Bidorbuy Store Integrator

Bidorbuy Store Integrator

Compatible With: Community 2.0

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
31 August, 2018
Extensions, Sales, Marketplace Feeds
License Type:
GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0 (LGPL-3.0)


Expose your products to the bidorbuy audience – one of the largest audiences of online shoppers in South Africa Store.

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Expose your products to the bidorbuy audience - one of the largest audiences of online shoppers in South Africa. The bidorbuy Store Integrator allows you to get products from your online store listed on bidorbuy quickly and easily. The plugin is responsible to periodically (once a day) generating a XML file which contains a product information from your Store. The download file also is served by ZIP or gZip compression formats.

With BidOrBuy Store Integrator you will have one product list, one product database for your online Store synchronized with BidOrBuy marketplace, BidOrBuy Store Integrator helps you build your multichannel business. BidOrBuy Store Integrator, will save you hours by exporting your product catalog data to a separate XML file, including accurate export criteria management for BidOrBuy product marketplace. Installation is superlight and very fast. Magento customers can enjoy export processes with our export solution for FREE!

Magento customers can enjoy free multistore export through BidOrBuy Store Integrator. Install in minutes and BidOrBuy Store Integrator will automatically export all products within Magento in one XML file. BidOrBuy Store Integrator will automatically update your product changes on BidOrBuy marketplace every day so you never have to worry about updating the products changes. No more manually uploading product changes. Ever. We have built-in export for product with live stock and prices, uncategorized products, shipping types, taxes, itemized discounts, images. We even support customers with multistore options.

Want even more? You can use BidOrBuy Store Integrator just as simple product export tool. We have optimized export process and super quick export of thousand products lasts a few minutes.


Account & Pricing

To make use of this plugin, you'll need to be an advanced seller on bidorbuy. There is no listing fee just a small commission on successful sales. View fees

1. Register on bidorbuy

2. Apply to become an advanced seller

3. Once you integrate with bidorbuy, you will be contacted by a bidorbuy representative to guide you through the process.

Once a seller is approved by Bidorbuy, they will be need to install the plugin/extension on their Magento system. Once the seller has installed the plugin and the plugin has created a product dump (it is called as a "trade feed") the data will be verified and downloaded by bidorbuy automatically. Product updates will be fed through to bidorbuy automatically, within 24 hours so you can be sure that your store is in sync within your bidorbuy listings. All products will appear as bidorbuy listings.

Expose your products to the bidorbuy audience - one of the largest audiences of online shoppers in South Africa. The bidorbuy Store Integrator allows you to get products from your online store listed on bidorbuy quickly and easily.



  • Product export support export criteria: products can be exported by Product Stock or Product Category
  • Export Format: downloadable XML File (can be in ZIP or gZip formats)
  • Supported product types: Simple, Variable products
  • Exported Data: Product Name, SKU, Attributes, Images, Stock Q-ty, Taxes, Discounts, Shipping types
  • Only products with Live Stock & Price are exported
  • File download is protected by security tokens
  • Error Log


BidOrBuy Store Integrator for Magento Gives You...

FREE, Instant and Accurate Product Export

BidOrBuy Store Integrator will automatically update your Magento product catalog within BidOrBuy for M2.


Quick and Easy Install for Everyone, Not Just Developers

Installing BidOrBuy Store Integrator in Magento requires no coding background or developer help. Easy and simple instructions will get you live in minutes. BidOrBuy Store Integrator will also have no impact on your site performance or page load times. You can also monitor all export processes and report via log files!


Amazing Customer Support

We build and support our own extensions and are ready to help! Join more than 10,000 Customers who rely on BidOrBuy every month! 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Fixed code according to Magento Marketplace requirements.


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