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Advanced Code Editor



Magento Platform
Open Source (CE)
1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
04 July, 2017
Extensions, Content & Customizations
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GNU General Public License 3.0 (GPL-3.0)


An advanced code editor that'll make it much easier to write clean markup for CMS pages and static blocks.


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If you're familiar with Magento and you've spent some time working with it's WYSIWYG editor, you'll know that producing clean semantic HTML markup with TinyMCE can be quite a hassle. Especially when fiddling around in the "design view" it'll often result in invalid or unwanted HTML.

Of course you can open up the default source editor and go from there. But you probably know that this will not be very pleasant as well, the code looks like a big bowl of tag soup and editing it can give you a real headache.

This extension offers both a standalone editor as well as a plugin for Magento's WYSIWYG editor and is similar to your favorite IDE. It offers a lot of great features that will not only save you quite a bit of time but also makes editing code a lot easier.


The following features are available can be enabled or disabled via System > Configuration > E-sites.

  • Fully customizable appearance
  • Code formatting
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Emmet support / keybindings
  • Search + find/replace functionality
  • Code folding
  • Auto-close tags
  • HTML autocompletion
  • HTML linting
  • Highlight match tags
  • Highlight trailing whitespaces
  • Highlight occurrences of selected text
  • Highlighting the active line
  • Line wrapping
  • Custom scrollbars
  • Stand-alone editor

As of version 0.5.0 it's possible to turn any textarea element (both in the admin panel as well as the front-end) into an advanced editor. By simply passing a matching CSS selector (e.g. a class or an ID) in the configuration panel you can target textarea's and transform them into a full-fledged editor including all available IDE-like features.


With version 0.4.0 it is possible to enable (or disable) the editor specifically for the following sections:

  • CMS (Pages & Static Blocks)
  • Catalog (Categories & Products)
  • Newsletter Templates

Transactional Emails

As of version 0.4.0 we have added support for a standalone editor in the Transactional Emails section. Because of this you do not have to install any other extension that provides a WYSIWYG editor in this particular section.


We really must give credit to Marijn Haverbeke (of CodeMirror fame) and of course all it's contributors. Because all we did was wrap this great library up in a TinyMCE plugin and make it customizable through the Magento admin.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    This release fixes two issues;
    1. not being able to resize/maximize the TinyMCE popup dialog;
    2. the E-sites symbol in the System > Configuration being served via http causing errors when using https
    The GitHub repo can be found at:


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