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2.1, 2.2

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28 March, 2018
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Simplify your customer checkout experience with our One Step Checkout extension. This extension converts the existing standard Magento 2 checkout into one step checkout.

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About 30% of the people abandon their shopping carts due to a long/complicated checkout process and about 25% of the people do it because they cannot see or calculate all the costs upfront. One Step Checkout improves this by simplifying the checkout with a single step making it much easier for customer to checkout while showing all the details upfront.

Why choose One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2 by Hungersoft?

One Step Checkout by Hungersoft is built on top of the standard Magento 2 checkout. Which means you get all the good features of Magento 2 checkout but simplified so that your customers don't get overwhelmed during checkout and abandon their carts. Builiding the extension by keeping the core Magento 2 checkout intact makes it less likely to clash with other third-party extensions and reduces the need for developing payment/shipping options to be specifically compatible with the checkout extension. Which means, what works on standard Magento 2 checkout will work on the One Step Checkout extension.

About 25% of the cart abandonments are because of the availablity of very few of payment options during checkout. This extension reduces the risk of third party payment option clashes by a significant margin, allowing you to offer any payment method built for standard Magento 2 checkout without having to worry about whether the method will work with One Step Checkout.

Features Included

  • Convert Magento's one page checkout to a single step.
  • Uses Magento 2 standard checkout logic to increase the compatibility with most third party checkout related extensions.
  • Mutliple layout options to choose from the admin.
  • Responsive design and layout.
  • Compatible with payment and shipping methods that work with standard Magento 2 checkout.
  • Integrated Google Address Suggest to search and fill address with ease (only on the version downloaded from
  • Choose whether to enable geolocation to get the most relevant address search results based on the customer's current location(only on the version downloaded from
  • Choose to autofill address based on the customer's current location.
  • Choose whether to show the Place Order button in the payment method section or after the cart summary.
  • Choose whether to redirect the customers directly to checkout on adding a product to cart.
  • Choose the order in which the address fields appear on the frontend.
  • Allow customers to enter delivery date and time. Choose date and time with ease using the calendar.
  • Allow customers to write comments about the order.
  • Allow customers to subscribe to the newsletter from the checkout page.
  • Add additional fields info in your order email.
  • Edit quantity of any item on the checkout page.
  • Display optional shipping instructions in shipping method section.
  • Display optional payment instructions in payment method section.
  • Know more about how your customer visitied the website with a configurable survey. The admin can write the question and provide options for the customer to choose from.
  • Allow customers to gift wrap their order for a fee. The fee can be configured in the admin and can be applied per item or per order.
  • Compatible with the inbuilt Magento terms and conditions feature.
  • Easy to install and use.

Live demo:

Demo admin

Store demo


User guide

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    1.0.0 - Initial Version
    1.1.0 - Added additional information checkout fields.
    1.2.0 - Improved additional information fields.
    1.3.0 - Added payment and shipping instructions to checkout.
    1.4.0 - Added option to onfigure place order button position.
    1.5.0 - Added address autocomplete feature.
    1.6.0 - New features and improvements: checkout newsletter subscription checkbox, delivery date picker and minor fixes.
    1.7.0 - New Features added: qty edit in checkout review, sort address fields, delivery date-time picker, order email variables.
    1.8.0 - Fixes and improvement for Magento 2.1
    1.8.1 - Minor fixes
    1.8.2 - Issue fixes
    1.8.3 - Issue fix: checkout javascript minification
    1.8.4 - Issue fix: IE checkout crash on qty, additional information and shipping details change
    1.8.5 - Fixed checkout design crash in production mode.
    1.8.6 - Minor issue fixes


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