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04 July, 2017
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Monitor any activity in your store with live data

Configure notifications, recurring reports and automated actions for any event in your store.


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Notify is a module for Magento 1.8.x and 1.9.x to create regular reports or immediate notifications on defined situations. It is also possible to add automated actions in addition to any sent notification. Create a new notification and add one or more trigger to it. Every trigger sends the notification on a defined event to the specified email address. Every trigger has it's own environment and variables which can be used to create the content for the notification. First, you choose if the notifications should be summarized daily, weekly, monthly as a report, or if you want to get any notification immediately as an issue occurs.

In case of immediately sent notifications, you define message templates. In case of reports, you can define elements to visualize the summed up data. For every trigger you can define condition rules that will decide if an issue will be recorded and the notification be sent.


Get notifications about any activity

You can configure custom notifications or frequent reports with data from that situation, compiled in your custom message or report.

Notify reports only the data that matters to you

Notify allows you to setup conditions for every event which will decide if a issue is reported for you.

Optimize leads with marketing automation

Define automatic actions for every time an issue is recorded. Like: "Hey, this customer reviewed my product. We'll give him a discount"


Why should you use Notify?

Don't lose customers - get notified and optimize!

For example: if a customer leaves or cancels the checkout, you can configure Notify to automatically apply a coupon to the customer's cart to help the customer completing the checkout.

Act, before a cart becomes abandoned!

Be right beside your customer

Define notifications on an event with data that is of your interest. Notify will send you the defined with current information if the customer triggers an event. The data will help you to understand and satisfy your customers.

Avoid errors and optimize your shop

Notify will observe if any customer experiences an error. For example a 404-Not-Found-Page: collecting the data of those issues will help you to understand what your customers are looking for. Maybe renaming some page or adding some redirects would lead to more sales!

Increase your security level

Notify includes trigger events for the admin panel. This will let you monitor any successful or failed login into the admin panel. You may also enable notifications if an order status or any system configuration was changed. With Notify you can even list the acting user.

Monitor and analyze everything

Use Notify as a framework to customize it and add any event in your system to completely cover any activity in your shop. Maybe you want to be sure your daily syncs with a third party catalog runs as expected: Add a notify trigger and configure the report!



Notify will help you to find weaknesses of your store, monitor and analyze the customer and optimize your store for more sales. It will help you to understand your customers.

Self hosted

Keep your sensible data on your own server. No data will be saved on other systems. Your data is under your control.

No monthly fees

Pay once for every installation and use it as long as you want. Get updates within your purchased major release.

Highly customizable

Define the content of your reports. Insert only information that matters to you. Create well-directed notifications that help you to sell more.

Immediate Notifications

Notify will send you messages immediately. If anything happens in your store, you want to know, Notify will tell you.

Recurring Reports

Configure you own custom reports. Setup daily, weekly or monthly reports with summarized data as tables, charts or facts.

Automated Actions

Add an automated action to any of your configured notifications. You can use them to interact with your customers on key events.

35 default triggers

Configure notifications with events that come with the default Notify module. You can see the list of all triggers here.


Notify can be used as a framework for any custom event trigger. Notify is easy to extend thanks to trigger configuration.

Issue archive

All issues are stored in your Magento database for later investigation. All environment data from the issue is provided.

Continous development

We are continously working on Notify to add more trigger events and make it even better.

Increase security

Monitor whats happening in your admin panel. Only by keeping track of whats done there, you can act on unusual activities.

Unobstrusive integration

Notify integrates as unobstrusive as possible. The most operation are interacting through event observers with the Magento core.


Use Cases

Notify is a powerful tool. Here is a list of some use cases.

Be notified if a user logs into your admin panel

Notify can send you a notification every time a User is logging into your adminpanel. Or even if a User tries to login and fails. This is a great security advantage. You can also add data to the notifications: e.g. User's Email or Name, Number of logins

Learn from your customers behaviour and optimize your store

You can report all requests that are leading to a 404-Error. Understand what your customers are searching for. Turn those errors into sales with an automated action: e.g. keep those customers with an automatic applied coupon in case of a 404.

Be notified if a new invoice is created

Notify can send you notifications instantly, if a new invoice is created or a order state was changed. Or you can setup daily reports of sales with detailed data of the orders.

Be notified when customers leave your checkout

Avoid abandoned carts. Be immediately notified if a user leaves the checkout or create a daily report of customers that left the checkout with quote data, how long they stayed or what their last checkout step was.

Be notified if a customers starts filling out the user registration and leaves

Fill your reports with the data of the form and learn from the reports to optimize your registration form. With an automated action you can also interact with your customer: e.g. put a free product in his cart to convince him of your customer service.

Be notified if a customer requests an invalid product quantity

If a customer requests more items of a product than your allowed maximum or available stock, you are now able to be notified if this happens. If the user is logged in, you can even put the customers Email address in your notification further individual support.

Apply an automatic coupon if a user submits a review

Reward your customers when submitting a review or answering a poll. With Notify you can configure actions like: Add a product to the cart, Apply a coupon or send an Email to the customer.


Manual / Documentation

We deliver a detailed manual for installation and configuration for this module: Documentation


About Grafzahl

Our goal is to serve high quality modules with easy and detailed documentation. We have about 8 years experience with Magento. We developed small shop and very big shops and we know what shop owners need.


If you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests feel free to contact us on

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    1.1.4 Refactoring due to some formal issues
    1.1.5 Fix Javascript Compatibility issue


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