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Since customer requirements are varied, the daily task of the admin is to customize products with as many suitable options as possible. The default allows creating custom options for a single item and importing those options to others. To edit or delete the option value, however, the admin must go to the product edit page one by one. Just imagine changing color options in the whole category, the process needs tons of time.

As a result, the Custom Option Template for Magento 2 extension is the big help to save precious time and effort when it comes to such the task. Accordingly, the admin can create unlimited custom options templates in a matter of minutes to apply various custom options to bulk products via IDs, SKUs, or in Product Grid. The template can be edited at any time. This module not only saves time and effort in updating product information but also helps the admin manage the product changes easily.


Key Features

Create A Lot Of Custom Option Templates

The admin no longer has to repeat the dull work adding custom option value for separate items over and over. If there are multiple products with the same options, just generate a new template, add option values, and assign that Magento 2 custom options template to numerous items. By that way, the admin freely edits the template at all the time. Then, the changes will auto-updated in assigned products. Save time ever, doesn’t it? What’s more, the customizable option is possible in any of 8 input types: text area, text field, file, dropdown, checkbox, radio buttons, multiple selection, or date.


Manage The Created Template In The Grid

There is a convenient grid to record all Magento 2 Custom Option Template information for easy management. The admin can edit the generated template to change the options of multiple products within double clicks. Mass action to remove various custom options templates is supported to make the process even quicker.


Assign Customizable Templates In Bulk

Custom Option Template for Magento 2 extension provides three different ways to apply the template to multiple products. Accordingly, if the admin remembers the SKUs or IDs, he or she can directly enter them in the input field. Or else, the admin possibly selects items in the product grid.


Works Well With All Product Types

The fact that the Custom Option Template for Magento 2 extension supports almost all product types such as simple, virtual, downloadable, configurable, bundle (with fixed price). Hence, this module solves much of the admin’s work when it comes to updating or deleting custom options of various items.


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Save Time & Effort To Update Custom Options

The first and foremost advantage the admin can take of this extension is to reduce management time, in other words, to save money. Though changing the custom option in Magento 2 is straightforward, it takes time a lot. Thanks to our module, the admin just needs to pick various items that need changing options and add them to one custom template. Time and effort saved can be used for other complicated tasks to generate more sales.


Effectively Manage Product Changes

When going individually to change product custom options, the admin might forget how many items you have updated. As a result, finding those items is such a pain for the brain. With the support of the Custom Option Template for Magento 2 extension, all created templates are recorded in a grid so that the admin can check and modify the custom options or products as wished.


Contact Information 

Contact us by sending an email to support@bsscommerce.com if you have any questions or want us to install the extension. 

Technical Specifications

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Seller profile

BSS Commerce

Seller contact



Current Version


Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current), 2.1 (obsolete), 2.2 (obsolete)

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.1 (obsolete), 2.2 (obsolete)


Stable Build


09 April, 2021


Extensions, Content & Customizations

Supported Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


Coding Standard


Plagiarism Check


Malware Check


Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Adobe Commerce that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Change Custom Option template into Catalog tab; Add visibility, is default value, excluded from template for product custom option; Add Applied Product Qty column in Template Grid; Update assign product to template function; Work with modules in M2 Advanced Custom Option Package by BSS Commerce; Required to install with M2 Custom Option Core Extension


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    v1.0.1: Compatible with M2 Custom Option Image and M2 Custom Option Absolute Price & Qty by BSS Commerce


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