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This extension is in our Payment category, and could affect the PCI compliance level of your store. It is the merchant’s responsibility to ensure the proper PCI compliance level of their store, as applicable by PCI regulations. The PCI Self-Assessment is one tool you can use when evaluating Payment extensions and how they may affect your PCI compliance level. For more information on Marketplace policies, please review the Marketplace Terms & Conditions.

Paytrace Payment

This is an Integration with a Third Party Service. Other charges and fees may be required to use this extension on your Store


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PayTrace, a payment gateway provider headquartered in Spokane, Washington allows you to use their secure servers and anti-fraud measures to make credit card payments. Founded in 2004 and PCI validated since 2005, the company currently has over 35,000 clients and processes over $10 billion in transactions annually. It provides comprehensive and efficient payment processing solutions. PayTrace specializes in B2B transactions and is one of the few payment gateway providers that can process Level II and III credit card data. 

The data is stored within a 3 Tier high-security data center and is provided with end-to-end encrypted card readers. It also delivers customer profile storage with no extra charge and top-notch security in the PCI compliant database.

A unique user for each person is created which in turn is supported with multi-factor authentication. It comes with the tools to assist in mitigating cardholder fraud.

This module will help you to integrate the Paytrace payment method in your Magento store. No complex integration. Install this module and configure API credentials. Easy to use, secure and created by Magento2 certified developer. We are always considering coding standards and security for all our modules.


Account & Pricing

To use this extension you need to create an account with Paytrace from here.

PayTrace doesn't disclose any pricing information on it's website, so you can expect that costs will vary depending on which merchant account provider you sign up with to get the PayTrace gateway. On PayTrace's website, There are three different package plans to choose from:

-The Basic plan is intended for small eCommerce businesses.

-The Pro plan can accommodate larger online businesses but is also tailored to the needs of B2B merchants.

-The Cash Advance plan is a specialized plan that's only available to qualify financial institutions.



Comprehensive transaction processing

  • Level II & III data
  • Credit card processing

Minimize PCI Scope

  • Secure checkout
  • Free tokenization
  • Encrypted card readers
  • Client-side encryption

The secure customer storage vault

  • Protects customer data
  • Assigns custom tokens
  • Eliminates on-site storage
  • Reduces liability and PCI scope



PayTrace includes security and fraud protection features. All data is encrypted and stored in secure data facilities, not on your computer or Magento server. PayTrace utilizes SSL encryption and meets Level I PCI standards. The customer needs to enter card detail during checkout to process with payment. 

Level I PCI compliance and Payetrace module uses the API method to interact with the store. To ensure that there are complete privacy and security it meets advanced security standards like Level I PCI compliance. It employs tokenized security technology. With the help of tokenization, it becomes possible to protect the customers from potential fraud. These systems have been developed with the objective to verify payments without the need to transmit card information and bank account information. This way the payment data becomes less vulnerable.

The other amazing thing about the tokenization system is that it does not store payment information. Instead, it stores tokens. This way the customers can swiftly complete the transaction without worrying about leaving their payment data accessible to others. Without tokenization, systems are required to store and transmit encrypted account information. Although the data may be encrypted, it is still being stored. 

With the help of SSL technology, the identifiable information is protected while it is being transmitted. By employing multi-factor authentication processes it is possible to protect users from their accounts being compromised.

Technical Specifications

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Paytrace Payments

Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3 (current)


Stable Build


03 August, 2020


Extensions, Payments & Security, Payment Integration


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License Type

MIT License (MIT)


Privacy Policy

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


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Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Paytrace integration


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