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Baudit is a custom plugin for Magento® that provide a non-repudiation audit trails system for all major Magento entities.


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BAUDIT is a custom plugin for Magento® that trails all major commercial entities. BAUDIT provides a non-repudiation audit trail system by providing tracking information on administrative users' actions on the merchant's site.  It provides merchants the knowledge of which administrator performed a particular action e.g. order cancellation, product price changes, etc.  BUANDIT is the ulitmate administrative tracking tool for your Magento.  

BAUDIT is a well written extension that follows the Magento standard code styles and structure. This implies that you can easily extend BAUDIT to perform more than what was provided out of the box. Using Magento event system and other techniques, BAUDIT log the intricacies of actions performed by administrative users at a more micro level than the core Magento system provide.

BAUDIT takes an innovative development approach to equip merchant's website with the following outlined features among others:

  1. You will get identifiable tracking information about administrative's action(s) on orders, products, categories, etc.
  2. Out of the box, you get the facility to log custom trail related to your business domain.  In order to log custom trails that details the intricacies of your business transactions, kindly check BAUDIT's reference guide on how to go about it.
  3. BAUDIT administrative menu provides administrator with facility to view available trails both as a collection and per instance basis. This means you can view all actions performed by any administrator on a particular product, order, etc. and you can view all actions performed on all products, orders, etc. at the same time. Available menu include the following:
  • ALL TRAILS: displays all available trails in the system.
  • PERMANENT TRAILS: These are the trails of irreversible  actions such as a delete operation performed by the admin.

NOTE: You can also configure BAUDIT to behave differently from the default. Available configuration mode include the following:  

  • ENABLE AUTO-DELETION: It allows merchants to automatically delete old logged trails. if enable, you should also configure the buffer size and the buffer offset, else the trails will be deleted as soon as the page is refreshed every time.
  • TRAILS BUFFER SIZE: this specify the maximum number of trails that should be kept in the database.
  • TRAILS BUFFER OFFSET: this must be specified to improve the overall performance of Baudit.

  • PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES CONFIGURATION : In a multi-select field, all available product attributes are populated, you should select multiple attributes that BAUDIT will trail.

  • CATEGORY ATTRIBUTES CONFIGURATION : In a multi-select field, all available category attributes are populated, you should select multiple attributes that BAUDIT will trail.

NOTE: Further information on how to configure BAUDIT is available in the reference guide. Log trails are also organized by entity type and id. For instance, if you are viewing an order with order number "100001328", all trails logged for this order is available on the order view page, you can access this by clicking on the trail history tab. This same feature is available for every other Magento native entity trailed by BAUDIT.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    TITLE - BAUDIT 1.0.1
    These release notes provide information about the documentation for BAUDIT 1.0.1. It describes a full version of BAUDIT 1.0.1 which can run
    smoothly on the same platform configuration as the earlier released version 1.0.0.
    There exist no technical prerequisite needed to get this version up and running.
    The following new features are available in this release:
    This release contains an optional feature for managing failed login attempts on your magento site's back end. This feature allows you to
    checkmate hackers that usually launch brute force attack (through password guessing) against your site.
    For more information, see Baudit users' and reference guide.

    TITLE - BAUDIT 1.0.0
    BAUDIT is an audit trail extension for Magento. This documents details all the features and enhancements available in BAUDIT version 1.0.0 release.
    For further details on installation or other information on using any of BAUDIT's features, please refer to the installation guide and user manual respectively.


    This document details all the features of BAUDIT and the native objects of Magento that were trailed by defaults.
    It also document how this extension can be further extended by merchants.

    The native objects of Magento that were trail include the following:
    -- order
    -- invoice
    -- shipment
    -- credit memo
    -- product
    -- category
    -- eav attribute
    -- eav attribute set
    -- promotions (catalog price rules and shopping cart price rules)

    To log custom trails that details the intricacies of your business transactions, call the following static methods anywhere within your application and you are good to go:
    -- public static function logTrail($entity_model, $admin_action, $is_system = false);
    -- public static function logPermanentTrail($admin_action, $is_system = false);
    NOTE: For further information on customizing BAUDIT, please refer to the technical guide.
    -- HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS : BAUDIT will run smoothly on any hardware configuration capable of running PHP and Magento Framework.
    -- SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS : The following software configuration is required for BAUDIT to run:
    i. OPERATING SYSTEM : BAUDIT was developed on Windows O/S but will also run smoothly on any O/S platform were PHP / Magento runs.
    ii. PHP Version : PHP 5.x.x
    iii. Magento Version : -
    SUPPORTED BROWSER -- Baudit is expected to function properly on any browser on which the core Magento runs smoothly because it uses no custom css or JavaScript.
    CONTACT For further details, questions and clarification, find contact details below:
    -- Email :
    -- Phone : +234 70 3276 9164, +234 70 5749 4982


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