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30 November, 2018
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Easily generate a custom XML sitemap and properly instruct the web crawlers to speed up indexing of your website content.

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XML Sitemap extension allows you to generate the sitemap for your website store dynamically. It lets search engines know how often you update particular pages and in what priority bots should index them. 

Using the extension, you can guide the search engine bots more precisely. You can optimize Homepage separately from other CMS pages. As well, you can include necessary additional URLs into your XML sitemap.

Add also media content to the XML sitemap like categories images and products videos to boost your traffic. Customize the sitemap by excluding some links or setting different parameters within the content type. Thus, you provide relevant instructions to web crawlers to index specific site pages more quickly.


Main Features 

Improve SEO. Speed up indexation of your store content.

Include all page links you need. Add Category, Product, CMS pages as well as additional links to a sitemap.

Exclude out of stock products. Hide such products from the list if you are not going to renew them soon.

Add categories images and products videos. Include media into a sitemap file for bots to index them faster.

Configure update frequency for each content type. Set this attribute for Home, CMS, Product, Category pages and additional links.

Define the priority of pages. Specify the importance of each link type for web crawlers.

Individual settings. Any page can have different frequency and priority within its content type. 

Exclude any link. Easily disable a page from the sitemap on the edit mode page.

Generate sitemap dynamically. Make configurations one time and keep the sitemap always up to date.


Explore what you can 

Improve store visibility to search engines

Enhance interaction between your website and crawlers. With the XML Sitemap extension, you can set the priority and content update frequency for all pages of your web store. Search engines bots will know when and how to index your website.

Include any page links into your sitemap

Enable adding of product, category, CMS pages and other extra links to the sitemap in the general settings. Set specifications for each group of links for crawlers to understand your site structure better. If it becomes necessary to remove some of the page groups, you can easily disable them from indexing. 

Make proper settings for each content type

There are two options to optimize your sitemap settings. Use the common priority and frequency for a links group. Or specify the individual values for the particular product, category, and any CMS page. Thus, you help bots to pay more attention to some content.

Include out of stock products

Keep non-available products in the sitemap to preserve their rate and indexing. You don’t bring any damage if you are going to replenish them within a short time. If not, you can hide out of stock items to increase the visibility of others to web spiders. 

Add media content for faster indexing

Include categories images and products videos into the sitemap. By this, you extend your content information to crawlers. You can get a few more visitors when your store videos and images become searchable.

Dynamically generate the sitemap 

Once you make all configurations, you make a few clicks to create an XML sitemap. Then you can schedule its upgrading by setting the frequency and start time. So, when some changes take place, new URLs appear in the XML file. It is essential if you regularly place new content.



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Why XML Sitemap for Magento 2 is your safe choice

100% open source. You can customize the extension up to your needs.

Professional support. We guide you the entire way until the extension works as needed. Don’t hesitate to contact support if you need help with installation or integration SUPPORT@EXTAIT.COM.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    1. Enable/disable a module.
    2. Generate an XML sitemap automatically.
    3. Set the frequency of sitemap generation.
    4. Specify error email sender and recipient if an error occurs during update.
    5. Include/exclude any CMS page: category, product, homepage and other additional links.
    6. Include categories images into a sitemap.
    7. Include products images: base, all, or none.
    8. Include product videos into a sitemap.
    9. Exclude out of stock products.
    10. Configure each content type: frequency, priority.
    11. Make individual settings in the Sitemap Settings tab in product/category/CMS page edit mode.
    12. Determine the size of an XML sitemap file.
    13. Set the max number of URLs per file.
    14. Enable submission of an XML sitemap to the Robots.txt file.


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