale booster

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Daily Deal extension developed for Magento 2 is an effective marketing tool. Daily Deal helps create tempting offers with countdown timers which push customers to buy products and convert them to repeat buyers. Mageplaza Daily Deal is a sale booster and a customer retention enhancer.

  • Display daily deals with countdown timer
  • 4 types of daily deals
  • Support sidebar widgets and floating deal slider
  • Display daily deal blocks at any place


Amazing Benefits

3 noticeable facts about daily deals

The following amazing figures from the various actual surveys have revealed the effect of daily deals on business. 

58% of businesses assess daily deals to be an effective tool for customer motivation, according to MerchantCircle survey conducted in June 2011

38% of daily deal buyers become loyal to the specific brand depending on the ForeSee Results Survey conducted in March 2011

77% of buyers in Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, and BuyWithMe were new customers who spent more than the actual value of the deals, one-fifth of whom then turned to be repeat customers.

Daily deals play a crucial role in client acquisition and changing new shoppers to repeat customers. Also, restricted deals offered during a certain amount of time stimulates buyers’ need for the product and inspire them to speed their purchase.


Why Magento 2 stores should have daily deals?

Boost client acquisition 

Because of some reasons, hesitation is the prevailing attitude of customers when they spend time shopping online. Either they still feel doubtful about your products, or they would like to make purchases later when they are more affordable. In these cases, daily deals will show their motivating effect which boosts up the demand of customers for making quick decision. 

Convert new customers to repeat followers

Such famous platforms like Groupon, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe reach around 20% new customers who are converted to loyal customers. Thanks to daily deals, the first-time customers get the chance to expertise products and service of these online stores. Hence, because of their acquisition and familiarity with your daily deals, it is easy for them to make additional purchases.

Increase engagement rate

When the online stores regularly offer a variety of attractive daily deals to customers, it is likely that the engagement of both existing and new customers will increase. The deals can be made diversely in the forms of top selling deals, random deals or upcoming deals to attract customers interest.


Highlight Features

Daily deal with countdown timer 

If store owners are concerned that the customers keep hesitating while daily deals are already attached, countdown timers can assist. With the restricted period of deals, the buyers are motivated to make their purchase decision quickly not to miss the chance with appealing gifts.

The countdown timer’s design can be customized easily with back-end configuration. The colors of outer an inner background of the clock can be changed freely. Admins also easily modify the suitable colors of text appearing. 

Easy to configure limited daily deals

In case store owners would like to restrict deal time to specific products, the feature can be configured on the back-end simply with some clicks.  When the admin selects an item to edit, all related information will be shown, including original price, quantity, and product status. Depending on that, admins can decide the deal information suitably such as discount price and deal quantity. Especially, the deal period can be adjusted easily from starting time to ending time. 

Easy to configure deal pages

There are various types of deal pages including All Deal Pages, New Deals Page, Bestseller Deals Page, Featured Deals Page. Store owners can categorize each product to the suitable page with specific deal campaigns. This guides the customers to find out the kind of deals which they feel interested most. 

The URL and title for each page can be easily customized. Besides, the position to place the link on pages can be set in Header, Footer or Category menu

Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar widgets containing random deals, top-selling deals, and upcoming deals can be displayed to enhance the effectiveness of daily deals. Mageplaza Daily Deal extension allows admins to name the widget, select a position to place it, and restrict the number of items shown in a widget.

Also, admins can allow or disallow showing remaining/sold quantity of each product appearing in a block. This helps notice customers of how many items are left.

To catch the attention of customers, random deals, top-selling deals and upcoming deals can be set to appear with movement by Sidebar widget. The Slidebar widget by Mageplaza Daily Deal extension allows admin to type widget name, select widget position and number of items appearing on. The customers can see how many items are in stock, how many items are sold.


More Features

Customizable countdown timer

Make the deal more attractive with the color of the countdown timer. This feature can be adjusted in the backend easily

Customizable deal label

The discount label can be set the position, the content and the colors of the background, border and text via general back-end configuration

Floating deal slider

Floating deal slider can be customized easily with two selected position to attract notice and inform customers of current special offers

Display deal blocks

Snippet allows admins to place any daily deal block at any place with ease. There is no limitation to the position in the page. 

Easy to manage deals

All information of daily deals can be easily managed in a grid. Deal price, deal quantity, sale quantity, deal time and status of an item are all adequately shown in one row, which helps store owner not miss any information.

Re-display deal slider

The daily deals slider can be re-displayed after a configured time or can be shown one time only to customers


Full-Features List

For Store Admins:

General configuration

  • Activate/Inactivate extension
  • Allow/disallow displaying the number of remaining items in daily deal blocks
  • Allow/disallow displaying the number of sold items
  • Activate/ Inactivate countdown timer
  • Customize the design of countdown timer
  • Enable/disable discount label
  • Change content of discount labels
  • Display discount labels in 2 main positions: under product price or above product image
  • Customize the design of a discount label

Easy to manage deals

  • Enable/disable deals 
  • Manage all information related to existing deals in a grid
  • Edit an existing deal easily
  • Easy to add a new deal 
  • Allow/disallow current products on featured deals
  • Able to set a new deal price and deal quantity
  • Select store views for the daily deal
  • Set time for a daily deal

Able to configure sidebar widget: Random deals, Top-selling deals, Upcoming deals

  • Enable/disable side widget function
  • Allow/ disallow the number of remaining items shown on the widget
  • Allow/disallow the number of sold items shown in the widget
  • Enable/disable showing specific deals on the widget
  • Able to name title of deal block
  • Choose a position to locate the deal block: at the top or at the bottom of  the sidebar 
  • Limit the number of items which are allowed to appear in a block
  • Use a snippet to add the daily deal block at any place on the site

Able to configure deal pages: All deals, New deals, Bestseller deals, and Featured deals

  • Enable/disable deal page
  • Change the page title
  • Select a location to place a quick link to the deal page: Header/Footer/Category   menu
  • Change to page route (the page URL)


For Shoppers:

  • Catch deals at any place on a page
  • View the deal price of products
  • Be informed of deal period-time by a counter timer
  • Be noticed of remaining number of products
  • View all daily deals, upcoming deals, bestseller deals, all deals on a page
  • View bestselling deals, random deals, upcoming deals on sidebar widget
  • Keep noticed of the latest deals by a floating slider



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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    ### v1.0.0
    Released on 2018-09-14
    Release notes:
    - Initial Release


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