Shopping Cart Management

Shopping Cart Management

Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
14 August, 2017
Extensions, Sales
License Type:
Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


Shopping Cart Management provides you a view of all the carts in your shop. It provides functionality to filter, view details & convert to an order.



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Are you running your store on Magento 2  community edition and you want to view the list of carts in your store? Do you want the ability to search the list by customer details, whether the cart is active or not? Have you had scenarios where the customer is asking you if you can see the items in their cart? The Digitek Shopping Cart Extension helps you do all these and more.This extension provides you full insight in the carts in your shop. By purchasing and installing this extension, you no longer need to wonder which items are in customers' carts. You may have customers who just prefer to build items in their cart over time. This extension provides you the opportunity to see what is in customer carts so you could better plan your inventory if you need to.

With Digitek Shopping cart manager, it has never been easier to check out on behalf of customers. You do not need to recreate the cart for them. All you need to do is search the list by the customer name. View the details and convert the cart to an order. This extension gives you a most needed functionality in your web store administration.


Carts Grid

View a list of carts. Search by customer name, cart created or modified date. Filter by active or inactive status. Sort by desired criteria.

Cart Detailed View

You view important details of a user's cart. This includes all the items in the cart and subtotal. The status of the cart: active or inactive

Convert To Order

For active carts, there is a convert to order button that automatically opens up the admin order creation form pre-populated with the cart details, giving you the admin the flexibility of editing the cart before order creation.

Fine-grained Access Control

We are aware that details provided by this functionality are sensitive, hence we have provided fine grained access control. That a user can view cart details does not automatically give the user the ability to convert to cart. Conversion to cart has its own permission in addition to looking up if the currently logged in user has the permission to create an order or not.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    v1.0.1 - Made changes to the constructor to use the object in controller context, instead of reinjecting it. This deals with compile errors associated with the module.
    v1.0.0 - First Major release, implementing the ability to view cart Details, Convert to order for active carts.


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