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Magento Platform
Commerce using on prem (EE)
2.2, 2.3

Tech Specifications

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24 April, 2019
Extensions, Shipping & Fulfillment
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The Convey extension enables Magento Platform customers to launch delivery experience management, which provides end-to-end complete visibility and control over the entire online shopping experience from order to delivery.  


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Convey's Delivery Experience Management platform helps brands ensure customers get their orders how and when they expect by allowing them to take intelligent action to correct delivery issues while continuously communicating to uphold brand promises. The platform combines real-time last mile logistics visibility, post-purchase experiences, and advanced insights and analytics to create a solution uniquely capable of perfecting last mile delivery.

Convey's extension enables Magento’s Commerce Platform customers to quickly launch delivery experience management programs by  significantly reducing implementation times. The extension feeds order information from the Magento OMS directly to Convey allowing for full in-transit visibility, delivery insights and collaborative tools to be live in as little as a month. This allows logistics and customer care teams to effectively manage customer expectations with transparency and proactivity. In addition to feeding data to the Convey platform, customers will have the option to present email and SMS opt-in options within the Magento cart.

Brands using the Convey-Magento solution benefit from:

  • Real-time shipment tracking for all teams across a wide range of common carriers
  • Access to complete in-transit information from within the Magento order details page
  • Actionable insights that drive strategies to address delivery issues – both at the individual customer and network level
  • Branded customer order tracking experiences that utilize standardized shipment and order information to reduce confusion and streamline the customer experience.
  • Proactive consumer communication and alerting, including the ability to present email and SMS opt-in options within the Magento cart
  • Tools to quickly and easily improve delivery outcomes through improved collaboration and execution
  • Fast time-to-launch with little to no IT involvement

Account & Pricing

Convey's extension for Magento is free, but a Convey account is not. 

Convey’s software subscription pricing is dependent on the selected package, shipping spend and volume. Customers who utilize the extension benefit from a reduced one-time setup fee and have the ability to add optional professional services. To learn more about Convey’s pricing and packages or to sign up for a Convey account, contact sales: 

With Convey’s Delivery Experience Management Platform You Can:

Align Teams to Accelerate Business: Succeeding in the digital world requires removing barriers and partnering across teams to build the perfect network strategy that balances customer experience and costs. Convey provides the insights and expertise to transform the supply chain into your strongest competitive weapon. Learn more>>

Eliminate WISMO and Drive Efficiency: 10%+ of shipments will have a delivery issue. However, existing customer service systems are not designed to manage delivery. To satisfy consumers’ need for real time updates and resolution, Convey helps customer care teams proactively communicate and manage issues -- avoiding calls, and improving customer satisfaction. Learn more>>

Remove Post-Purchase Risk: Regardless of any investment and optimization of the pre-purchase customer journey, 84% will not return after a failed experience. Convey provides visibility and automation to extend positive experiences beyond the cart to drive lifetime value. Learn more>>

Optimize Delivery Networks to Drive Perfect Order Execution: Transportation and fulfillment are changing rapidly to meet consumer demands, increasing the need for an efficient, agile, and reliable final mile network. Convey provides unified visibility across channels, fulfillment methods and modes to quickly reveal your most important KPIs, uncovering hidden opportunities for improvement. Learn more>>

Case Studies

  • Fast-growing CPG brand, Grove Collaborative, increased NPS 9.4%, AOVC 50%, and reduced customer care response time by 77%. Get the Case Study
  • Online supplements retailer,, reduced “where’s my order” calls by 10% and improving transit time by 4.5%. Get the Case Study
  • Home furnishings retailer, Family Leisure, sped up delivery by 22% and reduced “where’s my order” calls by 75%. Get the Case Study
  • Home improvement retailer,, reduced freight spend by 20% while also improving the customer delivery experience. Get the Case Study

Convey Feature Overview

Logistics Visibility

Convey connects the data from across your omnichannel ecosystem in real-time — from shipment status to order details and commitments to customer service and experience. As a centralized hub of shipment insights, it ensures the entire organization has a comprehensive view of how decisions made in one area impact performance in another.

Actionable Insights

Visibility in and of itself is insufficient. Brands must be able to quickly identify, prioritize and craft strategies to address delivery issues – both at the individual customer and network level. Convey provides on-demand access to the information you need to effectively drive transportation performance improvements and future-proof delivery networks.

Tools for Proactive Intervention and Exception Recovery

Data and Insights are useless without the means to quickly and easily act to improve outcomes. Improved communication, collaboration, or execution are all forms of the intentional, proactive response consumers demand today. Resolve shipment issues 4x faster with shared tools to identify, escalate, and resolve distressed shipments in real time with your shipping partners. 

Customer Order Tracking and Communication

Pretty tracking pages don’t prevent ugly experiences - empower customers with the information and control they demand. Standardized shipment and order information reduces confusion and streamlines the customer experience while real-time updates ensure no matter how packages are shipped or what happens to them along the way customers are kept in the know.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    v0.9.0: Initial Release. Provides support for:
    <li>Sending Magento order data to Convey Delivery Experience Management</li>
    <li>Providing Convey Delivery Experience Management shipment tracking for both Magento Admin and Storefront experiences</li>
    <li>Enabling customers to receive shipment tracking notifications directly from Convey Delivery Experience Management</li>


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