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31 March, 2019
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To increase sales, you need to grow your product offerings. And while there are many ways to offer more products on your site, by far the easiest way is to sell other vendors’ products and let them ship orders on your behalf. 

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Since 2010 uDropship has been the most trusted and feature-rich Dropshipping solution for Magento. Our extension gives you the power to sell products from multiple vendors and handle inventory and order fulfillment with little effort. It streamlines communication between your Magento 2 store and dropshippers, allowing you to automate orders and shipments handled by your vendors or dropship company, while preserving the simplicity of Magento’s customer shopping experience.

With uDropship, you can bring on fresh inventory from multiple vendors easily, helping you increase your site traffic, improve your profit margins, and grow your business.

Get the trusted extension in dropshipping solutions used by over 5,000 Magento stores. Get uDropship.



  • Multivendor Purchase Order management
  • Complete vendor integration workflow management
  • Global or Per Vendor shipping, inventory, integration options
  • Vendor Portal, API, CSV, EDI, Per Order, File Exchange vendor communication options
  • Vendor Financial Statements. Create manually or auto generate and distribute to vendors
  • Automatic vendor payout calculations
  • Easy integration with most Accounting, ERP and Back-office systems
  • Vendor Analytics Suite
  • Vendor Tax calculations
  • Supports most major shipping carriers
  • Configure promotions and discounts per vendor
  • Auto-Invoicing of shipped items and orders
  • Pre-generated order shipments for vendors
  • Easy-to-use vendor control interface
  • Automatic order notifications sent to vendors
  • Downloadable auto-generated PDF packing slips
  • Supports PDF and thermal (EPL) shipping labels (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)
  • Ship on your shipping account or vendors’ shipping accounts
  • Send packing slips and shipping labels as attachments to vendor notification emails
  • Vendor / Store Owner communication workflow
  • Full dropship order lifecycle and exception management
  • Vendor late notices and reminders
  • Automatic customer shipment notifications
  • Polling carrier tracking API for pickup (FedEx)
  • Supports multiple shipping origins per single Sales Order
  • Automatic Dropship Rates Calculation
  • Advanced Vendor Handling Fee Configuration
  • ·Global Configuration to disable products of deactivated Vendors
  • Vendor vacation mode
  • Vendor membership management
  • Comes with 1 Year of Free Unlimited Tech Support

 uDropship – the easiest and most powerful way to dropship in Magento 2.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    ===== 2019-01-23 3.2.48 =====
    * Fixed vendor/product association indexer does not consider parent/child info

    ===== 2019-01-23 3.2.47 =====
    * Fixed magento eqp compatibility

    ===== 2018-12-27 3.2.46 =====
    * Fixed compilation failed on magento without db
    * Added workaround for magento core bug when email sender identity resolved without scopeId

    ===== 2018-12-27 3.2.45 =====
    * Fixed Undefined index: name in Helper/Data.php on line 1447

    ===== 2018-12-26 3.2.44 =====
    * Added modifications to support customer fedex/ups third-party billing

    ===== 2018-12-05 3.2.42 =====
    * Workaround for varien/form removal

    ===== 2018-12-03 3.2.41 =====
    * Fixed compilation errors on 2.3.0

    ===== 2018-10-29 3.2.40 =====
    * Fixed ResourceModel\ProductHelper::multiUpdateAttributes in magento > 2.2.5

    ===== 2018-10-26 3.2.39 =====
    * Fixed vendor portal printing actions redirect instead of download response

    ===== 2018-10-10 3.2.38 =====
    * Fixed shipment cancel error in admin area with Advanced PO installed and when shipment don't have PO

    ===== 2018-09-28 3.2.37 =====
    * Fixed UPS label printing

    ===== 2018-09-06 3.2.36 =====
    * Fixed carrier error in virtual quote

    ===== 2018-08-17 3.2.35 =====
    * Fixed \Unirgy\Dropship\Helper\Data::getCarrierMethods does not return disabled methods when using $allowedOnly=false

    ===== 2018-08-01 3.2.34 =====
    * Fixed 2.2.4 cloud issue "Call to undefined method Magento\Catalog\Model\View\Asset\ImageFactory::create"

    ===== 2018-07-13 3.2.33 =====
    * Fixed admin order place with "When in stock use local, otherwise use vendor"

    ===== 2018-07-12 3.2.32 =====
    * Fixed with "When in stock use local, otherwise use vendor" decision method item become out of stock when after sale qty goes to 0

    ===== 2018-07-02 3.2.31 =====
    * Fixed "When in stock use local, otherwise use vendor" decision method

    ===== 2018-06-05 3.2.30 =====
    * Fixed vendor resized logo look for the file in media/catalog/product instead of media/vendor


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