DHL Shipping Manager Multistore

DHL Shipping Manager Multistore

Compatible With: Community 2.1

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04 July, 2017
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This extension allows the user to create and print Forward and Return DHL Shipping labels manually and automatically.

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This extension makes DHL Shipping in Magento smart and easy. It allows the admin to create and print DHL shipping labels, DHL return labels and DHL invert labels (for shipping from customer to shop). You can create DHL labels in fully automatic, bulk and manual modes. To use this extension you have to enter your own DHL Account credentials. Click here for more information. Your DHL account has to support DHL XML Service. You can use test mode or real mode to create test or billable labels. Address book allows you to use up to 5 addresses for shipper. You can use multi shipments and multi packages.

The system automatically inserts Tracking Number into the Shipping Information block of the shipment and sends it to customer by email. You can set weight and dimensions and create up to 5 given size packages. Use COD and set as default a lot of parameters, including: Packaging Type, Region Code, Local Product Code, Global Product Code, Shipping description, Type of Delivery, Who pay for Shipment, etc. Extension allows you to bill shipment to Third Party Payer. The price for DHL Shipping Manager Multistore is $299. After purchase we provide lifetime email support.

The extension based on DHL XML Service

  • Note: by our information DHL doesn’t support XML Service in Germany and Poland.

Fully compatible with UPS Shipping Manager Pro.

Click here to see the User Guide.

The extension allows:

  • Create DHL shipping labels using your own DHL Account Credentials;
  • Create DHL shipping labels in Automatic mode - simultaneously with order placement;
  • Create DHL shipping labels in Bulk mode - manually create many labels from Order's page;
  • Create DHL shipping labels in Manual mode - create manually Shipments and Labels for individual Orders;
  • Create DHL shipping labels in Test mode and in Real mode (billable Labels);
  • Create and print DHL shipping labels, even if DHL shipping is disabled in your Magento system and you use Flat Rates or Table Rates for customers;
  • Fill Address Book - create up to 5 addresses for shipper;
  • Generate DHL shipping labels for every shipment, use multi shipments and multi packages, store and delete generated shipping labels in your Magento system;
  • Automatically insert Tracking Number into the Shipping Information block of the shipment;
  • Tracking number can be automatically sent to customer with tracking email after label creation.
  • Set by default and for each label a lot of parameters, including: Packaging Type, Region Code, Local Product Code, Global Product Code, Shipping description, Type of Delivery, Who pay for Shipment, etc.;
  • Create Return labels by customer (from customer’s account) and by admin (from Credit Memo);
  • Create Return labels by admin automatically, simultaneously with the Forward labels;
  • Take into account the weight and dimensions of packages;
  • Units of measurement (kg, cm, inch, ft) can interconvert automatically for each country if needed;
  • Create and use up to 5 given size packages (width, height, length);
  • Use COD (Cash On Delivery);
  • Set notifications for admin and customer independently;
  • Print shipping labels as PDF documents;
  • See all created DHL labels in one list for easy printing;
  • Use Bulk printing - you select a few orders and then create PDF file with all shipping labels of these orders for printing;
  • Bill shipment to Third Party payer;
  • Create Third Party payers;

System Requirements :

  • CURL: no less than 7.19.7
  • PHP: no less than 5.5
  • OpenSSl: version no less than 1.0.1.
  • Protocol TLSv1.2

Installation of DHL Shipping Manager Multistore on Magento 2:

  • Extract downloaded archive into the root of the your Magento website;
  • Clean cache in the admin;
  • Run the command: magento setup:upgrade;
  • Update static content by command: magento setup:static-content:deploy;
  • Run the command: magento setup:di:compile;
  • Clean again cache in admin interface;
  • Log out from admin interface;
  • Log in.

After installation you have to configure the extension:

Go to Stores -> Configuration -> left menu column -> Sales -> DHL shipping labels

On Configuration page you have to enter your DHL Account info and configure all settings you need to use.

And you have to fill at least one Address and use it for Default Shipper address.

Other settings we set up the most frequently used values.

But, please, check all of them and change according to your needs.

DHL Shipping Manager Multistore allows you to create DHL shipping labels in three modes:

  • Fully Automatic mode – automatic creation simultaneously with orders submit;
  • Bulk mode - bulk creation directly from the orders’ page;
  • Manual mode - manually create shipment(s) and then generate label(s);

DHL creates labels ONLY in PDF format.

Fully Automatic creation of the DHL Shipping labels, as soon, as order submitted:

First of all, you have to check out filling of all configuration info in Configuration page (Stores->Configuration->left menu column->Sales ->DHL Shipping labels). Please, be sure, that labels are created with your settings in Manual mode.

In Configuration page set in the block Automatic labels creation – “Enable=Yes”.
Select shipping methods and order statuses, for which DHL labels will create automatically.

Now, when customer submits order, extension creates shipment and DHL shipping labels, by default settings in configuration.

Note, that in Automatic mode:

  • Labels will be created on the base of settings in configuration;
  • Will be created only 1 shipment per order with all products;
  • Will be created as many packages and label(s), as has been set in configuration.

Bulk creation of the DHL shipping labels:

First of all, you have to check out filling of all configuration info in configuration page.

Select orders for which you want to create labels;

In drop-down list “Actions” select “Create DHL labels”

Press button “Submit”

The extension will create shipments and labels for all selected orders. All created labels will be downloaded in one PDF file and ready for printing. In column “DHL status” will appear “Successful”. In case of failure label creation, in appropriate cell of “DHL status” column will appear error description, received from the DHL.

Note, that in Bulk mode:

  • Labels will be created on the base of default settings;
  • Will be created only 1 shipment per order with all products;
  • Will be created as many packages and label(s), as has been set in configuration.

Manual creation of the DHL shipping labels:

Open an order. Press on button "Create DHL label". 

Now you can select what type of label you will create: 

  • Shipping DHL label (for shipping from shop to customer's address);
  • RMA (return) DHL label (to create return label);
  • Invert DHL label (this will be normal DHL label for shipping from customer to shop).

Then you will be directed on "intermediate" page, when you can configure all parameters of the label (shipment), create as many packages as you need, etc.

By default all parameters will be as has been set on configuration page.

To create label you have to press button Save.

After you pressed button "Save" you will be directed to the final labels page.

If label(s) will created successfully, you will see link to PDF file and can print it.

In case of a problem, you will see DHL reply and description of your problem.

Also, you can see all created labels on the special page "Sales->DHL labels".

Return DHL labels

Creation of Return labels for refund orders by admin:

First, you have to create invoice for the order and then you can create Credit Memo.

On a Credit Memo page you have to select "Create DHL label" and submit Credit Memo.

Creation and printing of return label by customer:

Customer can create DHL return label from his account on the frontend, when invoice is created and this order is completed.

On "My Orders->Order #xxxxx" Customer can see link "Create DHL Return label".

Created Return Label will be available in the bottom of this page in PDF format and ready for printing by customer.

Bulk printing:

If user wants to print a few or a lot of shipping labels by one click, he has to select checkboxes of all orders, which shipping labels he want to print;

Then, in “Actions” drop-down list select “Print DHL shipping labels” option and click Submit button; User get the PDF document with shipping labels of all selected orders.

This PDF document includes only shipping labels, which were preliminary generated and were not printed yet.

List of all created DHL labels:

Do to: Sales->DHL labels

Here you see all created labels and can additionally create any type of labels for any order:

  • DHL shipping label
  • DHL return label
  • DHL invert label (shipping label for shipping from customer to shop).

And here you can print any created label.

Third party shippers (payers):

You can set another person / company to pay for shipments.

Go to: Sales - DHL Third Party Shippers

Here you can create, edit and delete 3rd Party companies and persons who can pay for your shipments instead of shipper.

You can select Payer by default in “Rates & Payments” block on configuration page or on the page immediately before label creation (see Labels Creation).

Multi stores functional:

If you set up a few stores on one Magento installation, you can use Multi stores version of our extension.

It allows you to use different DHL accounts and to make different settings for different stores.

First, you make default configuration;

Then you configure settings for separate stores.

For every setting you may leave default value, or change it;

You can use different DHL accounts, shipping methods, Shipper and Ship From addresses, etc.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Fixed specific issues from Extension Quality Program checks.


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