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28 September, 2017
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Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL)


This extension provides the functionality through which the admin can easily update the price from the admin panel.


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This extension is especially useful for shops that sell goods with prices that fluctuate, e.g. gold and silver. In this case, shopkeepers needs to update the price of all products individually, one at a time which takes a lot of time. Through mass price updater, the admin just needs to provide information for 3 items: category, price attributes (price, special price, tier price etc), and whether the amount is a percentage or fixed.


  • One click update of all product prices just by filling a simple form.
  • Category wise price(price,tier price,special price) update.
  • Decrease or increase price in percentage.
  • Decrease or increase price in the fixed amount.

Suppose that you want to increase products price by 5% then there is no need to update the price of each product one by one. Just install this extension and follow below steps:

  • Open your admin panel
  • Then go to Catalog->Manage Price
  • Select Category(selected category products price will be affected. if you want to update all then select all)
  • Then select "Percentage" type
  • Enter price if you want to increase 5% then enter 5 or if you want to decrease 5% then enter 5.
  • Click on Apply price and price will be updated.


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Stable Release


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