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Create & Edit Customs Barcode. Over 16 formats supported: EAN13, UPC Code 128. Define your layout & print a barcode label instantly.


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Barcode usage is truly a must for online merchants. Most retail products are labeled with a barcode on their packaging. These codes are useful for identification and scanning purpose, either in a physical shop or in a warehouse.

Barcode scanning saves time during logistic processes and prevents the human error inherent to manually typing product codes.

The ability to create a barcode is useful for products that do not come with their own. BoostMyShop’s Barcode Label extension also allows you to create and print new barcodes to replace ones that are defective or the wrong size. 

Quick Overview 

  • Supports all barcode standards: EAN 13, UPC, Code 128, code 39 ... (+16 Barcodes)
  • Automatic Barcode Number Assignment
  • Mass Barcode Label Printing (pdf files)
  • Customize Barcode Label Layout Including Price, Logo, Product Picture...
  • Resize Label Printing Without Restriction

User Case 

In the warehouse​

Barcode scanners streamline and improve the accuracy of purchase order reception and order preparation.

When an item has a defective barcode label, or none at all, simply print out a new barcode and attach it to your product to avoid subsequent issues.

Inventory management and picking can also be simplified if you print a barcode label for each of your products, including the barcode and item picture, and attach it to the corresponding product shelf.

In your shop​

Product presentation in your shop is more professional when there is a barcode label on every product including the price and/or manufacturer information.

Detailed Features

BoostMyShop’s Barcode Label for Magento® 2 allows you to assign barcode numbers to your products and print customized barcode labels.

This is the best solution for a product manufacturer or if your vendor/supplier does not provide barcodes on their products. Once a barcode label is printed, you can use a barcode scanner with BoostMyShop’s Embedded ERP or Barcode Inventory extension to manage inventory efficiently and securely.

Barcode labels help to identify products for any type of business.

Barcode Label comes with an easy-to-use setup wizard to customize the label layout. Barcode Label is mainly used for:

  • Logistics: Print labels to optimize product reception, picking, order preparation and stock decrease
  • Physical Store: Print labels to display prices for the customer and to streamline check out.  


Barcode generation

When a product comes without a barcode number, BoostMyShop’s Barcode Label Extension for Magento® 2 is the fastest solution to automatically assign a barcode number and print out a new label.

Barcode Label Configuration is quick and simple. Configure the Magento® 2 attribute to store the barcode label and select the desired format from a list of over 16 International Barcode Formats; EAN13, UPC, CODE128, Code39 ...

Print barcode labels

When your entire catalog is assigned barcode numbers, you can easily print labels on any barcode printer directly from your Magento® 2 back-end. The Magento® 2 Product List gives you direct access to the Print Label Button for a single product, or several products using the mass printing option. Simply choose the number of labels you need and generate the PDF document to print!

Barcode Label Extension comes with a Simple 4-step setup assistant to customize the label layout:

  1. Select the height and the width of the label
  2. Choose information to display from the following list: SKU, name, price, shelf location, manufacturer, and item picture
  3. Add your company logo
  4. Add barcode image

Extra Feature: Barcode Label Extension can display ANY Magento® 2 attribute you need on the generated label.


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  • Free Online Support
  • 1 time Subscription
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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Magento 2.1 compatibility


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