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What is a barcode? Barcodes can be easily be interpreted as a visual pattern, which helps the scanner machine read the product easily. It is normally created from white and black lines (and other elements), which follows a set algorithm. If the elements are changed into a new sequence, users can have a different barcode line. It can be read and differentiate among the store’s products.    

For businesses, barcodes can assist owners in tracking a wide range of data, which can be pricing, inventory status, etc. Thus, barcode helps to cut down work tasks and increase accuracy in data entry. 

Therefore, Mageplaza's Barcode extension helps store owners attach store products with barcode number as well as the ability to customize barcode labels before printing it out with ease. The first benefit of the extension is to help you with improving inventory management. By attaching the product with a barcode number, an effective track and trace solution will form to control the product flow. In addition, a professional barcode being labeled with products can create a positive impression with the majority of store shoppers. 



  • Generate barcode automatically 
  • Allow generating barcode by choosing an attribute 
  • 30+ Premade types of barcode 
  • 4 premade templates for barcode labels
  • Easy to customize Barcode Label
  • Easy to customize printing paper
  • Create and print multiple of Barcodes on page
  • Use CSV file to import and print barcode 
  • Allow printing barcodes in bulk 
  • Stay right on the backend to preview the templates 


How This Extension Works:   

Keep Track Of Store Inventory  

For store products, each product is normally included with lots of information like SKUs, suppliers and stock status. And, for a wide range of products, the owners have challenges to control the inventory. Furthermore, it is easy to make tracking mistakes when the owners and the store employees have to deal with tons of other workloads. Barcode is the optimal solution for this problem. Every time your product is searched, the store’s system will recognize suitable store items.


Add Barcodes For Products 

In the retail supply chain, using barcodes is the most ideal method to identify products. As a result, an increasing number of the online marketplace requires sellers to add in barcodes right when new products are added. Thus, having a Barcode extension will be a great advantage for your Magento 2 stores.


Print Barcode Labels In Bulk

The extension support premade eye-catching templates to support store printing barcode to attach to your product items. Also, to save time for printing tasks, the store can apply mass action to print multiple barcodes all at once. 


Barcodes Advantages

Diminish Human Errors 

It is a useful tool to help computer track items more accurate than being added in manually by individual store employees (with the rate of around 3 errors for 3 million entries).


Securely Encode Information Of The Product

Owners can attach essential data like images, prices, SKUs of products by encoded in small black lines. The barcode will help to prevent a considerable amount of store’s product information from being exposed to the outsider.


Professionalize Tracking Procedure

Stores can use the scanner device to read the barcode strings.  In addition, the information encoded in the barcode will also be inserted into computers. So the employees do not have to type in product information manually, which can save up a considerable amount of time for the data record.    


Cut Down Cost & Save Time

The employee training costs will be cut down instantly as the skills required to master the barcode scanning is simpler than learning to control the inventory along with pricing procedure. In addition, with the help of this module, it is cheap to design and print the barcode labels. Store owners can do it on their own with customizable templates simply without any extra fee. And after the design is finished, the barcode labels will ready to be printed out. 


How Barcodes Benefit Customers?

Reduce The Time For Checkout

The product data can be recorded in a matter of seconds by the barcode scanners, which make the checkout procedure to be done with a great deal of precision and speed by cashiers. Because of that, customers will not have to wait in line too long for their turn.   


Enhance Credibility With Barcodes

The customer tends to trust the businesses more when products are attached to barcodes.  It clearly indicates that the businesses have proper mẹthod to control their products and up-to-date system to store buyer’s information    


Track Customer Product Information

Stores can collect the customer’s product information to support customer whenever issues related to the product arises. Therefore, customers will be served in a timely manner. 


Highlight Features

Generate Barcode Automatically 

Admins can configure in the backend to create a majority of barcodes instantly in just one click. To assigning each product with unique barcodes, admins need to simply press the “run” button. The pattern of the barcode will be followed by certain templates that comprise alpha, numeric and alphanumeric will be set in the admin panel. For instance, the pattern can be as followed [4AN]-[4A]-[4N].


Generate Barcode By Choosing Attributes

An outstanding feature of Mageplaza Barcode modules is the ability to select attributes depending on specific barcodes. The module offers 3 options to generate barcode:

  • Form Barcode by using SKU
  • Form Barcode by using Product Name
  • Form Barcode by using Mageplaza Barcode


30+ Premade Types Of Barcode  

There are more than 30 templates of barcodes, which are ready to be selected by the stores. With a wide range of templates, you will be able to choose your suitable barcode for specific uses and industries freely. For instance, code 39 is commonly used by electronic products, healthcare, and government. Or, code 128 is frequently used by shipping and packaging. The wide variety of barcode types provided by Mageplaza will surely fulfill the applications for stores in any industry. 


4 Premade Templates For Barcode Labels

There are 4 available templates for barcode labels, which are created with different components:

  • Classic 1:  designed with 3 layers, which contain product name, barcode, product number
  • Classic 2: designed with 2 layers, which contain a barcode, product number
  • Standard: designed with 4 layers, which contain product name, barcode, product number, price
  • Standard with QR code: designed to contain the standard styles with addition QR code  

Admins can select one among the 4 templates to apply it for store products instantly.


Easily To Design Barcode Labels

To make the label looks well-suit with the product’s appearance. Barcode for Magento 2 offers flexible customization for the barcode layout with details including:

  • Barcode width
  • Barcode height
  • Add logo
  • QR code size 
  • Use variables to customize barcode strings
  • Use CSS to customize specifications for barcode labels


Customize Printing Paper With Ease

When the owners have finished designing the templates, they can continue to print barcode labels right on your Magento web pages.  From the Product Grid, customers can set up for paper printing and print labels of the barcode. Depending on the purposes of the admins, the print paper can be set to customize suitably

  • Paper size: A4, A5, A6, Letter 
  • Paper orientation
  • Paper margin
  • Width of barcode label 
  • Height of barcode label 
  • Padding of barcode label 
  • Vertical spacing
  • Horizontal spacing

The product’s barcode can be printed in mass all at the same time via a pop-up at the grid. Even better, Mageplaza also carefully prepares 3 paper templates: 

  • Template OL161 (12 labels/1 page)
  • Template OL160 (18 labels/1 page)
  • Template OL171 (8 labels/1 page)

If you want more templates, feel free to contact us.


More Features

  • Ready-Made Templates For Labels: Mageplaza module provides templates for barcode labels, which helps online stores to present eye-pleasing barcode labels with little effort.    
  • Import Barcode: It is possible to use CSV to import barcodes. 
  • Print Barcodes In Mass: Select multiple barcodes to print quickly. 
  • Support With Pop-Up: Admins can set the pop-up to help store visitors print barcode easier in the Product Grid or Product Edit form.
  • Print Sample File: The extension assists in printing a sample before mass printing. 
  • Able To Preview: For a final check-up, stores can easily preview barcode labels directly in the backend. 


For Store Admins

General Configuration

  • Depend on the generated barcode to select the attribute
  • Allow setting number template of the barcode
  • Apply one-click to auto-generate barcodes 


Printing Paper

  • Support with 30+ selections for barcode types
  • Printing easier with a paper template 
  • Set paper size
  • Select with of barcode label 
  • Select height of barcode label
  • Select padding of barcode label 
  • Set margin of the paper
  • Allow setting vertical spacing between two barcodes
  • Allow setting horizontal spacing between two barcodes
  • Choose an orientation for the paper: portrait or landscape
  • Choose a suitable logo to display barcodes


Label Content

  • Allow adding a logo to the label of the barcode
  • Support 4 templates for barcode label
  • Allow setting barcode width
  • Allow setting barcode height
  • Utilize variable to modify barcode label content
  • Utilize CSS to edit  specifications of the barcode label


Preview & Sample

  • Paper template previewing
  • Barcode label previewing
  • Support printing sample file


For Customers

  • Save time to checkout
  • Trust the products more with barcodes
  • Inform cases with easy-to-track barcodes



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Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.2, 2.3


Stable Build


05 December, 2019


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All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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