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Open Source (CE)
2.0, 2.1

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Stable Build
04 July, 2017
Extensions, Shipping & Fulfillment, Order Management (OMS)
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Embedded ERP brings to eCommerce website a unique and efficient management tool for inventory management, suppliers management and order preparation



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Embedded ERP for Magento 2 brings to e Commerce website a unique and efficient management tool for inventory management, suppliers management and order preparation.

Access all features directly from the Magento 2 management console. No Sync, no call to an external software or third party service is required. All functions are embedded in Embedded ERP Magento 2 offering the merchant a valuable time for effective management of all of its data and its flow.

Embedded ERP for Magento 2 is covering 3 applications fields: 

-  Advanced Inventory - Inventory Management: Barcode Reading, stock tracking, multi-function deposits Stocks Transfer, System Alert (Low Stock) Features Inventory.

- Supplier Management - Monitoring Procurement - Purchasing: Add Supplier, Supplier Management, Tracking Purchase Price, Supply Needs (lean and low stock alerts), supplier purchase orders, receipts and stockpiling purchase orders, followed backorder)

 - Order Preparation - Preparation of orders : Distribution of commands depending on the status of the stock pick list Edition (picking), Process preparation and printing (invoice, delivery note) mass preparation through reading bar codes, Automatic printing of transport labels.


Detailed Features


Stock Management – Inventory Management

Embedded ERP for Magento 2 has all the essential functions of an ERP software dedicated to warehouse and inventory management (WMS): Monitoring and Tracking stocks whatever the product, addressing, native integration of barcode reading.


Multiple Stock, Routing

Embedded ERP Magento 2 integrates multi inventory management. This function may be essential in the following cases:

·        - Geographically separate physical Warehouses

·        - Separation between a physical store stock (Mortar) and a dedicated stock for sale online

·        - Import and interfacing supplier stocks

·        - Stock Defective products (Coming from RMA)

·        - Stock lending products

You can create an infinite number of physical or virtual deposits. Each submission is assigned a function as to whether the products associated with it are salable, deliverables, requiring changes ...


Embedded ERP Magento 2 has a function "Router" which assigns a deposit the proceeds from a sales order. You can create rules (Choosing a favorite warehouse, Depending on the level of stock available ...) to automate the distribution (routing) of customer orders.

For the same product (sku) different stock levels may beings awarded based on warehouses. So with this router you will be able to specify a total amount available of the product which will be the sum of all warehouses in which an amount of this product is available

Stocks Levels

It is possible to assign four levels of specific stock in Embedded ERP for each product

·        - Physical inventory: The total amount of a product physically present in a warehouse.

·        - Stock available: The physical inventory less orders expectations: this is the amount you can sell.

·        - Stock Alert: level below which you wish to be informed to make a buying decision

·        - Ideal Stock: comfortable stock level which ensures that your product will not fall out within a specified and configurable delay


Stocks movements


A rigorous and fair inventory management is essential for a successful eCommerce. Embedded ERP for Magento 2 keeps track of each stock movement whatever the nature of transaction: shipping a sales order, receiving a purchase order, Money Back Product Suite.

Stock movements are precisely identified the user indicating the origin of movement and a description (mandatory) for all common operations. A manual mode also lets you create a stock movement.

Products Booking

For each new customer order, Embedded ERP activates a reservation mechanism of the product(s) ordered based on available stock.

Embedded ERP determines immediately shippable orders and those for which the products are awaiting reception.

Once a product is added to the stock it is therefore immediately and automatically reserved and assigned to customer order waiting for delivery

Mass Stock Edition

Mass Stock Edition function allows quick modification of information about the stock for a set of products.

It is thus possible to simultaneously edit an alert threshold level or a location for several products.

Sales History

Find in Embedded ERP for Magento 2 sales statistics into 3 configurable periods.

The internal algorithm determines the ideal stock for a given product and the stock alert below which a supply need is created.

Import / Export Datas

Export your stock statements for accounting purposes to determine its value.

Import your inventory simply to initialize an inventory in Embedded ERP.


Embedded ERP for Magento 2 brings advanced features for supply management and the management of the supplier relationship.

You can optimize your inventory restocking through the Low stock function and achieve lean sales.

Supplier Management


Simply create your supplier base in Embedded ERP.

Fields available for the identification of Supplier:

·        - Name

·        - Address

·        - email (for sending orders and requests for quotations)

·        - Delivery time (default)

·        - Currency (default)

·        - Tax (%)

·        - Discount (%)

Further information available from the Management tab

·        - Minimum Order

·        - Franco threshold Port


Product / Supplier Association

For Each product created in Magento 2 you can associate one or more suppliers in Embedded ERP. A reference specific supplier and a purchase price may be associated with this product.

The list of supply requirements is filterable by vendor and product. So you quickly create purchase orders in the supply needs screen by selecting only the products available from a given supplier.

Embedded ERP adds multiple suppliers for a given product, each supplier having its own reference, for a purchase price or a specific discount rate.


The product / supplier base can be powered from a csv file, manually or automatically: Whenever you create a new purchase order, Embedded ERP updates the database for future use.

You can easily find your latest purchase prices to any new order.

Supply Need Management

While sale is primarily good buy. Management supply needs is an essential functionality of Magento 2 Embedded ERP.

From the Supply Needs screen you instantly find:

·        - Products sold out of stock

·        - Products for which stock is below the warning threshold

An Alert Management System tells you via a status the reason for the alert.

Quickly create from the Supply Needs screen a temporary PO (Draft) by selecting and adding products to buy based on the supplier or manufacturer.


Create Purchase Order

A purchase order can be created from the Supply Needs screen

Available field for a PO:

·        - Currency, Tax Rate, Exchange Rate

·        - Unit price

·        - Quantity, Packing

·        - Shipping cost

·        - Forward-Looking Date of Delivery

·        - Reference Order Supplier

Products can be added to the order manually, from the supply need screen or importing an external file.

Finalized a purchase order can be automatically printed or sent by email (PDF file or Excel attachment) to contact designated supplier in the system.

Order tracking: Various status are possible to manage the progress of purchase orders (awaiting validation Payment Pending, Pending receipt ...)


Picking / Packing / Shipping Status

Embedded ERP for Magento 2 included a preparation support tool and shipment of customer orders.

It is possible to process orders using a barcode reader pledge of security and productivity.

Several order pickers can work simultaneously, each on a list (picking) defined.

Because each eshop is unique Embedded ERP extension is highly configurable and customizable so ensuring a perfect fit for the way you work.


Custom and Chose your Order Preparation Process

Customize the Embedded ERP order processing tool based on the number of commands to prepare or number of warehouses you have.

The following processes can be realized by mass (Batch Treatment) or command by command (Processing Unit)

·        - Selection and preparation of orders

·        - Generating and printing delivery notes, invoices, preparation

·        - Printing packing list

·        - Enveloping via bar code Reading

·        - Impressions of carrier labels

·        - Shipping Notification customers by email, sending the tracking number (Tracking)


Picking List

From the In Progress list the operator can print a packing list showing all the products to be picked for shipment in a particular warehouse. This list can display product information: Gen(EAN), Picture, Quantity or location (path A, row B, C shelf)

The picking list may be unique grouping all the customer order that optimizes the way in the warehouse or individual by order for optimum safety



The use of a barcode reader is recommended for packing phase.

Before packaging a product to ship operator performing a barcode scan ensures that the product is 100% hand products to ship. On error an audible and visual warning is issued

When all the products to ship to a command are scanned (in green), the shipment can then be validated.

Using a barcode reader is not required, the products can be added manually and validated shipments.


Shipping Labels

Embedded ERP for Magento 2 avoids re-typing shipping information for a customer order.

Two possibilities to Automate the generation of labels and carrier tracking numbers (Tracking):

·        - Integration with carrier software: If your carrier offers dedicated software for data import to print your transport labels, you can export from Embedded ERP and in the desired format (xml, cvs, txt) information on your orders for a mass processing.


·        - Printing labels from Embedded ERP: optional extensions for Magento 2 edited by Boost My Shop are available for a number of carrier: UPS, Royal Mail UK, Intl. These extensions communicate directly with the carrier API to generate labels and back tracking numbers for Magento

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First stable release


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