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Affiliate extension for Magento 2 is a perfect tool if you are looking for an effective marketing solution. Increasing traffic, getting better SEO rankings, and boosting sales are now easier than ever. Mageplaza Affiliate extension will create numerous affiliate programs, assist in multi-level marketing by advertising your product across different platforms through smart referral links. Besides, you can manage accounts and withdrawal processes easily, along with detailed data reports. 

Simple as it is, you install the extension, and affiliates will send the links to potential customer groups. Once they click on the link and make purchases, an amount of commission will be sent to the affiliates.  


  • Create an affiliate program 
  • Set commission tier
  • Generate coupon codes
  • Manage commission withdrawal status 
  • Integrate affiliate banners with links
  • Refer a friend feature
  • Detailed affiliate statistic export
  • Import and Export data

Problems & Solutions 

Extend brand exposure

To drive new traffic and promote products to new potential customers, leading businesses have to spend a fortune on marketing campaigns but still in doubt. Mageplaza Affiliate extension for Magento 2 lets your product appear on various platforms to reach a larger audience without much effort and investment. Especially at the same time, an unrestricted number of campaigns can be created with ease. Moreover, your ranking on search engines will also be improved when there are a great number of links directed back to your site. Not only does it help expand the brand, but this is also an excellent way to build your brand image and gain customer trust.

Administration and Data Tracking

Affiliate program in the default Magento 2 limits stores’ administration. With Mageplaza Affiliate extension that is more, the administration is taken to the next level. Now you can control almost everything, from the withdrawal approval, withdrawal limit to commission conditions and payment methods. And, of course, you do not have to worry about not being able to keep track of your data. The performance of each campaign will also be monitored through statistical reports included in our Ultimate version. Our customers’ feedback showed how important and relieved it is when they can monitor all the data.

Highlight Features

Multiple commission tiers

Affiliate marketing is about operating on multi-levels, so there is usually more than one-tier. Hence, the Pro Edition allows businesses to configure different levels of commission for their expected tiers. 

Commission Withdrawal Management

This feature includes providing payment options, withdrawal request/approval, and limit 

Refer a Friend

With this feature, your customers can introduce their friends to your site by sending them links via different channels: URL links, emails, and up to 250+ social media platforms.  

Banner with links (Professional and Ultimate versions)

Imagine your links are integrated into banners, making it more exciting and easier to approach when users click on the banner and get directed to your store.

Multiple Affiliate Programs (Professional and Ultimate versions)

It is possible to create multiple affiliate programs using our Professional and Ultimate versions. Other configurations such as Affiliate Groups or timeframe are also included to assist admins better.

Stats reports and backup solutions (Ultimate version)

It is easy to manage and post-check when everything is recorded in the data reports. You can either import or export those reports to backup just if there are any problems with the system. 

Supports API (Ultimate version)

The Ultimate Affiliate extension supports API so that users can get offer lists with JSON format offers and selected currency payout. Admins also can filter the list by status (pending, approved, or cancel), campaign, order, affiliate accounts, and more. 

More Features

Affiliate URL style

The URL will be created in hash or parameter style.

Two types of commissions

You can either choose between the Fixed amount option or the Percentage of the sale total.

Tax or Shipping fee commissions

Now affiliates can receive commissions from tax or shipping fees.

Commission conditions

You can set conditions (for example: when an invoice is created) so that once it is satisfied, commissions will be paid.

Commission deductions

Commissions will be deducted when customers choose to cancel or refund the order.

Withdrawal request acceptance

Admins can accept or decline when affiliates make a request to withdraw their commission.

Affiliate group creation

Groups can be created for admins to manage and divide commissions better.

Email notification

When information about commission balance or transaction is updated, an email notification will be sent immediately.

Unlimited affiliate campaigns

You can run different affiliate programs simultaneously in the Pro edition.

Full Feature List 

General Settings

  • Hash or Parameter Affiliate URL style
  • Customized parameter
  • Use Affiliate code or Affiliate ID as the parameter value

Account Settings

  • Create default affiliate group 
  • Admin's approval of account registration
  • Set the maximum amount of Affiliate Balance 
  • Display negative balance
  • Default email notification settings
  • Enable Terms and Conditions 
  • Add Content and Title of Terms and Conditions
  • Default Checkbox is enabled
  • Checkbox Text

Commission Settings

  • Get commission from tax, shipping fee, and Affiliate discount
  • Allow affiliates to receive commission once the invoice is created
  • Set commission transactions time limit
  • Deduct commission in case customers refund or cancel the order

Withdrawal Settings

  • Enable withdrawal request and minimum balance for requesting withdraw
  • Support payments via Bank Transfer, Offline and Paypal, with different fee
  • Set the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount

Email Settings

  • Choose the suitable Email Sender  
  • Send a welcome email to a recently created affiliate account 
  • Send emails when there are any updates on balance, withdrawal status
  • Send emails to admins when there are withdrawal and sign up requests
  • Send emails to affiliates when admin cancels withdrawal, or sign-up/ withdrawal requests are rejected 

Refer Friends 

  • Configure default referral URLs as well as email and social media message content 
  • Add email contacts through Cloudsponge

Affiliate Campaign Settings

  • Unlimited Affiliate programs (Professional and Ultimate versions)
  • Multiple tiers for one Affiliate program (Professional and Ultimate versions)
  • Pay Per Sale system
  • Offer 2 commission types 
  • Create different affiliate groups for certain campaigns
  • Create public and private affiliate campaigns for specific affiliate groups.
  • Lifetime commissions
  • Campaign coupon
  • Manage campaigns time frame 
  • Set rules for shopping cart during campaigns
  • Set referral discounts 

Banners & Links (Professional and Ultimate version)

  • Edit banner in terms of title, image, and content
  • Add links to the banner 
  • Set banners for each campaign

Report (Ultimate version)

  • Provide detailed reports on Affiliate Transactions
  • Export data under the form of CSV or Excel XML


  • Affiliate extension supports API (Professional and Ultimate versions), as well as multiple stores and languages.
  • Compatible with all types of devices (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
  • Compatible with other Mageplaza extensions


Like other Mageplaza extensions, this module offers lifetime updates, one-year support, and 25 days' money back without questions.


Q: What is the Affiliate extension for Magento 2?

A: Affiliate for Magento 2 is a solution for your business to get more sales by linking your website to other affiliate websites.

Q: How can I enable the Mageplaza Affiliate extension?

A: Check out our detailed guide here to run the module.

Q: Are there any limitations to how many programs I can set up at the same time?

A: There is no limitation when it comes to affiliate programs in Pro and Ultimate editions. However, only one campaign at a time is allowed for the Standard version.

Q: How many tiers can be configured in one campaign?

A: The Standard package only supports one tier, while the Pro and Ultimate package enables as many tiers as you want.

Q: How will the commissions be calculated?

A: It can be set up as a fixed amount or calculated based on the sales total. 

Q: What are payment methods for affiliates to withdraw the commission?

A: Affiliates can withdraw their commission via 3 main methods: Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Offline payment.

Q: When is the commission accepted?

A: You can set the conditions for the eligible commissions. In the backend, there is an option of accepting the commission only when the invoice is created.

Q: Can I have a report on the affiliate activities?

A: You can. Our module provides detailed reports of your affiliate programs.

Q: Does your Affiliate extension support data import and export?

A: Yes, totally. You can import from or export the data to other systems as you wish.

Q: By which means can the referral links be sent to others?

A: The affiliates can choose to copy and paste the links or use social media sharing options. Besides, the Pro and Ultimate version also allow banners with links.

Q: Can I control withdrawal requests?

Of course. You are able to accept or decline the withdrawal requests of the affiliates.


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Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.4 (current)

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.4 (current)


Stable Build


21 June, 2021


Extensions, Sales, Rewards & Loyalty

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Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Adobe Commerce that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Supported Magento v2.4


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