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Allows merchants to add an unlimited number of FAQ pages to their store.  This provides customers with 24-hour support.  Product FAQs supported.

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This module allows merchants to create Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Pages. These Pages allow merchants to display questions and answers for the questions that their customers ask most frequently. 

An unlimited number of FAQ Pages can be added through Magento's administration area.  These FAQ Pages will have their own URL that can be SEO-optimised; links to the Pages can also be added to the header, footer, and sidebar of the Magento store.  FAQ Pages can also be assigned to Products: Products with an assigned FAQ Page will display a tab on their 'View Product' page containing the contents of the FAQ Page.

FAQs are an important part of any online store since they:

  1. Provide customers with 24-hour support.
  2. Reduce the number of support queries that would otherwise be placed through other channels such as support telephone lines or online chat support.

To see how this extension will affect your Magento installation please view the screenshots on this listing or click the Demo links at the bottom of this description to view a live demo.

How is this module used?

To use this module merchants must add 'FAQs', 'Categories' and 'Pages':

  • Pages - The FAQ pages that customers will see.  Pages can be assigned to Products: this will then display that FAQ Page in a tab on the Product page.
  • Categories – Groups of FAQs (e.g. those related to Shipping) that customers can use to quickly find the FAQ they are looking for.
  • FAQs – Individual question/answer pairs.

FAQs must be added to Categories. Categories must be added to Pages. An unlimited number of Pages, Categories and FAQs can be created. Each FAQ can be included in more than one Category and each Category can be included on more than one Page.

What other features does this module provide?

  •  Product FAQs are supported.
  • FAQs can be optionally tagged with 'Tags'. If a Page enables Tags then all Tags that have been applied to FAQs on that Page will be displayed in a box. Customers can click the Tags in this box to make the Page show only FAQs that have had the clicked Tag applied to them. More than one tag can be clicked at a time: e.g. if two Tags are clicked then the Page will show only FAQs that have had both clicked Tags applied to them.
  • A search box can be optionally enabled on each Page. Customers can use this to find FAQs containing the text they enter into the search box. It is a FULLTEXT database search that uses AJAX to improve user experience: this means that the whole web-page is not reloaded when the search box is used.
  • If a Category on a Page contains lots of questions - or questions with long answers - it may be useful to enable pagination. Pagination splits up the FAQs in each Category on a Page into multiple sections so that customers don't see one long list of questions.
  • FAQ answers support a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This allows merchants to style FAQ answers to their liking and makes it easy for them to include images.
  • A description can be optionally included at the top of each Page and at the top of each Category. These descriptions can contain whatever the merchant likes; typically they would tell customers what to do if the FAQ Page does not contain the answer they are looking for. These descriptions support a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows merchants to style the descriptions to their liking and makes it easy for them to include images.
  • Merchants can also choose to enable 'Dropdown Answers' on each Page. This means that FAQ answers will be hidden until the corresponding question is clicked. Links to a Page can be added to the top menu of the store, to the footer of the store, or to both.
  • A sidebar can be added for each Page. If enabled, this will add a sidebar – e.g. on the product search page – that lists all the FAQs from the first Category on a Page. This lets merchants give certain Pages more prominence.
  • Each Page can be given its own SEO-friendly URL (e.g. http://www.test.com/faqs) and its own meta keywords and description.
  • Multi-store is supported by this module in a very flexible way.  See our documentation for more information on how multi-store can be configured.
  • Customer Questions are also supported: these allows customers to fill in a form on the FAQ Page to ask you a question directly.

Concise Feature List


  • Add as many FAQs as desired.
  • FAQ answers use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for easy styling. This editor supports image uploading.
  • FAQs are grouped into Categories. As many Categories can be added as desired.
  • A Category description can be optionally added. This description is displayed above the list of FAQs in the Category and can give customers further information about the FAQs in the Category.
  • The Category description uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for easily styling. This editor supports image uploading.
  • Categories are added to Pages. As many Pages can be added as desired.
  • A Page description can optionally be added. This description is displayed at the top of the Page and can be used for a variety of purposes, e.g. to give customers further methods of seeking help (such as telephone support or online chat) if the FAQs do not answer their question.
  • The Page description uses a WYSIWYG editor for easy styling. This editor supports image uploading.
  • Tags – FAQs can have Tags applied to them. These Tags can be clicked by customers who will then see only the FAQs tagged with that Tag.
  • Searching – A search box can be enabled on each Page to allow customers to find FAQs containing the search text they entered. The search box uses AJAX for the best user experience.
  • Pagination – Pagination can be enabled so that FAQs in each Category are split into multiple sections. Customers can then click buttons to navigate between the different sections.
  • Drop-Down Answers – The merchant can choose to hide all answers by default. Customers then have to click a question in order to view the answer. This may be useful if there are lots of FAQs – or if the answers are very large - and the merchant wants customers to easily be able to browse the list of questions.
  • FAQ Links – A link to each Page can be added to the top horizontal menu and/or to the footer of the merchant's website.
  • Sidebars – Each Page can add a sidebar that will be displayed on e.g. the product search page. This sidebar will contain a list of questions from the first Category of that Page. When the questions are clicked the customer will be taken to the question on the Page that they clicked.
  • Multi-store – Multi-store installations are supported. There are multiple ways of configuring multi-store for maximum flexibility.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Support: Each Page can be given a SEO-friendly URL. Meta keywords and a meta description can also be set for each Page
  • Product FAQs
  • Customer Questions

Administration Area – Tag Management 

  • View/Add/Edit Tags.
  • Delete Tags.
  • Separate ACL permissions for: viewing Tags; adding or editing Tags; deleting Tags.

Administration Area - FAQ Management

  • View/Add/Edit FAQs.
  • Delete FAQs.
  • Separate ACL permissions for: viewing FAQs; adding or editing FAQs; deleting FAQs.

Administration Area - Category Management

  • View/Add/Edit Categories.
  • Delete Categories.
  • Separate ACL permissions for: viewing Categories; adding or editing Categories; deleting Categories.

Administration Area - Page Management

  • View/Add/Edit Pages.
  • Delete Pages.
  • Separate ACL permissions for: viewing Pages; adding or editing Pages; deleting Pages

Administration Area - Customer Question Management

  • View Customer Questions
  • Delete Customer Questions
  • Resolve Customer Questions (mark them as 'replied')
  • Separate ACL permissions for: viewing Customer Questions; resolving Customer Questions.

Demo Links

Frontend Demo - Click Here

Backend Demo - Click Here

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    New features added:
    Product FAQs
    Customer-Submitted Questions


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