Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned Cart Email

Compatible With: Community 2.1, 2.2

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15 May, 2018
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Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email is an essential tool which helps online stores recover numerous abandoned carts effortlessly by sending smart reminders to their buyers.

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Abandoned Cart Email extension by Mageplaza is designed to help online businesses reduce their cart abandonment rate. By sending reminder emails to customers, abandoned carts can be converted into a large amount of revenues for a store.

  • Easy to customize email groups
  • Automatic  promotional vouchers creation ally
  • Personalized emails support 
  • Smartly-designed email templates
  • Automatic reports on improvement
  • Email logs of all sent abandoned cart emails
  • Completely integrated with Google Analytics UTM
  • SMTP integration support


Problems & Solutions


Cart abandonment has always been the biggest problem that every online merchant faces. According to recent research by Statista, a prestigious online data collector and statistics analyst, in the last quarter of 2017, the percentage of the abandoned cart rate for US online retailers reached up to an average of 77%. It means that only nearly one-fourth of the total orders were successfully completed during that time. In other words, these online merchants would have had the opportunity to increase their revenues by four times higher than what they actually gained. Therefore, helping online business owners fulfill their scopes is among the top concerns.

With Magento merchants, they are empowered to get notification over every abandoned email. As such, store owners can send email to inform buyers of their forgotten carts individually. However, the amount of abandoned rate is as high as nearly 80% that it is impossible for shop admins to send emails to every online shopper one by one. 


The introduction of Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email extension opens a new way for online Magento merchants to handle this problem. Once this module is installed on their stores, shop admins can reduce a huge amount of workload in an attempt to minimize abandoned carts as reminder emails will be automatically sent to customers to encourage them to come back and complete their purchases. Abandoned carts will be recovered, consequently leading to the increase in sales. 


Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email's highlight features

Create unlimited email templates

With this extension, shop admins are enabled to generate an unlimited number of emails to apply to different groups of customers. These emails can be configured to be sent through at a specific period of time and personalized to attach coupon or not. This feature is extremely helpful for stores which have different groups of customers. 

Support automatic coupons

Admins can choose among various coupon rules to create vouchers to be attached to emails sent to customers. These coupons act as a motivation for shopping doers to complete their abandoned orders. Clear and easy to manage, this feature can be configured in the backend with different attributes to make it suits store owner’s needs. 

Integrate Google Analytics UTM

The combination with Google Analytics UTM helps shop owners identify exactly from where buyers get access to their abandoned carts. 

Record all abandoned cart emails into logs

This feature allows users to manage emails sent to customers more easily since every attempt to inform customers will be recorded into a grid. Included in each record is detailed information concerning customer emails, sending status, coupon code, and so on. By simply looking at the log, admins can keep track of all their activities in persuading shopping doers to come back.

Automatically generate improvement reports

Another highlighted feature of this extension is its ability to analyze and make reports about cart abandonment situation over a period of time automatically. In the report, shop admins can get to know the current abandoned rate of the store, recovery rate, and even error in sending emails.


Additional features

Well-designed email templates

Various pre-made templates ready to use

Sent Email Management

Keep track of sending email status via email logs and reports

Customizable Emails

Easy to personalize emails for different customers or group buyers

Mass actions

Send several emails or delete email logs at the same time

SMTP performance support

Perfectly compatible with SMTP 

Unlimited coupon rules

Easy to create and apply numerous different rules for coupons






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Full Feature List

For admins

  • Able to create unlimited emails sent to customers to encourage them to come back and complete their orders
  • Free to choose among numerous smartly-designed templates
  • Easily customize sending date and time, sender, and template for each group of customers
  • Able to attach personal coupons to specific emails
  • Able to delete abandoned cart emails from logs
  • Track where the link brings buyers back to complete their orders by integrating Google analytics
  • Create unlimited coupon rules, coupon codes, and coupon validation
  • Easily keep track of emails sent to customers in a grid including details such as receivers, subjects, coupon codes, and email sending status
  • View detailed information on each email sent to shoppers
  • Able to take mass action like delete email in a bulk
  • Able to resent more emails to a customer email address
  • Evaluate progress via daily or monthly reports which comprise of recover rate, error rate, and current abandoned rate

For shoppers

  • Get notification about their forgotten carts via their email 
  • Be able to get back to their shopping carts  by only a single click
  • Have a chance to receive discount coupons or other advantages when completing abandoned orders


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    ### v1.1.3
    Released on 2018-04-10
    Release notes:
    - Add test product to email preview
    - Move admin menu to Magento Marketing menu
    - Update copyright
    ### v1.1.2
    Released on 2018-01-03
    Release notes:
    Fix bug send email on Magento 2.1.x
    ### v1.1.1
    Released on 2017-12-05
    Release notes:
    - Update email template using header & footer from Magento design
    - Improve checkout Url for store
    - Fix bug missing email subject when using design email template
    ### v1.1.0
    Released on 2017-12-01
    Release notes:
    Support multi-stores
    ### v1.0.1
    Released on 2017-11-22
    Release notes:
    - Compatible with Magento 2.2.x
    ### v1.0.0
    Released on 2017-09-27
    Release notes:
    Initial version


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