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07 February, 2019
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Connect and Synchronize your Magento 2 Store to Amazon Marketplace with the Amazon Extension for M2 .

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Do you want to sell on Amazon using your Magento 2 website? Get the Amazon Connector Extension for M2 to link directly to the Amazon API. Synchronize your products, stocks and prices. Automatically import Amazon customer orders to Magento 2 . Automate your Amazon Account and your Magento 2 store: manage your products, stocks and prices, upload directly and automatically Amazon customer orders into Magento 2. You can manage multiple seller accounts, multiple marketplaces (amazon Europe and Amazon US) in multiple countries (France Spain Italy UK Germany United States Canada). Discover the Magento2 Amazon software Extension for Amazon Sellers.  

  •  No third party services
  •  No Monthly Fees
  •  Time Payment including Free Support

You Must have an Amazon seller account and a MWS account ($39,99 a month + additionnal fees) to enable the synchronization between the extension and Amazon.


  • Completely integrated with Magento : as any magento module, it's directly installed onto your server. You don't have to use any web or third party services.
  • Multiple Amazon seller accounts / multiple countries. For Amazon Power Seller, you can have different Amazon seller accounts working with only one Amazon M2 Extension
  • and/or sell in Multiple Countries using one seller account.
  • Highly configurable : The extension is a fully open resource which offers multiple set up options



UPC / EAN matching
Amazon M2 Extension automatically match all products using the EAN/UPC product code. Coming soon: Products created in Magento 2 will be exportable to Amazon (including category & attributes mapping)

Stock & Prices Update:
Your stocks and prices are constantly updated and synced from Magento to Amazon. This is a flexible function : you can decide different selling prices on both Magento and Amazon.

Automatic Amazon Order Imports in Magento 
When you get a new Amazon Order, all information will be directly downloaded to Magento. After confirming the shipment, tracking information will be automatically sent to Amazon.


Amazon M2 Extension supports multiple Amazon seller accounts, it can be configured individually by seller account and by country. All set up and configuration can be executed for each individual account.


  • Turnover per day / week / month including turnover history
  • Display statistics for products listed
  • Customer Order Statistics (Imported / to ship)
  • Error reports

Product listing

After first installation Amazon M2 Extension will download all products listed on your Amazon Seller accounts and sync them with your Magento products (Sku). You can use any product attribute possible for your Amazon account that is also usable for your Magento.

Matching with UPC / EAN. Mass select products then configure their attributes containing UPC / EAN code

  • From Amazon to Magento. All products are automatically listed on your Magento account
  • From Magento to Amazon. Export product and automatically match products you want to sell on when UPC / EAN code exists on Amazon

Stock and Price Update - Once a product has been listed, Amazon M2 Extension will automatically sync stocks and prices to both systems.

  • Update frequency can be controlled through configuration (cron settings)
  • Prices sent to Amazon can be based on the regular Magento Price or a custom setting.
  • Amazon M2 Extension supports Magento’s special price, tax rules and coefficients functions in order to sell at a higher or a lower price on Amazon
  • Configure the stock sent to Amazon using regular Magento stock OR a custom setting.
  • Suspending an offer can be temporary or permanent on Amazon


  • New customer orders placed on Amazon are automatically downloaded to Magento.
  • Orders will automatically be created in guest mode or new customer in Magento.
  • Customer Invoices can be automatically created for each new order received from Amazon.
  • You can select store, Order Status, Shipping and Payment Method.
  • Once the order is shipped in Magento, Amazon M2 extension automatically confirms the shipment to Amazon Marketplace and uploads the tracking number.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First stable release


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First stable release


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