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Compatible With: Community 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Enterprise 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Tech Specifications

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Stable Build
07 January, 2019
Extensions, Content & Customizations, Site Search & Navigation
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GNU General Public License 3.0 (GPL-3.0)


Add any number of pages for each attribute & allow customers to search the store for attributes/brands

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There are multiple attributes (like brands, color, patterns, etc.). If you want to have dedicated landing pages to help your customer find their desired products easily then you are certainly at the right place. With MageDelight Shop By Attribute extension for Magento 2, you can create an unlimited number of pages for select/multi-select attributes and allow your customer to have a better-layered navigation in your catalog providing a totally new shopping experience. This results in an increase in your sales. With each attribute on a specific landing page, you allow customers to Filter/Sort/Search products without Ajax and page reload. Also on each product listing page, you can provide filters to narrow down the search by other attributes on the sidebar with layered navigation.


Key Features

  • Create any number of dedicated landing pages per attribute
  • Set attributes as featured to promote on landing pages
  • Filter/sort/search attributes without page reload using Ajax
  • Layered navigation on attribute specific product listing pages
  • Manage attribute values per store view separately
  • Optimized to Meta keywords and descriptions


Extension Highlights

Unlimited number of attribute specific pages

Create a dedicated page for a specific attribute (like brand, color, size, activity, pattern, etc.) and provides a customized search page to customers for each attribute.

Multiple ways to sort/ filter/ search

Allows your customer to filter their choices by alphabets, Sort by position/, name in ASC/DESC pattern and instant search from search box without page reload... Ajax?? No, because we thought Ajax was a little bit old-fashioned. Yes, you are reading it correct now allow your customer to perform the filtering operations without page reloads and Ajax.

Set attributes as "featured attributes" with ease

Set your attribute as featured to promote them and display them in a carousel automatically on the attribute landing pages.

Layered navigation as another filter option for product listing

Allow your customers further filtering of attribute specific product listing with layered navigation. Just do it Magento way without letting customers realize it's not a category specific product listing page.

SEO friendly settings for each attribute landing page and product listing page

Admin can enter Meta description and meta keywords for each attribute page and its product listing page.

Sync attribute values with one click

In case you add a new option value to attribute after creating its page, no need to worry, auto creates those options on one click without any hassle by "syncing the attribute values" under attribute values configuration.



  • SEO friendly attribute specific landing pages
  • Multiple layouts for each page
  • Multiple settings per store view
  • Fully responsive attribute landing pages
  • Multiple filter & sorting options
  • SEO friendly navigation boost up the google ranking
  • Upsell your cross-category products having a common attribute on one page





User Manual 



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Shop By Attribute is a product by MageDelight from Krish TechnoLabs

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with EE: 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Stable release for Magento 2.2.x and 2.3.x


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with EE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Stable release


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