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Exto Help Desk

by EXTO.io
Compatible With: Community 2.1

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04 July, 2017
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Exto Help Desk is a customer support and ticket system featuring custom interfaces, two-way email integration, a 360 degree customer view, and more.

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Exto Help Desk is a customer service and support solution that is integrated directly with your Magento store. Help Desk allows a merchant to seamlessly organize the process of receiving and handling tickets, while customers get an easy-to-use way to submit tickets, assign tickets to orders and get immediate help. The solution’s custom interface provides a merchant with a 360 degree customer view at the ticket panel, thus reducing efforts to get additional client information and enabling prompt support.

The extension helps to create and prioritize tickets, route them to the corresponding department and agent, assign orders, see order items, and get the full customer history (customer details, reward points or store credit, all customer orders, customer RMA and other tickets) – all within one place. Help Desk provides a powerful communications channel with full e-mail retrieval, which enables responses to clients’ enquiries via emails, directly through the ticket details page, or the ability to leave internal notes for other agents. Solution’s custom desktop and mobile interfaces significantly reduce the agent’s time and bring the user experience and customer service to a new level.

Use case: When a client needs help, he submits a ticket through the web form or by email. A support agent receives the ticket, assigns it to the corresponding department and agent, and responds to the client. When the problem is solved, the agent closes the ticket and the client rates the ticket.

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Main Help Desk Features

Custom Interface

We've spent a lot of time to build our understanding of how to design and develop better interfaces that will reduce staff mistakes and response time, and increase effectiveness. This has resulted in specially crafted interfaces displaying all the necessary information in a neat and usable way: customer details, orders, product returns, reward points or store credit, related orders and their content, full ticket history and a dedicated staff communications channel.

Mobile Interface

According to our recent research, more than 60% of communication with service desk staff goes via mobile phones. That is why the extension has a fully mobile‚ÄĎadapted interface, giving the possibility of satisfying every single customer.

Email Fetching

The Help Desk solution includes e-mail retrieval and full e-mail integration, providing you with a complete two-way sync of your email accounts with the Exto Help Desk by IMAP or POP3. This allows your customers or agents to reply directly from their mailboxes. Our system parses the entire content into the right ticket threads or, if needed, creates new ones.

Data Integration

There is no need to switch between pages within your store to get additional customer details. All customer information is viewable within one screen, including the assigned order and its content, reward points or store credit balance, other customer orders, return requests and other tickets. With all this in one place, support managers have a quick overview of the customer’s information, thus minimizing search efforts and rationalizing the workflow.

Department and Agents

A department represents any group in your business that caters to specific customer concerns (eg. Accounting, Logistics, Products). You can create corresponding departments to route customer requests directly into the right channel. Each department can be composed of one or several agents. Make sure to properly align all the tickets with departments and agents to efficiently manage and organize the workflow.

Internal Communications Channel and Ticket History

All internal staff communications are stored within the ticket threads and are visible only to staff. Exto Help Desk also keeps a record of ticket updates and re-assignments, which improves communication history tracking and post-event analysis.

Contact Form Integration

Full native Magento contact form integration fetches all requests to the Help Desk, ensuring that you do not miss a single query.

Exto Reward Points, Store Credit and RMA Integration

Support managers have the ability to view the details of customer return requests, reward points, or store credit - all on the single screen of a ticket.

External View

Exto Help Desk offers all customer features with no login in required, making it possible to serve and support all clients, whether they have a store account or not. The tickets can be emailed to the customer along with ticket replies.

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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release


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