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2.2, 2.3

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13 October, 2019
Extensions, Sales, Point of Service (POS)
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High-speed Magento Point of sale that connects physical stores to Magento web stores. Real time synchronization. Multi-store management. The cloud based Magento POS system has stable performance and provides functional and friendly interface.

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ConnectPOS is the high-speed Magento Point of Sale, enabling real time synchronization between physical stores and web stores. With one product list, one customer database, and one order history with Magento, ConnectPOS helps you build your native omnichannel business. We also apply cutting-edge technology (AI, Big Data, Real-time Image processing...) to create an optimized retail environment that benefits both sellers and buyers at reasonable costs

ConnectPOS is the first product in the ecosystem, making transactions in physical stores become easy and automatic. It enables consumers to click and collect, synchronizes information across platforms and devices and has a seamless shopping experience. It also helps retailers digitalize customer behaviors, track data in real time at customer touchpoints and provide intelligent business recommendations. ConnectPOS utilizes Magento database and settings, and the working speed is really fast. For a full list of Magento POS features, check our list below or visit HERE


Account & Pricing

A ConnectPOS account is required and additional fees apply. Our plans start at $39/mo. Please visit our pricing page for more information about the account , free trial, & pricing.



Effortless Product & Inventory Management

  • The POS has one product database with Magento: all types of product (except for downloadable one) and all types of price are supported
  • Search products quickly by any attributes: name, ID, SKU or barcode
  • Point of sale system is integrated with Multi-Warehouse/ Multi-Inventory extension to help you easily check and manage stock in every store 

Flexible Order & Checkout

The most important feature of a Magento point of sale system is Order and Checkout. Let's what make ConnectPOS different with other Magento point of sale:   

  • Complete an order in 3 steps: add products to cart, click “Pay” and choose payment method
  • Add products not available yet in Magento to cart with Custom Sale
  • Discount by percentage or number on selected items or the whole cart
  • Support coupons, gift cards, and reward points (integrated with the 3rd party extensions)
  • Record contact details for home delivery
  • Send products to customers’ wish lists for online purchase
  • Refund and exchange items for dissatisfied customers
  • Add notes to orders to recall helpful information
  • Print or email receipts for customers

Convenient Payments

 Our Magento POS supports flexible payments for all countries. 

  • Accept various payment methods in one order (Split Tenders) and deposits (Layaway/ Partial Payment)
  • Customize up to 20 payment methods in Settings
  • Accept different payment methods, from cash, cards to cheques

Smart Customer Management

  • Recognize customers and look up their purchase history with synchronized customer database
  • Let customers earn and spend their reward points as they wish
  • Check out a customer as a guest, create a new customer profile (in both Online and Offline Mode) or identify him as an existing customer

Point Of Sale Report System

  • The POS provides 20 basic and advanced reports cover all the metrics about your business, including:
    • Shift report: X report and Z report
    • Sales report
    • Cashier report
    • Payment report
    • Order report
    • Customer report
  • Online and offline data on the same dashboard

Multi-Store Management

 No matter how many stores you have! You can manage all of them by a single Magento point of sale system.

  • Add new registers during peak season to sell more
  • Add new outlets at your fingertips as you grow your business
  • Assign a warehouse to each outlet and know the stock of every product at a particular store


Unique Points Of ConnectPOS

1. Accurate Calculation: 

ConnectPOS calculates figures, especially tax, more quickly and accurately than any other points of sale in the current market. ConnectPOS applies Magento tax rules but calculates them directly instead of sending data to Magento and waiting for the returned results. That’s why taxes for all items in a cart can be added to the total receipt value in just a blink.

2. High Speed Point Of Sale: 

We aim at providing the fastest Magento POS for omnichannel retailers. From data loading to order, checkout and payment process, ConnectPOS is optimized for ease of use and quick performance. It helps cut down cashiers’ time spent on training and customers’ time wasted on waiting.

3. Real Time Synchronization: 

Customers, products and categories, tax rules and other settings,...are synced in real time to ConnectPOS. Your cashiers are kept informed of the latest updates and in turn, can provide exact information for customers and ensure they have consistent experiences throughout all sales channels.

4. Multi Devices: 

ConnectPOS works on PC, Mac and iPad for the time being, and we have the mobile version coming soon. You can prepare to say goodbye to the complexity of purchasing the web-based and iOS-based POS separately because we will offer both in every pricing plan.

5. Hardware Compatibility: 

ConnectPOS is compatible with many point of sale hardware providers so you can use the devices you own and save a considerable amount spent on new hardware. For our list of recommended POS hardware, please go HERE.

6. 24-Hour Support Guarantee: 

You can reach out to our Support Team via email, phone or live chat. We’d love to hear from you and will be more than willing to answer your questions. Besides, we provide Knowledge Base, FAQs section, User and Installation Guides for the POS that you can access HERE.

 7. Latest Technology Experience

Retailers using ConnectPOS can experience our latest technology such as PWA Consumer App, wireless Customer Screen, or ConnectPOS Facial Recognition technology at a discounted price package.


Free Trial & Demo

Demo: Point of Sale Interface | Magento Backend

Trial: For a free trial of ConnectPOS, please register HERE. No credit card required

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    ConnectPOS ver 1.0.0
    Easy to install and use, perfectly matches and syncs in real time with Magento
    Include full features to handle all store tasks
    Work fast with great precision in calculation, including tax and discount
    Scalable as you add more registers and open new stores
    Comprehensive reports and customizable dashboard


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