Shariff Social Share

Shariff Social Share

Compatible With: Community 2.2

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
24 July, 2018
Extensions, Content & Customizations, Personalization & Experience Management
License Type:
MIT License (MIT)


Social Sharing Buttons, GDPR Compliant, Simple & Flexible. Let your Customers share your products with their friends on 22 Social Networks & Services.

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 "Shariff Social Share“ extension for Magento, by JaJuMa, allows you to add sharing buttons to your site. Enable your customers to share their favourite content and products on your site with their friends on their favourite social platforms. Don´t miss the power of Social Media for advertising your site and products.

An opportunity no store can miss: Driving customer interaction and increasing visibility of your brand and products in social networks!

You can choose from up to 22 different Social Networks and Sharing Services. Buttons are highly flexible, configurable and adjustable regarding position, style, color scheme and language - see below for details. Just enable the extension, select & enable the right buttons and they will show up right away. 

Configure the buttons look'n'feel to your liking and enjoy seeing your customers spreading the word about your products. And best of all: Sharing Buttons added by our Extension are GDPR compliant!


Business Value & Feature Highlights

Increase your visibility in Scoial Media and drive Customer engagagement with these Social Share Buttons, as easy as it can get and with ease of mind regarding laws & regulations.

  • GDPR compliant
  • 22 integrated social networks & sharing services
  • 2 different button styles in
  • 3 color schemes each
  • 7 different positions
  • 25 languages supported
  • Responsive Design
  • Highly customizable and
  • Easy to use


GDPR Compliant

No need to worry about GDPR anymore when it comes to adding Social Sharing Buttons to your site! Our Extension is using the Shariff script "2-Click Solution" to prevent your Customers being tracked by and having their personal data collected by Social Networks. 

Create trust in your brand: An optional "Info" Button linked to your Privacy Policy or other information can be shown to let your Customers know you care about their privacy.

Supported Social Networks & Sharing Services:

Following Social Networks & Sharing Services are available and can be enabled/disabled as well as sorted to suit your needs:

  1.     AddThis
  2.     diaspora*
  3.     Facebook
  4.     Flattr
  5.     Flipboard
  6.     Google+
  7.     LinkedIn
  8.     Mail
  9.     Pinterest
  10.     Print
  11.     Qzone
  12.     reddit
  13.     StumbleUpon
  14.     Telegram
  15.     Tencent Weibo
  16.     Threema
  17.     Tumblr
  18.     Twitter
  19.     VK
  20.     Weibo
  21.     WhatsApp
  22.     XING

"Show More"-Option / Configuration

Optionally you can show only x Share Buttons directly.
If more than the configured x sharing options are enabled they are shown by click on "Show More" button.


2 Button Styles: 

You may choose from these 2 different button styles:

  • Standard (Icons + Text) &
  • Icon (Icons only)


3 Color-Schemes

For each of the Button Styles we have also 3 different color schemes included for you to choose from:

  • Standard (White Icons on colored Background),
  • Grey (White Icons on grey Background) &
  • White (Colored Icons on white Background)


Supported Languages:

Configure the share text and language to match your store locale, of course by Store View for these locales:

  1.     bg - Bulgarian
  2.     cz - Czech
  3.     da - Danish
  4.     de - German
  5.     en - English
  6.     es - Spanish
  7.     fi - Finnish
  8.     fr - French
  9.     hr - Croatian
  10.     hu - Hungarian
  11.     it – Italian
  12.     ja – Japanese
  13.     ko - Korean
  14.     nl - Durch
  15.     no - Norwegian
  16.     pl - Polish
  17.     pt - Portuguese
  18.     ro - Romanian
  19.     ru - Russian
  20.     sk - Slovak
  21.     sl - Slovenian
  22.     sr - Serbian
  23.     sv - Swedish
  24.     tr – Turkish
  25.     zh – Chinese


Responsive Design:

Buttons are optimized also for mobile devices and small displays.
The "Floating Buttons" are hidden on small devices by default and can be shown via an animated "Share Icon".
Share buttons for services that can only be used on mobile devices are automatically hidden on desktop devices and displayed only on mobile devices (Whatsapp, Threema).


Further Information

Deutsch / German: 

Mehr Details: Über JaJuMa Shariff Social Share Extension für Magento 2

English / Englisch:

More Details: About JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension for Magento 2

Extension Demo:

Shariff Social Share Extension for Magento - Demo Frontend

Shariff Social Share Extension for Magento - Demo Backend

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial Release


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