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Shipping & Payment Per Customer Group



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The extension allows admins to assign specific shipping and payment method for each customer group.

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In the default Magento 2, all shipping and payment methods are available to every customer group. This may lead to confusion for customers as they may not understand well each of the methods and which one is suitable for them. Hence, the extension is developed to be an effective solution to this problem. Admins now can select which shipping and payment method will be displayed to each customer group during the checkout process. As a result, this helps store owners gain more control over the checkout process and offer customers a better shopping experience.


1. Enable admin to select suitable shipping methods for each customer group

This feature allows admin to match different customers with each type of shipping method enabled on the site. During checkout process, a certain customer group can only choose among shipping methods that admin selected for them.

2. Allow admin to allocate various payment methods to certain customer groups

Admin can easily specify the payment methods that each customer group can select. As a result, in the frontend, only specific groups of customer can see the display of selected payment options, which contributes to speed up the checkout process.





1. Aid shop owners to develop targeting strategy for different customer groups

By customizing shipping and payment options per customer group, admin can easily apply different targeting strategies on specific groups of clients and give the priority to the most valuable ones. Shop owners can totally set special shipping and payment methods for the customer group contributing the most to their sales revenue- wholesalers. For example, while the wholesale group can have free shipping and pay by check, money, bank transfer and PayPal; the general and not-logged-in customers have to pay for their shipping fee and only have limited choices of payment methods with credit card and check.

2. Optimize the management of customers’ checkout process

With simple layout of Method for Customer Group Configuration, admin can easily manage each section and determine what shipping or payment method is suitable for particular customer groups. This will make the management of customer group easier and more logical.

3. Simplify and avoid confusion during the checkout process of customers

This extension helps simplify and speed up the process of product checkout of customers. With clear allocation of shipping and payment methods per customer group, customers will no longer be confused among many options while not all of them are available to choose. Only relevant shipping and payment methods assigned by admin are displayed.


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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    v1.0.2: Fix the error with compilation


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