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BirdSystem Shipping

This is an Integration with a Third Party Service. Other charges and fees may be required to use this extension on your Store


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BirdSystem is an industrial leading Third Party Logistics service provider for cross-border e-commerce. With warehouses located in China, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, we fulfill over 10 thousand parcels globally every day.

This BirdSystem Shipping extension is available for existing BirdSystem customers to inject BirdSystem's fulfillment service directly into Magento. This extension is only for the client to send Client-Direct or Agent-Direct orders. Meaning you are responsible for packing and labeling your own parcels and hand over to BirdSystem's depot.

Orders from Magento will be pushed to BirdSystem to have address label produced, and applicable tracking numbers will be automatically returned to Magento. You don't have an event and then have to leave Magento to deal with all of your Packing and Labelling processes. Customers will have tracking info on the site. Everyone will be happy!


Account & Pricing

You must first have a BirdSystem account. If you don't have an account, contact us to open an account. Please note that the BirdSystem account is not generated by this extension. Additionally, please confirm that your BirdSystem account has been granted with API Access. If you didn’t discuss this with your account representative when you set up your account, please consult them to enable your API access.

It is free to use this extension. However, any logistics charges will be applied to your BirdSystem account. Contact BirdSystem for additional pricing information.



  • Integrate your BirdSystem delivery service directly into your Magento setup
  • Setup different fee scheme for each delivery service
  • Produce address label
  • An applicable tracking reference number will be automatically pulled back into Magento
  • Fee Displayed On Checkout Screen
  • Free Shipping


Fee Displayed On Checkout Screen

After you download and install the extension, just add your BirdSystem account information and API credentials. From there, you can set your Shipping Preferences - including the delivery services you want to offer, pricing scheme.


Free Shipping

Our extension also allows you to offer one of your BirdSystem delivery service options as your Free Shipping option. This customization allows you to set the cart value threshold after which your customer receives free shipping. It also allows you to choose the BirdSystem delivery service you want to set as the free shipping product and select whether or not you want to include virtual products (if you offer them) in the threshold value calculation.

Technical Specifications

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BirdSystem Shipping

Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3


Stable Build


01 April, 2020


Extensions, Shipping & Fulfillment, Cross Border Fulfillment, Order Management (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Supported Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge


User Guides

License Type

Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


Privacy Policy

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    1. Support the minimum and maximum of the shipment.
    2. Support shipment cancellation.


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    1. Fixed the install issue with php7.3
    2. Support free delivery


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