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04 August, 2017
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Abandoned Cart Email extension sends email notifications to customers who did not complete purchases. 

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Shopping cart abandonedment - when clients put items in the cart but leave before completing the purchase - is the bane of the online retail industry. Abandoned Cart Email extension for M2 deals with that problem. This plugin tracks abandoned carts and emails customers, asking them to complete the purchase. Using the extension you can create custom follow up campaigns with personalized email templates. 

In a nutshell - you will be able to recover lost revenue from abandoned checkouts. Some customers don't buy from you not because they don't like your product but because they got distracted or simply forgot. A friendly reminder can go a long distance and can make them complete a purchase. Plus you can offer a discount or free shipping (this extension can do that) and they sure won't miss this deal.



  • Create custom follow up campaings that can target carts with specified product attributes.
  • Create personalized email templates that support predefined variables for example {{var cart|raw}} - cart items, {{var discount}} - discount amount, {{var subtotal_with_discount}} - subtotal including discount, {{var freeship}} - free shipping text if offered.
  • It keeps a log of all emails sent with email contents.
  • It can work in test mode where all emails will be sent to a specified email address. You will be able to test your campaign and catch errors if any.
  • You can have more than one email campaign target the same customer. By specifing the different email templates for those campaigns you will not annoy your customers with the identical emails.
  • You can create a separate campaign for the specified customer group or website. Or you can choose to target all websites and all customer groups.


Does the extension have some predefined data for reference?

Yes. Once installed you will have one follow up campaign and one email template for your reference. 


What do I need to set it up to start my abandoned cart email campaign?

  • Once installed go to Marketing > Configuration and activate the extension, choose test mode and set test email address.
  • Then go to Marketing > Notifications and setup your notification. Notification is another term for email campaign. Create Email Templates at Marketing > Email Templates if needed.
  • Go to Marketing > All Affected Checkouts and click on Load Checkouts. You will be presented with all target customer emails. Click on sent test email to test your campaign.
  • Once tested swith to live mode in Marketing > Abandoned Cart Email > Configuration. Magento will then send emails to customers automatically.


Is the extension open source?

You can freely study the extension's source code - it is not encoded. You can modify the extension but be sure to comply with the extension license.


Is there a demo site I can check out?

Yes there is one:

http://m214.goivvy.com:8082/admin_bez1rk User: admin Pass: demo123


If you have any other questions please ask them in Q&A section or contact us directly.



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:



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