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Mageplaza Admin Permissions will create restrictions for every admin in an e-commerce store. Specifically, the admin's permission is designed based on accessibility to sections (sales, categories, product attributes, products, customers, user role), actions(view, delete. edit), and valid time for users.

Why do you need to create roles and permissions? Roles and permissions create different levels of accessibility to individual admins. Certain admins will be restricted only on a need-to-know basis to perform their tasks. For example, an order manager can access inventory, customer section, and unallowed to access areas like order data, sales section. 



  • Permit/ block from access store sales
  • Managing product separately
  • Limit accessibility to categories
  • Apply user roles to distribute the managing area
  • Apply admin permission’s valid time 
  • Compatible with Security by Mageplaza


How Stores Apply Extra Permissions On Admin 

Limit Access To Store System With Admin Permission

To different admins, it is possible to assign specific permission for the admin users. The difference comes from the level they can access. Admin Permissions for Magento 2 empowers owners to restrict activities (view, edit, delete), the section access, and the valid time(days, hour time).


Apply Admin Permissions For Multi-vendor Stores

The stores can allow vendors who own certain products to control their product information on the Backend. 


Upgrade Store Management System 

When the admin roles are specialized with multiple levels, the store can mitigate risks and issues from the management system. The store's confidential information, such as sales and revenue reports, is protected from the admin's curious eyes. Also, the permission helps individual admins to focus better on their assigned tasks ínstead of wandering around every corner of the store backend. 


Highlight Features

Permit/ Block From Access Store Sales

For the area which contains sensitive data of the store such as annual sales and total revenue, the stores would like to share this information with limited access. With the help of Mageplaza Admin Permissions, the owners can limit the sale area depending on the store views and categories:

  • Limit access to Orders
  • Limit access to Invoices
  • Limit access to Shipments
  • Limit access to Credit memo
  • Limit access to Transaction


Manage Product Separately

The product is the core information in any online store. Therefore, the stores should separate the management suitably. The module was designed with a function to differentiate admin's product access with several levels:

  • Can access to all items store
  • Can access to certain items
  • Can access to items created by particular users
  • Can access to items generated by same-role users 

The permissions for each admin will allow them to view, edit or/and delete products.  


Limit Accessibility To Categories

The function helps stores to permit certain admins to access to store categories. Actions which can be assigned to admins are:

  • Create new categories
  • View categories
  • Modify categories
  • Access scope: All categories/ Specific ones

Even better, specific attributes can only be viewed and updated for permitted admin users. As a result, the admin can only have limited access ability and action to the stores' attribute list.


Restrict Information Related To Customers

Specific admin roles will be limited to view customer information. The super admin can assign permission to sub-admins with supported actions:

  • Permission to create new customers
  • Permission scope: all customers or specific ones
  • Permission to view customer information
  • Permission to edit customer information
  • Permission to delete customer information


Apply User Roles To Distribute The Managing Area

Distributing the managed area is another valuable function when you can use it appropriately. Besides the restrictions with back-end sections, the admin can assign particular actions for each admin's user-role. Magento 2 Admin permissions module can limit an admin to make one or some actions like:

  • Create new user roles
  • View user roles
  • Edit user roles
  • Delete user roles
  • Action scope: for all or specific user roles

Therefore, each admin will have different powers in the system in comparison with other admins.


Apply Admin Permission’s Valid Time 

After delegating the admin's permissions, store owners can set the period to proceed with the authorities.

In specific, admin permissions will be authorized based on the weekdays and the hour time by the super admin. When the valid time ended, the permits will be expired.


More Features

Owner Of Items

The function support products accessible by its owner only.


Actions Permitted

The super admin can allow sub-admins to make some actions among view, edit, delete.



The module is compatible with Security by Mageplaza.  


Full Feature List

Sales permission

  • Set limitations for store views
  • Set boundaries for section accessibility including orders, invoices, shipments, credit memo, Transaction


Category permission

  • Able to allow/disallow forming new categories
  • Limit possible actions: view, edit, delete
  • Set the extent to access: all or specific categories


Product permission

  • Able to allow/ disallow generating new products
  • Limit possible actions: view, edit, delete
  • Set admin access area: all products, individual products, products created by specific users, products generated by the same-role users


Valid time

  • Allow enabling/ disabling the setting time 
  • Activate the admin permission on the selected day
  • Set the admin permission to work in the set time 


Customer permission

  • Allow/disallow adding new customers
  • Limit possible actions: view, edit, delete
  • Set the extent to access: all customers, specific customers


Product attributes

  • Restrict the ability to create new product attributes
  • Limit possible actions: view, edit, delete
  • Set the extend to access: all product attributes, specific characteristics of products


User Role

  • Restrict the ability to create new users role
  • Limit possible actions: view, edit, delete
  • Set the extent to access: all user roles, certain user roles


Edit Logs

  • Display editing data: ID, Editor, Order Number, Overview Detail, Created Date, Action.
  • Re-edit by accessing to Order View Page



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Technical Specifications

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Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.3


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13 August, 2020


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All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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