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19 June, 2018
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Integrates a coupon generation and importation system, allowing coupon codes to be created, sent, and applied hassle-free.

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For many shoppers, coupons have become an expected treat which acts as a token of appreciation from the brand toward its valued customers. However, manually creating and managing hundreds of unique and complex coupon codes is a strenuous and sometimes downright impossible task for shop admins.

This is where Mageplaza Better Coupon extension comes in to help you effectively and effortlessly generate, send and manage your coupons, all for higher customer satisfaction and better return rate.

Short overview

Better Coupon opens up the ability to quickly and effortlessly sort out the complicated processes of generating and managing coupons as it provides the tools for coupon creation (whether anew or by the importation of an external file) which then can be sent as is or pre-applied in a link via email.


Problems & Solutions

For online stores, creating and managing coupon code could prove to be difficult. This is especially true when the quantity comes in hundreds, thousands or more which all need to be accurately written and sent.

For shoppers, sometimes applying the coupon alone is an irritating process when they have to deal with long strings of nonsensical numbers and words mixed together, or they might just simply get lost in the shopping and forget about the code at checkout.

Application 1

You want to show your gratitude towards your customers in the form of a coupon code. It may be on the occasion of their birthday, your store anniversary or a seasonal sale. The coupon needs to be unique, non-reusable and for the right event. Manually making and mailing them is not out of the question, but doing so for ten, fifty or hundreds of times proves to be complicated and prone to human error.

You would want to use a system integrated into your store for that job instead. A module will be faster, more reliable and accurate. Moreover, the system can create a URL that allows for quick generation of a coupon with the previous setting just by refreshing the URL. This is incredibly helpful and time-saving if you find yourself in urgent need of a coupon code but unwilling to go through all the trouble of creating it again from scratch. Alternatively, the link can be shared among store admins if you want them also to be able to make coupon code.

Application 2

It happens that you already have the codes created with a different program and now you want to be able to activate them. Unfortunately, Magento does not offer an option for transferring an external file over like that. It would be wonderfully convenient if you can use a tool to import the CSV file and have the coupon be available to use in a flash.

Application 3

After a coupon is created and mailed, all that’s left is for the customer to use it. However, for some, applying the coupon code is what they have trouble with. This is either because of having to work with a long and complicated code or forgetting about the coupon altogether while being engrossed in shopping. A link back to the store with the coupon code already be pre-applied would work well to avoid such frustration for the customers and ensure a smooth shopping experience.


Features making Mageplaza Better Coupon stand out

Instant coupon generator

Better Coupon provides a built-in random coupon generator from which you can create unique coupon codes tailored to your own rules and specifications for the right occasion: Birthday, Sale, Anniversary and so on. The codes can be automatically sent to customers in a significant amount via template emails. All of this work can be done with just a few simple steps.

Auto-apply coupon by link

Along with the code, you can also create a link that leads back to your store where the coupon has been neatly applied in advance. Customers can just click on the URL and enjoy shopping without having to type in the coupon at checkout.

Import coupon codes

What if you already have the code created with another program? You won’t have to recreate them in Magneto as Mageplaza Better Coupon extension allows store admins to import CSV files for coupon generation directly.


More features

Coupon link builder

Even more convenient, the extension features quick coupon creation link. Store admins with the provided link can quickly create a coupon with pre-set customization just by entering and refreshing the link, bypassing the need to revisit the backend for configuration.

Support API

Better Coupon is compatible with API, making easy coupon creation with API possible.

Email Templates

To help you thoroughly, created coupons can then be automatically mailed in a chain using a predefined template.

Tracking (upcoming)

This feature would keep track of and report on which coupons have been used. It can also export activated coupons out of the database.


Full Feature List

For store admins

  • Enabling/disabling module
  • Ability to establish a shopping cart pricing rule to generate coupon codes
  • Ability to configure coupon codes pattern
  • Ability to generate and send coupons to a customer via email
  • Creating/Selecting email templates for sending coupons
  • Making a quick coupon builder link for internal use
  • Ability to quickly create a coupon and email a customer the code  just by using the quick coupon link
  • Building an auto-apply coupon link efficiently from the backend
  • Importing coupon codes into the backend by uploading CSV/plain-text files

For shoppers

  • Receiving coupon codes via email
  • Going shopping with the coupon applied in advance by clicking on the auto-apply link


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Release the first version - v1.0.0


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