Warehouses Store View Inventory

Warehouses Store View Inventory



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04 July, 2017
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Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL)


The extension will allow you to modify the stock inventory faster, and you will be able to set stock at a store view level.


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By using the Warehouses Store View Inventory you will be able to set the stock status, qty and stock settings at a store view level. Also the extension has a very handy grid where you can change the stock settings using the ajax grid without having to go to product edit in the admin area. This can be done for each store view using the items grid system. On the stock items you can find filters to help you edit the stock values faster. For example if you have 2 store views for 2 languages, and you have X items in a warehouse in one contry and Y in another you can set the qty, stock status and other values for each language.

The extension uses a zone/item system that will allow multi store owners to set a the stock status per store view (warehouse). The zone, is equal with a store view. If a store view does not have a zone then the default zone (zone 1) will be used for that zone. The system is very intuitive and very easily extensible. 

Usign our extension you can:

  • manage stock at a store view level;
  • manage the inventory items using diffrent grid system;
  • filter the items grid by qty, sotck status and many more features;
  • order the items grid by multiple columns;

You need to add the module to your Magento installation. The module is enabled by default after installation. Then go to the menu and add a zone, there must be a related store view to be able to add the zone. Then go to the items and check the status. On a new zone addition the stock is automatically copied from the default zone. 

The extension

  • is 100% open source;
  • easy to install;
  • has very clean readable code;
  • has a very simple and usable interface.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    The first stable release for the stock management system.


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