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Whoisonline extension will show the current online customers in Magento backend. The extension will also show all active customers in the table. Each row in the table will show details about the session such as when it started, last seen page, the remote IP address of customer machine, and the type of customer(Guest, Login, Bot).

The page will reload automatically with a specific interval. The specific interval can be selected from the drop-down, predefined values of: 15 secs,  30 secs, 1 min, 2 min, 5 mins, and 10 mins. The bot identification logic can be customized to identify more bots.



  • Shows store online customers in Magento backend
  • Shows customer IP address as remote IP
  • Shows customer shopping cart contents in Magento backend
  • Shows Customer type like Guest, Login, and bot
  • Reload page automatically with specific interval


Whoisonline App Table Details 

Start Time

User first visited time is the start time field. This information is useful for knowing the amount of time the user spent on the website.


Web Site

The web site name is useful for multi-store installation. The source of the web site in multi-store can be identified by using this column value


Latest URL

The customer last visited URL will be displayed in this column. The value is truncated by removing store base URL


Remote IP

The client IP address will be listed in this column, this IP address will also be useful to identify bots for the store


Cart Total

This column will show cart total if the customer has products in the shopping cart. To get cart total admin has to click the icon


Cart Contents

For all products in the cart, there is an icon next to the cart total


Type Of Customer

Customer type will be displayed in this column if the customer user guest customer it will display as a Visitor otherwise customer name will be displayed. This app will identify a list of bots and if the customer is bot it will display the corresponding information

Technical Specifications

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Seller profile


Seller contact



Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.2


Stable Build


02 August, 2019


Extensions, Customer Support

Supported Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, IE


Installation Guides

User Guides

License Type

Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


Privacy Policy

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


Coding Standard


Plagiarism Check


Malware Check


Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Who is online app is an extended feature of magento Now Online feature, the page loads dynamic data based on the refresh rate. It will automatically reload data after a specific interval


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