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07 February, 2019
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This extension enables Magento 2 Facebook event tracking through the Facebook Pixel.

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The Facebook Pixel is javascript tracking code that a merchant can use to measure the success of their Facebook Ads, build audiences for Facebook Ads, and easily retarget customers through Facebook. The Facebook Pixel works by tracking different actions ("events") performed by customers on a merchant's ecommerce website.

The Cadence Labs Facebook Pixel extension allows a Magento 2.x merchant to easily add this tracking code to their store. The extension is 100% free and perfect for any merchant running ads on Facebook or looking to setup their first Facebook Ad campaign. Merchants just need their Facebook Pixel ID (found through their Facebook Advertising Account) and the extension can be quickly configured to start tracking all Facebook Pixel events.

A Facebook Advertising Account is required to use this extension. Please note: Facebook Advertising service is not free; additional charges apply to users running Facebook Ad Campaigns. 


  • Easily enable or disable Facebook event tracking through your Magento 2 admin. 
  • Works out of the box; all that's required is the Facebook Pixel ID from your Facebook Business account.
  • Pricing is tracked in the store currency.
  • Multiple Facebook Pixel ID's can be used for different stores.
  • All Facebook Pixel standard events are supported (see "Supported Events" section)
  • Tracking is unobtrusive and compatible with most Magento themes. 

Supported Events

This free extension allows you to quickly implement the Facebook Pixel to track Facebooks's standard events. Learn how it works.

After setting your Facebook Pixel ID, you may:

  • Track Visit (code is displayed on every page)
  • Track Purchases (code is displayed only upon successful checkout)
  • Track Add To Cart events (code is displayed on the cart page for all added products, including related products)
  • Track Add To Wishlist events
  • Track Initiate Checkout events (code is displayed at the start of checkout)
  • Track Product Views (code is displayed on each product page).
  • Track Product Searches (code is displayed on the product search result page).

The extension works by attaching the relevant pixel code to your store's webpage, just before the closing head tag. If you have the correct pixel id installed, Facebook will do the rest.

Click here to view our Facebook Pixel Install Guide.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Stable release providing all standard Facebook Pixel events within Magento 2.x


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