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Infinite Scroll

Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1

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Stable Build
04 July, 2017
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Auto loads the next page with Ajax when scrolling down to the end of the current page.

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Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 allows the page to load automatically as customers scroll down towards the bottom of the page. The extension supports additional features to improve the user experience, including: a "Load More" button which appears after a number of pages to trigger the user’s interaction with the page instead of endless auto loading; "Back To Top" button which allows customers to get back to the top of page immediately, no matter which page they are on; and Lazy Load that offers lazily loading of product images to enhance site loading speed. Moreover, the module can update the url automatically when loading a new page and helps customers to bookmark the current page.

This extension does not only support convenient page load to save time and effort for customers but also offer supplementary functions for improving user experience.


1. Ajax auto loading new page when reaching bottom of the current page

Instead of seeing the pagination display of pages in Magento default, Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 can automatically load new page when customers scroll down to the end of page.

2. Integration with useful features: Load More button, Load Previous button, Back To Top button and Lazy Load

  • Load More button will appear after a number of pages as pre-set in the backend configuration which triggers users to manually click to load new page instead of endless auto page loading.
  • Load Previous button will support customer to load images of previous items again.
  • Back To Top button offers instant return to the top of page with a simple click on the button so customers can get back to top page immediately no matter which page they are on.
  • Lazy Load allows lazy loading of product image that helps to delay the loading of all images right when customers visit web page. This will contribute to enhancing site loading speed as image product will load when customers scroll down.

3. Automatic update URL when loading new page

Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 can update url automatically when loading new page, allowing customers to bookmark the current page number if they want get back to the page after going to detail product page or need to send link to friend to check the current page.

4. Flexible customization of all features in the backend setting

Admins can freely configure general setting for ajax loading, including: choosing upload icon, modifying loading text located under the loading icon, and excluding any category that is unsuitable for Infinite Scroll to be activated.

Furthermore, admin can also choose to customize further information of Load More button (color, text) and Back To Top button (color, size, text when hovering on, and position on page).





1. Greatly improve user experience for page loading

The auto page loading mechanism of Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 can cut down all the time and effort wasted on manually click for each page number. Customers can simply scroll down and enjoy the module which will automatically load content of page even if the page contains massive amount of data.

2. Draw shoppers’ attention and make them stay longer on page

With ajax loading, all page items will be loaded at one page, reducing the work of clicking through pages. Thus customers are likely to stay longer on your page to check product, especially when they just need to scroll down to see more.

3. Increase conversion rate and reduce bounce rate

Customers can easily leave page after seeing the first two pages, but the great advantage of Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 extension can make them hold their attention longer on page, which contributes to reduce bounce rate and promote conversion rate.

4. Fix the weakness of inability to bookmark page

With the new progress in module configuration, shoppers no longer get frustrated by the inability to bookmark page. The Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 has cleverly solved this problem by enabling auto url update when loading new page, thus allowing customers to bookmark page using the current page number or to give link of current page to friends so your friends do not have to scroll down the long page to find the appointed product.


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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Fix issue with compilation


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