Russian Language Pack

Russian Language Pack

Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
04 July, 2017
Extensions, Content & Customizations, Translations & Localization
License Type:
Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


Russian language pack, translation phrases for Magento, according to market surverys and feedbacks.

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Do you want to configure your Magento store for Russian customers? This language pack will help you install Magento translation phrases to your Russian store front. We can use this package for configuring our store for Russian language, providing translations for Magento phrases at both the frontend and backend.

We have included more than 8400+ phrases in our translation package. These phrases will help complete the transformation of the store front into the Russian language.  We are constantly improving our translation phrases and will keep posting new releases.


  • This will help you to apply Russian language to your Magento store.
  • It provides translation of both frontend and backend .
  • This language package provides easy installation/update of Magento provided phrases and you are ready to go with Russian store front after installation of this package.
  • More than 8400+ translation phrases has been included
  • You can easily target Russian customers
  • We continually read marketing feedback survey responses to improve our service target the market effectively. 
  • Updated releases and improvements will be provided for extension.

Installation Steps:

Unzip the provided package
Upload it to Magento root folder
Use this command to upgrade composer requirement (composer update)
To complete installation call this command (bin/magento setup:upgrade)


Our Support staff will help you futher regarding installation and any exclusive customization. Feel free to contact us or raise a query.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Russian Language pack for russian storefront


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