Layaway & Partial Payment

Layaway & Partial Payment

Compatible With: Community 2.2

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Stable Build
10 December, 2018
Extensions, Payments & Security, Payment Integration
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Layaway & Partial Payment extension for Magento 2 facilitates the users of your website in purchasing items on installments.

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With Layaway & Partial Payment extension for Magento 2, you can allow buyers to pay in installments for the products they need. The plugin empowers you to draft a comprehensive layaway pricing plan for your products. You can set a fixed or percentage initial deposit, duration, and total installments for users to avail split payment option. Add a layaway fee to a customer order or each product in the ‘add to cart’ to maximize store revenue. The buyers can view their layaway purchase in detail from their user accounts. 


Key Features

  • Create installment plans to offer layaway pricing
  • Enter a deposit amount, intervals and installments of the plan
  • Add a layaway fee for availing partial payment option
  • Create single plan for all products or create separate plans for each product
  • Customize the labels of layaway options
  • Customers can view layaway purchase in the account section


Add Partail Payment Feature To Magento 2 Store

With Magento 2 Partial Payment extension, you can offer installment payment option to the potential buyers of your online store. You can create a comprehensive installment plan to facilitate users in paying for the products in parts. Configure the following detail while creating partial payment plans;

  • Define down payment as a percentage of product price
  • Set maximum period and number of installments
  • Add layaway fee for gaining profit or interest


Allow Magento 2 Partial Payment on Specific Products

Magento Layaway extension allows you to create product-specific partial payment plans. The creation of global plans can be applied to multiple products at once. But, if you need customized installment plans, you can configure it for each product separately.


Charge Layaway Fee on Installment Plans

You can add a layaway fee to customers who would like to avail buying products in installments. This helps you increase revenues for offer partial payment option. You can charge layaway fee on the entire order or each product in the cart.


Auto-Calculate Initial Deposit for Layaway Pricing

Magento layaway extension helps you configure initial deposit either a fixed amount or a percentage of the product price. If the initial deposit is set to be in the percentage, the plugin auto-calculates it, whereas the fixed amount is displayed as provided. You can also choose to calculate the deposit amount before or after discounts (if given to the buyer).


Configure Payment Period and Number of Installments

You can configure payment period that defines the total time the buyer has to pay back all the pending dues. The payment period can be specified in days, weeks, months, or years whichever best suits your store products. Enter a total number of installments that will result in the amount per installment to be paid by the customer.

Choose a Preferred Payment Method for Installments

You can select a preferred payment method from the multiple payment gateways configured to your online store. Choose a payment provider that does not charge your potential customers further for making small payments in lieu of layaway purchases.


Customers can View and Manage Layaway Orders

Magento Layaway extension creates a  separate section named ‘Layaway Orders' in the user accounts of your buyers to help them easily review or edit their orders for corrections. In the orders section of ‘My Account,' users can view each order in detail along with the installment history, the total number and amount, and pending dues.


Layaway Pricing Detail Appears on Add to Cart too

The layaway pricing details that include initial deposit, installment, layaway fee, and pending amount displays on the Add to cart page as well. This helps the buyers in knowing the amount they have to pay at the time of purchase and the remaining installments.


Personalize Layaway Labels for better understanding

You can replace the conventional text on the layaway labels with simple and easy-to-understand words. This will ensure the user understanding to make them quickly understand what the field or option is all about. You can customize the following labels.

  • Layaway facility
  • Remaining Balance
  • Installment amount
  • Layaway Fee
  • Product page drop-down


More Features

  • Allow Checkout for multiple layaway products
  • Enable initial deposit to be computed before or after giving discounts


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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Payment on installments, first release


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