Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

by MageBay


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08 November, 2017
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Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension for Magento converts Your Magento store into a multi vendor Marketplace like Amazon, eBay, & Etsy

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Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension for Magento converts your existing Magento store into a Multi Vendor Marketplace. Vendors can easily add, update, or sell their product on your website. The vendors can add almost any product type such as Simple, Configurable, Downloadable, Virtual, Grouped, Bundle. Also, they can manage the orders, shipments, inventory, vendor profile pages, withdrawals/transactions, messages, and much more.

The admin has all the rights to control the marketplace in the backend settings. They can accept or reject the vendor requests to create a Seller account, create products, process withdrawal requests, manage reviews, and set commission for all the vendors at any time.

It is useful for the customer to simultaneously buy products from multiple vendors using the single shopping cart. Customers can easily communicate with the seller, they can send messages for more information about products, warranties, shipping, & returns.

You can check the Live Demo here: LIVE DEMO

Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension Features

  • Allow Multi Sellers to register and sell their products.
  • Separate Seller Profile with Company Banner, Logo, Description, Information etc.
  • The seller can manage their products (create, edit, delete) and change quantity, price and other info.
  • Support all Product type for Seller as Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped.
  • The seller can track the latest order, comment & reviews, recent orders with total sales, income on Seller dashboard.
  • The seller can send a message to their customers to update info about their order, shipping info, product information.
  • Allow Seller to set URL for the Profile page, Location Store, Return & Shipping Policy.
  • Allow Seller to set Social profile.
  • Allow Seller update Meta Information for the Profile page to best for SEO.
  • The seller can change order status, print invoice, update tracking shipping and more.
  • Shows Seller products collection on Seller Profile page.
  • Show seller information on detail product page such as Store Name, Store Logo, Reviews, Socials links, Contact Details, Ask Question form.
  • Admin can configure all features of the Marketplace extension.
  • Admin can set specific commissions for each seller.
  • Admin can allow Categories for Seller to add products.
  • Admin can change Email template for Order Vendor, Register Vendor, Approve & Unapproved Vendor, Withdrawal requests, etc.
  • Admin can assign a specific product to any Seller.
  • Admin can manage and change any Seller information.
  • Create/manage product categories.
  • Admin can approve/reject manually or set auto to approval the products uploaded by Seller.
  • Admin can manage seller payments and view report commission, seller total sells and orders.
  • Customers can view information about the Seller/Vendor, Reviews and Ratings, Social Links, Store Title and Logo on the product page.
  • Allow Customer send a message to the seller via Ask Question function on product page or order detail to get more information about products, warranty, shipping & returns.
  • Marketplace landing page will show top seller, best sale product, latest product and other info about Marketplace( How it work, Sign up Steps).
  • The customer can see all store information on Seller profile page.
  • Allow customer give a review and feedback for sellers and products.
  • Allows customers to purchase products from multiple sellers using a single shopping cart and at the same time.

Admin Customization Options

  • Enable/Disable Marketplace Features
  • Set Admin Email for Marketplace
  • Set Default Commission In Percentage
  • Product Type: Admin can set what Product Type can be used in vendor product creation
  • Attribute Set ID: Allow the Admin set Attribute Set can be used in vendor product creation
  • Seller Approval Required (Yes/No): Allow Admin can manually approve Seller account after registration or set it approved automatically
  • Product Approval Required (Yes/No): Allows Administrators to manually approve Products created by Seller or set automatically approved
  • Product Update Approval Required (Yes/No): Allows Administrators to manually approve Products when Seller updated their product or set automatically approved
  • Review Approval Required (Yes/No): Allows Administrators to manually approve or automatically approved when Buyer give a review for Vendor for their product.
  • Make a Review for only Order Purchase
  • Seller Policies Enable At Frontend
  • Allowed Categories For Seller To Add Products
  • Move Product Tax To Seller Account
  • Allow admin to create email custom templates For Contact, Order, Register, Approve/Unapprove Vendor, Withdraw.

It's easy to install and configure the module. Also, we give free fixed any problem related our module.

The coding based on Magento architecture so you can free to customize the code to fit your requirements


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Magebay Marketplace Extension v-2.0.0 : Compatibale with Magento 2.0.0 - 2.1.2


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