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27 October, 2017
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This upgraded version of this extension, features the functionality to generate mobile and image sitemaps along with the ability to generate XML Sitemaps.

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XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter generates and organizes your XML Sitemaps in compliance with the latest XML sitemaps protocol. This upgraded version also features the functionality to generate mobile and image sitemaps. It offers a quick, diversified and improved Search Engine indexing and visibility.


Here's how you can use the new version of our XML sitemap extension to better manage your store's XML Sitemaps with the following features:

  • Category path for product URLs/links:

    Serving multiple URL versions of the same product may cause duplication issues in Google's index. With XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter, you can now choose which version of your product URLs you would like to be included in your XML Sitemap.
  • Divide Sitemap by Category (Top Category or Top & Sub Category):

    It is now possible to create separate XML sitemaps for every category. This feature allows you to divide the sitemaps by 'top category' (first level category) or by any category/subcategory.

  • Divide Sitemap by Manufacturer:

    This feature will divide XML sitemaps based on the "Manufacturer" attribute of products. 

  • Real Last Modification date:

    'Mod date' value in XML Sitemap tells the Search Engine about when the content on a page was last updated. This helps it in calculating their crawl frequency. You can now determine if you want the extension to automatically include the 'Mod date' value or to use the date when the sitemap was generated. 

  • Generate Image Sitemap:

    As per Google’s protocol you can now also create image sitemap along with a regular sitemap. The Image sitemap type will include the image information with your product URLs.

  • Generate Mobile Sitemap:

    A Mobile Sitemap is a separate XML sitemap which contains URLs that serve mobile web content. Using 'XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter', you can also generate a Mobile Sitemap now as per Google's recommended format. 

  • New plugin to include URLs from AW Blog!:

    If you are using AW Blog extension and would like those URLs to be included in the XML sitemaps, you can do that by adding our plugin. Please note that the plugin only works with XML Sitemap PLUS Generator & Splitter - and it is free! 

  • Catalog based on Store View:

    'XML Sitemap PLUS Generator & Splitter' will now allow you to filter the products and category URLs at Store View level. This is beneficial in case you are using a different Category Root at the Store View level. 

  • Checks for and notifies missing URL Rewrite:

    If you have URL rewrite enabled, Magento rewrites URLs in a user and search engine friendly version, such as www.yourstore.com/category-name/product-name.html. However, if URL rewriting is not enabled then these Magento URLs do not turn out to be like this. To avoid any lapses, XML Sitemap Plus Generator & Splitter checks all the URLs in the XML sitemap and notifies you if it encounters an entry with a missing URL rewrite.

  • Respects your robots.txt rules!:

    You can now generate XML sitemaps and exclude paths that you have disallowed in your robots.txt for all bots. (It respects rules set for user-agent)



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.4 1.4.2 1.5 1.6 1.6.1 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Transferred from Magento Connect.


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