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25 January, 2020
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Automatically detect visitors’ location and redirect them to pre-defined store. Provides automatic & manual redirection to region specific storefront

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GEOIP Store Switcher extension automatically detects visitor’s location and redirects him to regionally optimized storefronts for geo-targeting. The regionally optimized store can have region specific language, currency and targeted local products.

This GEOIP extension for Magento is equipped with the Maxmind database that detects location to which a visitor belongs so that they can be directed towards their most likely interested products and services.

GEOIP Store Switcher allows you to create multiple redirection rules by creating more than one region. Each region can be assigned with multiple countries and relevant stores to facilitated geo-targeting campaigns. This extension automatically recognizes the users’ IP-based location and directs them accordingly. It removes the ambiguity and confusion on the part of users, who find difficulty in browsing products meant for their region.


Create Multiple Regions

You can create single or multiple regions for geo-targeting. Each region will have its own redirection rules.

Select Countries for Each Region

Add countries from the provided list to a region as per your geo-targeting policies. It will assist you in creating a locality according to the nature of products and services you deal.

Set a Store for the Regions You Create

Assign storefronts to regions, so that visitors from those specific locations can be redirected towards the assigned store.

Manual or Automatic Redirection

You can enable automatic redirection of visitors to the default store or keep it manual so that customers can switch between stores with the drop-down menu.

Automatic Location Detection of Visitors

You can import Maxmind database into the extension to automatically detect visitor locations on the basis of their IP addresses.

Store Switcher Popup

A customizable popup appears on the screen that allows the customers either to remain at the default store to switch to another one.

IP Exceptions for White Listing Visitors

You can add list of IPs to let them bypass the redirection rules set for the particular location.

More Features of GEOIP Extension for Magento:

  • In addition to store switcher popup, the option of moving to another store is available in the footer as well.
  • This GEOIP Redirect extension is powered with auto detection of users' IP-based address.




Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    New Extensions Released. 1.0.0


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